Diversifying Your Online Income Through Affiliate Marketing


When your commissions from affiliate marketing start to grow online, you will want to look at diversifying your incomecreating new income streams. 

The methods you will be using that are presented to you within my private service are setup to lead to major diversity when you start combining all the traffic generation techniques.

However, the next logical step is to diversify your income streams as well.

So, once you have one income stream built up, you can take the methods you are using and apply them to a new health company and target their best converting products.

This way you are building true equity with long term ethical companies. You could aim for high passive income streams from say five to ten reputable health companies across a multitude of products.

This way, you are truly diversifying your income and not just dependant on one source.

Within my service – I introduce new lifetime commission health companies and various ongoing products throughout the membership. However, initially I want to see people succeeding with the first company I am focusing on.

That way, I can keep the focus tight and it means people won’t be jumping from one promotion to another.

However, don’t think things will be too narrow either – For this very first company we are focusing on ten hot converting products alone!

Remember, dedicated focus is also one of the major factors to your online success.

Update – We now have 4 health companies to work with and 50 unique health products… right inside my service!

In Reality, you could use my system on any niche or product you want to dominate… You don’t even have to mess about trying to obtain links from other websites.

In time, other webmasters will link to you for free when they see you in the search engines with good informative articles relating to the topic. This often happens naturally over time.

However, I only focus on the health products I have personally promoted and know for a fact sell well. I also focus on the products that give the best re-order rate over time.

What this means for a member is that they can grow the best type of affiliate income, true passive residual income that pays month after month.

By working my system on an on-going basis, your incomes will snow-ball over time due to all of the re-orders and on-going sales.

By repeating this system in different sub-niches of the health niche, you can grow multiple passive income streams and literally make up your own pay-check.

You won’t have to put up with being hassled by a boss anymore, no more of that BS – simply grow your business just as I have done myself.

During the course of your affiliate marketing career, you should start off slow while you learn everything but keep focus. However, don’t ever stop thinking big.

We all have the same resources. We are all online and we all have the ability to market to the masses by using what is available to us on the internet.

Affiliate marketing and mini-sites, web sites – virtual real estate also makes for limitless ambition.

Tap in to your own inner ambition and reach out and set new limits for yourself. Jot down monthly goals, whatever it takes. Never stop at just one website or one health product promotion.

I always say in the Forums “Let’s go on-wards and upwards” and for good reason – Remember success doesn’t come to you; you have to go out and get it.

A very well known and famous actor and superstar I have followed since I was a young boy once said something along the lines of this:

“Know who you are, know what you’re worth – know that your ideals can be grasped and accomplished, and then – pursue them with a vengeance!”

If you apply this kind of will to your own ventures whatever they may be, in time – you will succeed. It’s only a matter of time…

To Your Success




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