Crashing Waves – Knowing When To Ride New One’s

Hello my friends…

Due to recent events, I can longer promote Maxalife. They are going in to another direction away from the affiliate model, and so I can no longer unconditionally recommend them.

I was discussing some of the issues and the sudden shift with my friend online (a friend that I am learning from for my own personal and business growth).

Here is what he said to me: (I am sharing this because he has even more experience working online than I do.)

“In the 15 years or so I’ve been in affiliate marketing, I’ve had my fair share of lost commissions, and seen any number of ventures come and go.  Some I thought “too big to fail” came crashing down suddenly.  It’s just the way things are in this game.”

I thought maxalife would be a long termer, but I was wrong. I’ve earned a respectable 6 figure income (from commissions) in only the few years I’ve been promoting them. Although they are now going down a different direction, I have no regrets in promoting them when I did. They were good to me and paid me thousands of dollars in such a short period. This one company has paid me more than many multiple companies combined in such a short time frame.

Sometimes, you need to ride the waves (while they are there), and ride them fluidly until they peak. Things are changing, and I’m not convinced in the reasons I’m hearing for those changes. It looks as if the company is no longer a good choice for affiliates, but everyone should ALWAYS do their own due diligence regardless of what any other marketer recommends… My gut is telling me that this particular company will not be open much longer (based on recent event discussions).


Again, I can’t continue my unconditional endorsement in light of recent events, and am looking out for suitable options that will be more reliable and probably better choices.

I will reflect these changes inside NSF by removing maxalife and replacing them with other options. Many people could say that this is not my problem, and this stuff happens. And while it does in any business, I am committed to my students and followers regardless. It’s important for me to lead my friends down the right path, even if I do mess up from time to time. I, just like you… am still learning all the time. For me, teaching people how to make money online has also lead me on a path to self discovery.

Many of you on my list have become my friends and I have much respect for you, as you do for me…

I will be working hard with my research manager to not only find out new opportunities for all NSF students, but to give alternative options for the majority of the maxalife product range. Granted, commissions may be smaller on the product line maxalife offered, but at least you guys will have other options for your websites.

I personally will lose a big chunk of business income from this experience, (won’t be the first time), but we all have to walk on in life and remain calm.

On any pages on the HWA blog where I have mentioned maxalife, I will give a few alternative options that offer similar products and so on. My first priority is to remove maxalife from NSF, and get the bonus keyword chart updated with alternative options.

Remember, everything happens for a reason. In times of confusion and darkness, you can often see more clearly.



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