Partner with us, earn BIG commissions, and help a child live!

Dr ManiIf you had the opportunity to make money, potentially save a child’s life, and promote something you knew offered HUGE value – would you be interested?

When my son was fighting for his life in early 2013, I had a strong vision… I needed to find a way to help more children and families. I wanted to reach out and help other children get the surgery they desperately needed to stay alive, just like my son Kai.

I had internet skills. I had knowledge. I knew how to build followers. I had been a super affiliate for several years…

I needed someone who had my skills, but also had skills I didn’t have. Skills built up over a long and successful career. I needed a special type of heart surgeon, one that understood how the internet worked – a person who could help me put my vision in to reality!

When Dr Mani contacted me offering his support, it seemed like the universe had transpired to bring me that person. I knew of Dr Mani from when I first started on the internet. I remembered how he had setup a special charity for children with CHD!

After many emails sharing our backgrounds, our philosophies on life, and general marketing ideas – we teamed up to bring you an opportunity like no other.

How many other affiliate programs out there allow you to not only make money, but also help a child live?

I’m guessing not many, if any at all…

Dr Mani has already saved one hundred children. One hundred children like my son with chronic heart conditions. Children who would not have survived for long without the life saving surgery…

It’s time to expand on that.

Dr Mani recently told me that I motivated him to get back to his priorities and expand on his early vision. With our visions combined, it’s time to multiply that one hundred by many. It’s time to save more children, children who need people like us.

Picture this…

Family’s who can’t sleep at night. Families who spend their time to prey in hope… Together, we can give them that hope. You and I… I can’t fulfil my vision alone – I need your help.

Already, Dr Mani has three children a week lined up. Children who desperately need life saving heart surgery…  Without this surgery, their chances are slim, at best 🙁

I believe in Dr Mani and his work so much, that I have set new goals to generate the type of money to fund multiple operations for a long time to come. High figure dollar amounts that the average person may never earn. This money will go towards giving children the gift of life.

Remember, we can all potentially make a million and more. It’s what we do with the money we earn that defines us as human beings.

If you partner with us, you can make a difference. A BIGGER one than what’s already been made.

So far, a ten year old has been operated on from with support from the HWA project. It’s time to save 3 children a week – will you help?

For the full details on how you can help, you can read the full details on our unique affiliate program here:

If you have any questions, let me know and I will get back to you ASAP.



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