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Expert health affiliates are a rare breed. I am one of them, since I’ve been making commissions with health products for years. I love health personally. I’m  an  health industry addict. It’s not just for the sake of money, or affiliate profit. I was interested about healthy living and the right eating habits when I first started.

If you’re super enthusiastic about your niche, then making money within that industry becomes easier, much easier in fact… Think of someone who doesn’t like writing content for his or her topic, or finds it boring, or simply doesn’t even care to leave comments on relevant blogs in the field.

Do you think that person will make any money or stick in the game for long?

No. That’s what I think as well. My students prove exactly this truth. All my students are health addicts, one way or another. They’re also self-improvement students. They like enhancing their minds, personal traits and skills, not just their bodies.

There’s more to health than just food & diets or exercise & weight loss…

Here are my Top 3 Reasons to Become a Super Affiliate in the Health Niche

  • Massive industry

Do you often sit on the couch watching TV or playing games?

Do you often prefer to drive the car or take the bus instead of walking or jogging?

Do you often consume food which you know is not right for your body?

Do you often allow stress and angry situations to put you down?

Do you often wake up late at night and get up more anxious and tired than the night before?

You’re not alone. There are many other people like you and me who aren’t living a perfect life. In fact,, there are individuals with less than ideal bodies, just like there are men and women with the wrong attitude towards life and healthy habits.

There are people struggling with all kinds of illnesses and health conditions like diabetes, joint aches, Alzheimers, Lupus, you name it… Some of these challenges are pressing, while others are chronic, and do require urgent solutions.

Regardless, health is a massive industry where people need a quick solution to fix their state of mind, and body, not to mention, prevention ideas and tips. Expert health affiliates love to tap into ready-made demand!

Why create demand artificially when it’s already there?

  • Growing industry

Do you ever watch sitcoms, late night shows or watch Dr. Oz?

Do you listen to commercials on TV?

Do you check YouTube often?

You’ve probably noticed too that there’s at least one reference through these channels to eating habits, exercising or wellness… there’s a new product sprung to the market like every other week… Everywhere you look, there’s a new and better face cream, there’s a new and improved eye glass, a new special surgery recovery method, a new dental treatment, and so forth.

I like ever-green niches, but health is an industry which grows exponentially, and doesn’t show signs that it will ever stop. In fact, it’s the opposite: there are countless solutions and products for each type of disease or illness a human can possibly come up against. And during a lifetime, most people are facing multiple health issues and challenges, each requiring different (and customized) treatment and solutions.

Think of pain relief, getting rid of bad habits, anxiety, and stress – just to name a few of the most popular obstacles blocking people from happiness and wellbeing.

When people are in pain, they’ll do almost whatever it takes to get relief from it. And pain takes many forms: emotional, spiritual and physical. When pain hurts, there’s an active search for a solution.

  • Hidden opportunities

The health industry is filled with sufferers. Little angels, kids, older children – mothers and fathers, adults, and seniors… If you’re a smart affiliate, you’ll uncover (there are methods and tools for doing such) problems and keywords people are facing, and need an immediate solution for.

Acne is an emotional issue, but not all people may need an instant fix. Gall bladder pain though, may require immediate assistance, and suffers will be more inclined to buy treatment or go to see a doctor.

Hidden opportunities reside in finding the most pressing problems people are facing nowadays, and making them aware of relevant solutions. This is where your mission as an affiliate comes into play.

I often review multiple products and compare features vs. benefits, to allow the sufferer in pain to make an informative decision on his or her own. You don’t have to shovel products down people’s throats. That’s not my affiliate business model. It’s better for your brand and bottom line to pre-sell three or more similar health offers, as a solution to a specific and stringent health issue. Of course, if you’re working mini-sites – one product per promotion is fine.

This comparison I refer to above could be a graphical chart (for visual effect) or a table with benefits vs. advantages or whatever. Your aim is to get people to click on all affiliate links, and hopefully, buy at least one of the recommended offers.

When you promote just one product per page, your commissions may increase by featuring multiple items on a quality product comparison chart.


Oprah is another show where you could find out about latest health products on the market. I find it funny that most affiliates completely ignore TV and rely on keyword research tools ONLY to find their niche or big product ideas.

I have nothing against keyword tools or the web as a research method, but competition is fierce out there, and time is limited. What I do (quite often, and I’ve created a strategic method for this) is to watch the most popular shows in the US and UK… I notice which product brands and offers get aired, do some web research, and then create a mini site on the product brand and “buying intent” key terms.

Within a month, I’ll be miles ahead of competitors who have found out about the same keyword/product brand using a keyword tool. Keyword utilities such as AdWords tool, Keyword Canine or LongTailPro (which all are fabulous for what they ‘do) are still limited because they cannot foresee popular products and brands.

When I see Dr. Oz, Oprah or when Dr. Phil gets behind a product, I can tell with almost 100% accuracy, that these items will be in demand and people will start looking for them over the coming days, and weeks… so why not be in front of the pack, and have your site ranking for those key terms #1 in Google?

And if there’s an animal update at Google, don’t fret – it’s never hard to overcome these updates. There are always new tricks, new opportunities – and new methods for affiliate success. In fact, recently – I did a webinar discussing a neat little trick for getting your ranking back in short order. You can check out that article here:

Remember, affiliate marketing is like swimming in the big ocean with other sharks… I prefer to get in to small tight niches where hidden opportunities arise – where there’s ZERO (or very low) competition!

I detail this method here on what creates an in demand health product and how to use MEDIA to uncover hot brands and items.

If you found this article on expert health affiliates helpful, you might want to tell your fellow affiliate friends about it. Thank you in advance!



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