How To Become “Forever Affiliate”

How To Become “Forever Affiliate” – Introducing the Concepts behind HWA marketing…

Forever AffiliateBack in late 2005, I started learning from a “new kid on the block” who had just broke in to the AM scene and was teaching his new methods for making money FAST with small niche blogs. This person is now famous online. In my opinion, he is the very best affiliate marketing teacher (cream of the crop) online.

I’m talking about a guy called Andrew Hansen…

Maybe you’ve heard about him before, or maybe you haven’t. Andrew isn’t just another super affiliate… In fact, his teachings are the core principles behind what I will be revealing and introducing with HWA 2.0. A lot of what I teach (and touched on in the past) is based on what I learned from Andrew back in 2005.

Although I have a strong focus on the health niche and now have my own themed link networks, SEO team and content providers, the forever affiliate principles are kind of intertwined with HWA marketing…

To pay Andrew back for all he has taught me (and to celebrate the launch of his latest and greatest affiliate marketing course) – I’m going to be doing something very unique, something raw – and something really REALLY cool…

I’m going to set myself a challenge live on the HWA Blog… The challenge will be for all my readers and new followers to see. The challenge will be for me to create 100 new mini-sites using HWA marketing, but using the core principles of being a forever affiliate.

I’ll be leaving NOTHING out. We will go from registering the domains, doing the keyword research – what services I use for content, link building… Everything! All will be revealed on a blog journal that will take us up to 100 mini-sites (in the health niche – over the next 12 months) using those buyer terms that are being searched on, but will be low in competition. Meaning, it’s not too hard to get rank for these terms and websites…

I will then reveal any commissions and reveal the ROI from this project as time goes by. (In the form of blog updates to the case study). If this unique case study provides enough value and my HWA readers enjoy it, I may even aim for “1000 mini-sites” in a 12 month period challenge next. I feel good right now. My old ambition is with me and I’m ready for this challenge.

Before I go on to review the forever affiliate training course here on my blog, I want you all to read a short informative (eye opening) report on what it means to be an affiliate that can’t be beaten. When I say beaten, I mean Google can’t stop us, and in fact – nothing can. You’ll understand why later.

Before you get the report, I want to show you a testimonial I gave Andrew. If you decide to buy the forever affiliate course at some point, you’ll see my testimonial just after you buy the course.

Not only did I go on to become one of Andrew’s best students, but in the last 2 years – I have become a teacher of similar principles, but more dedicated to the health sector of affiliate marketing.


Testimonial For Andrew Hansen… 

Want to be like me and achieve 109 + affiliate sales in a single day?

I could take all the credit, but then I’d be lying 🙂

Over the years, I’ve learned from a few select super affiliates – the people that actually DO what they teach. In fact, I don’t have any respect for the majority of internet marketers. They bore me with their BS hype, the way the play on the desperate and feed us their promises to constantly UNDER DELIVER!

Andrew Hansen is not one of these people… He delivers each and every time. If it’s got his name behind a product, I’ll buy it – end of. I know for a fact it will be PURE GOLD, nothing else. There won’t be hype, or BS. Just simple methods that work like CRAZY! He’s built his name, brand and reputation on always OVER DELIVERING!

Once you understand the logic behind Andrew’s affiliate system, you won’t EVER see affiliate marketing in the same way. The dollar signs will ring loud, it’s the truth!

You see, Andrew teaches you how to find products and niches that ALREADY HAVE buyer demand… The type of products that are already being searched for in the search engines.

 And Guess what?

Andrew shows you not only how to find these “little gems”, but also how to make sure the niches you target are insanely low in competition!

I was one of the first to put Andrew’s methods to the test (years ago now). I took part in one of his very first competitions on “who could make the most money in a certain time frame”…  I won, but that’s because his methods FREAKING WORK LIKE CRAZY 😉

I could go on and on, but then I’d be writing a pre-sell for Andrew, and not a highly endorsed testimonial…

Please download the free report here and let me know what you think below…



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9 thoughts on “How To Become “Forever Affiliate”

    • Hi Peter, yeah. I think he is the best and most trusted affiliate mentor online. One of these rare human beings in this game that you can trust to get the very best information from.

  1. Hi John,
    This guy is good and I am very pleased to be following one of his disciples, as it were.

    Going through his report. I jotted down a few things:

    Affiliates Inform
    Supply more information than the merchant
    Provide Value
    Make your information neutral
    Make your sites rank
    right volume of links at the right time

    This by no means intends to summarize what he is saying, and I am sure others will have different notes and I may not have put down all the key points.

    I think the important thing to take from it is that in current times AM still works!

    Definitely inspiring stuff!


  2. Ya Johnny have heard his name before, thanks for your confirmation though!
    Looking forward to watch your big 100 site challenge. Will this tie in with the start of the soon to be revealed Blog you have been talking about?

  3. Yes, great. Took your advice (again) and am going through Forever Affiliate videos, thanks for the recomend, very good and useful stuff here.
    talk soon

  4. hey John

    this is going to be the hottest challenge ever I guess. congrats!

    I have three quick questions for you maybe you could share further info with us…

    1. Will you reveal the domain names of your sites as well (full transparency)?

    2. Are the 100 niche sites revolving around the healthy industry?

    3. When it’ll start?


    • Hi Codurt, thanks for dropping by.

      Yes, I will reveal all domains.

      Yes, they will be health related in some way.

      It will start sometime this month, just getting all my systems together so I can roll this out smoothly over the blog 😉

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