How To Dominate Your Niche And Earn Affiliate Commissions

Is Competition Giving You Sleepless Nights? Let’s Crush It Now!

The easy way to earn affiliate commissions online and keep it consistent is to dominate your niche.

Super Affiliate commisions

If the affiliate offer you’re promoting on your blog is about high blood pressure (a profitable niche actually), then your niche market is that selected group of prospects who have issues and want to get relief fast.

The first thing you should realize is that being an affiliate gives you the opportunity to monitor the hot trends in your niche.

Thousands of people are becoming affiliates because they want to make quick money to pay off debts.

But you and I know that quick schemes are like shortcuts. And true affiliate marketers don’t rely on shortcuts to make money.

On the contrary, top affiliates simply research their niches, find out the problems and start dominating with helpful compelling content…

Why a lot of people struggle as affiliate marketers?

There is no one answer to this, because several factors contribute to business failure. But the most prominent is the inability to communicate effectively.

As you already know, when you review products which you didn’t create, you’ve to reveal the good and ugly aspects of that product.

That’s the only way to start soaking up your feet in the market. It’s the initial stage of building you expert portfolio.

Prospective buyers can’t trust you if you hoard quality information from them. In fact, the more you keep your knowledge about a given product, the more you’ll lose trust to a large extent.

And if you don’t share the best content with your target audience, someone will do it. Who will – your competitors?

It takes a lot of time to convince a potential buyer that your review is right for him or her, but it’s very easy to destroy that trust in a minute. So be very careful when dealing with prospects.

In order to avoid failure as you go about promoting products online, bear in mind that serving and satisfying potential buyers are the two master keys to making more sales and earning huge affiliate checks. That has been my secret – you see I care about you so much.

Stop competing with niche marketers

affiliate competition

John Gibb

Do you have a competitive mentality?

Stop it right now. Life is interesting when you recognize that nobody can take what belongs to you, except of you permit him or her.

I personally run a content marketing agency where millions of websites in that market exist already.

But I’m not scared of competition and I don’t compete because every firm and individual has unique features – to dazzle prospects and win them over.

Instead of competing, study your competitors to find out what they’re missing.

Of course, there must be some elements that make up an effective product sales system – which they’ve not identified or have utterly ignored. Your role is to fill it!

The health niche is BIGGER than any other niche in the world.

Yes, starting a business is also huge but, seriosuly – without good health, how on earth can someone make money. Quality health first, every other thing follows. This blog will teach you how to promote health, but YOU should ALWAYS try to become what you preach to your followers…

Therefore, study what other people are doing correctly and find a way to embrace it.

For instance, if a particular niche blog is ranking higher than your own in the search engines, you could spy the backend system. (check out back links etc). It’s not a crime at all – so don’t be scared of FBI.

Find out where they built quality and natural links from. This way, you could easily write valuable content and distribute Your content on the same blogs. And even go the extra mile to find related health blogs for your link building.

To dig your competitors’ backlinks base, use backlinkwatch.

Dominate your niche with guest blogging

If you ask me, I personally think guest blogging is one powerful way to reach YOUR target audience easily.

It may not be easy for several niche marketers, especially those who don’t like to write. And if you’re one of such persons, you could easily outsource content creation. You can learn more about that on the HWA newsletter…

When you write guest posts and submit those articles to authority websites in your niche, you’ll not only drive free traffic and readers, but you’d gain traction immediately.

Some people struggle to sell their affiliate products and earn decent commissions because they’re still strangers in the marketplace.

No one knows them and that’s the big problem. Remember, on the internet, people buy from who they know, like and trust. Do they know you at all?

Get started by announcing your name in the blogosphere. Build up your credibility as an honest affiliate marketer who is concerned about others.

You want them to get solutions to their problems, and you’re not one of those hit-and-run marketers simply hanging around.

When I first launched my blog, I struggled to drive free loyal visitors to my website and failed.

When I discovered the power of guest blogging, I plunged myself into it and it’s been a wonderful experience so far.

“My blog’s traffic has surpassed 5,000 unique hits monthly, which is enough to make 6-figure income  – providing that the affiliate offer you promote is hot and helpful.”

What you should do now

To help you earn affiliate commissions easily, I need you to audit your niche blog now.

Once you can identify areas that need improvement, you’re good to go. Is traffic your problem or do you just want to know how to increase conversion rate?

Do you find it difficult to build a list?

These questions are for you. And you’d find the right answers when you carefully audit your blog. Take your time to get this right.

To audit simply means to evaluate what you’re doing well, or  simply failing to do. Whatever your findings are, write them down.

Then come back here and let me know about it. I’d write a detailed blog post to address the issues.

I can’t wait to have you join the Super Affiliate League, where you could earn $5k – $20,000 monthly. It’s possible, trust me.

It’s not an overnight venture, but it’s not as difficult as you think. If I made it, you too can. Leave a comment below – See you ahead!

HWA Guest post by – Michael Chibuzor – Content Marketing Pro



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