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22 thoughts on “Grow Your Niche Affiliate Empire Faster… How to Qualify for Free NSF Membership!!!

  1. Hi John,
    I’ve been reading your stuff for awhile now.
    I own a website through SBI and that’s where I heard from you first.
    I ‘ve been a full time massage therapist for 20 years and “natural health” solutions is my niche.
    For 6 years now, I’ve been trying to make my website work for me and I haven’t succeeded yet. Since my main interest is natural health and wellness, that’s why I am writing to you today John.
    My goal is to work less physically and make my main revenues through my website(s) as an affiliate marketer.
    That’s where I come for your smart advice:
    If I become your student: How much EXACTLY do I expect to spend now, within 6 months and 12 months? There may be variables but I need to know what’s ahead.
    When I sign in, and follow your tutorials, how long (in average) can I expect to pay for my investments and more?
    I know you have us build (or you have someone build) multiple websites for every natural health solution we advertize as affiliates, but I don’t know how much this all cost ?
    Can you clarify all this for me please.

    Thank You,
    P.s. I do not want any other emails than yours about this, please.
    Marie recently posted…The Tapping SolutionMy Profile

  2. I am in the process of building a website.
    I signed up for your book “The Road to Success” and received a link in an email. I was reading it but clicked away to a link on a page. (I did not save it to my computer) When I tried to go back the books was gone. May I have access to the book again.

  3. Hi John, I just tried to access the link you’re talking about above but just go straight to JVZoo’s main page, can you please help

  4. Hi John,
    I have been a member since the early days and have used your facilities to get websites done. At the moment I am wondering where I stand with your organisation. I feel that you do not want anymore non paying members and I am in that category now. I am aware that due to costs you cannot continue to do this but I am saddened that you have not even requested us to pay a certain subscription each month. I thank you for the help you have given to me in the past and if you wish to terminate my membership so be it. It is regrettable that the ” Non Paying members” of the past who stood by you in your early days of the business should be treated in this manner to make room for the new members who are prepared to dish out big bucks to follow your more recent programs.
    Regards, Don

    • hey Don, You have completely miss interpreted and clearly not understood my updates.
      All the old memberships will remain, plus you always get support via the mastermind group

      You also have the option to come in on the $37 a month option for NSF 2.0.

  5. I have just signed up here, after following a trail via SEO Catalyst that I am in the process of installing on my composting site. I am fascinated and am thoroughly enjoying the videos in Niche Site Marketing. Thank you for the gift of membership. I think I am about to enter the Health Field!

  6. The membership details will come to you over on the email. You need to follow the instructions to get your 100 % free access 🙂

  7. I joined Niche Site Formula but I’m still waiting on the training. Please let me know when I can get started.


    • You have to follow the instructions on the second email to claim your free membership, then our team will follow up with your free membership details.

  8. I no nothing about the health industry except that I eat organic for the most part. I’ve had poor results from past health related products in the network marketing aspect which I have veered away from. but I am open to new ideas

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