Creating an Account At EzineArticles

EzineArticles are a picky at the moment and are strict on unique articles. If you ever find yourself getting perfectly unique articles rejected, don’t waste time trying to get that article in.

Simply move on and post that unique article to ArticlesBase or the other 4 on my list. (See your free portal area for more information). Remember, the important part is to back-link all of your approved articles with my number 1 recommended software – Backlink Booster. This is the real power of this first promotion method.

Creating an account at Ezine Articles is easy and free.

• Start by logging on to and click on Submit Articles in the left-hand navigation. Don’t worry about a pen name at this stage –just fill it in accurately.

• If you have any trouble with the process, click on the Video on the right-hand side to get help with the sign-up.

It’s critically important to read the Terms and Conditions so you don’t make a mistake in the first 10 articles.

• If you write 10 perfect, compelling, original articles, you will get Platinum Status.

Less than 15% of all authors get Platinum Status.

• Students with Platinum Status get their articles edited more quickly, which is a big boost when you want some initial traffic.

Once your account is created, it’s time to fill in your author name and prepare to submit a unique article.

• Your author name does not have to be your real name.

A few quick rules:

–If you are a PhD, an MD, or a Dr. you can put those titles after your name. If not, you can’t. They check!

–You have to use a first and last name –your author name can’t be your company or URL.

–Only one Ezine account per human, but you can have more than one author name.

Ezine Articles has already determined that it is most effective if you create a unique author name for each topic.

• This makes it easier to click on your author name and see more of your articles on the same topic.

Use one author name for bee pollen, one for fish oil, etc.

•They don’t have to be radically different: you can just use variations on your main author name. For example:

•John Gibb

•John J Gibb

•Johnny Gibb

•Jonathon Gibb

Creating Your Author Resource Box

• At the end of each article is an author resource box, where you can tell your audience a little about yourself.

• This is where you ‘get the click’ over to your mini-site.

You want to be sure to include information that is relevant to your target audience and the sub-niche you are promoting.

• No need to list your seventh grade track and field accomplishments or your passion for sushi – unless your articles are about those topics.

Here’s a fast example of an author resource box for bee pollen:

“John Gibb runs a series of health websites and his latest addition is

Bee pollen that is located in the pristine source of New Zealand is the most natural bee pollen source we have come across.

Be sure to Check out our <a href=””> bee collecting pollen</a> guide, for more information on quality natural bee pollen.”

Notice how I am linking to the home page pre-sell and one of the article pages too.

You want to vary the links and the keyword anchor texts that point to the pages/posts on your mini-site. You need to do this at the different article directories and on all of the unique articles you post.

The main reason to post articles is not for the traffic from the article directory, and not even for the link from that article directory, either. (Although it will help get your website noticed and start the process, I will discuss in detail the main reason to submit quality articles shortly.)

Also Notice the following:

–Mention your name

–Mention your mini-site

–Always let your audience know ‘what’s in it for them’ –at the end of this article, it says they will find out more detail about the most natural source of bee pollen.

Create an individual author resource box for every author name you have.

•You can create up to three author resources boxes per name, so if you are taking different angles in your articles, you can optimize your resource boxes accordingly.

Remember, if EzineArticles are being funny and rejecting perfectly good articles – don’t waste time on them. (The most important place for your unique articles using the HWA system is your own web sites!)

In fact, if all you do is post to article directories, you are simply helping the owner to grow his website and make more money. Remember this, and lean the true concept of article marketing before you go haywire blasting off articles to any of these directories…

Use the other article directories on my list within the e-book guide in your free membership portal – (coming soon.) The back-linking process is what’s important here to give your mini-site that initial juice (and a deep spider from the search engine robots).

Although I have used EzineArticles in the past aggressively, I now prefer the other directories on my directory list more (for the purpose of what I am doing).

However, this particular platform is still known as the highest traffic article directory, and so is worth getting some of your unique articles on (if you can put up with the insane editors and stricter rules).

If you look in your free portal area, I have created videos on how to register to the article directories I use correctly.



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