CPA Affiliate Marketing – How to Make Money Online without Selling Anything…

CPA Affiliate MarketingAre you thinking about Certified Public Accountant? 🙂

CPA Affiliate Marketing actually stands for Cost per Action affiliate marketing. There are affiliate networks such as CPALead, which pays their members a fixed fee like $1 (and up to $30) for the action taken by their referrals.

That means you don’t have to promote items like Amazon products or digital books and get paid for only when you make a sale. If you’re completely new to the game – that’s a tough way to start, particularly if you’re in the beginning stages and don’t know how to properly pre-sell affiliate products.

There’s more to affiliate selling than just preselling, and it can be the hardest job for the little affiliate guy to work everything out.

When it comes to CPA though, generating money and getting paid is easier, when we consider it from this standpoint…

For example, you might promote an insurance offer and direct traffic to your unique affiliate ID or web form. When any of your referrals fill out that web form on the affiliate site, or take another action like downloading a program or completing a survey, you get paid not a percentage (like in the case of Pay per Sale associate programs), but a fixed sum.

Most CPA programs offer Pay per Lead opportunities where you make $1 or more for each referral you bring that fills out the form, or simply joins the partner’s mailing list. That’s how you make money.

Now, don’t think that you can (ask your friends to) create a hundred fake email accounts and join these CPA offers all day long. These CPA networks have anti-fraud measures and systems that detect such activities, and will ban your account (and black list your name) forever.

How many CPA networks are out there?

Too many to count… Potential is not the problem. The key though is to find the ones that accept you (it’s not easy to join these offers), ensure they pay (often and on time) and are worth promoting.

I’ve been watching lately a blog you can visit here listing a whopping 40,000 CPA offers and 500+ CPA networks. They’re a pure goldmine. You can easily get lost in the plethora of information and reviews they have there. However, you’ll still need to know what to look for in a CPA network or program.

What CPA network should I go with?

That’s a hard question, but I’ll try to give you a few guidelines to follow.

Although CPA offers may sound easy to promote, if you don’t drive relevant and high quality traffic to your links, you still won’t make any money.

In the end, it all comes down to knowing how to properly get interested visitors from your promotions. You don’t need to attract hungry buyers with cards in hand, but folks interested in downloading a program, fill out a survey, or simple leave their email for more information on the offer.

That means general traffic won’t convert well with most CPA offers. This is the standard principle of affiliate marketing success. If you want to make money, regardless the type of program you’re preselling, you actually have to ensure the people clicking your link have high expectations and are actually interested in what it is you’re advocating.

Here’s what to look for in a CPA network:

  • Easy to Join

Most CPA networks do NOT allow newbies or bloggers with low traffic websites. Some only approve super affiliates whose websites are generating thousands of unique visitors a week, mainly from US traffic.

If your site is not receiving enough and relevant traffic, you might find it hard to join a CPA network, unless you’re an experienced PPC marketer who has the budget/partner who can invest in premium advertising and convert it into a profit with CPA offers.

For this reason alone, I recommend you team up with an experienced CPA affiliate, and learn from him or her (through personal coaching), or at least, grasp their methods, and try them on your own.

The forms required to become a CPA affiliate are usually lengthier and more detailed than a standard pay-per-sale affiliate program like Amazon or ClickBank.

Commission Junction (which I personally dislike) for example is a large network that also offers CPA deals. Last time I checked, it took days to get approved and find relevant offers. I prefer to keep things simple, and save time.

That’s why a reputable CPA network should make it easy for members to join and find relevant offers. Don’t you think?

  • High-converting offers

What’s the point of driving (via Google organic search or paid PPC) traffic and barely making a profit? You need to be on the front line of new and sky high converting deals, all the time. Top affiliates and super earners are usually notified by their affiliate managers when fresh offers become available.

When it comes to CPA affiliate marketing, competition is not good, as you’re in PPC bidding and organic search wars with everybody else promoting the same offer, or hunting the same keywords.

  • Reliable partners

You want to get paid, and on time. You want to count on a prompt answer from your affiliate manager whenever you need support. Finding a genuine company is not easy. You have to browse the forums, read feedback from other members, and form your own conclusions.

Before we wrap this up, I’d like to let you know about two of the most popular CPA networks out there.

If you are looking for the highest payouts on top converting offers (many of which are health related), you might want to try Clickbooth.

If you’re looking for weekly payouts, you could go with MaxBounty.

For a list of the top 20 easiest CPA networks to join, click here. There you’ll find out about other top CPA networks worth trying out including: NeverBlue, PeerFly, Market Leverage and others.

I’m not that experienced with CPA networks yet, but I know some top affiliates who are making a small fortune with this affiliate money raking model, and we can both learn from them to fatten our bank accounts (legally and morally).

That means you should declare your online earnings and at the same time – only promote things you would subscribe for yourself or recommend to your best friends.

That’s a good general rule to follow in theory, but I’m not going to BS you here. I personally promote all sorts of products (even products I wouldn’t use myself), and I’m comfortable with my decisions. This is my business (full time now) and so I do what I have to do to keep the profits coming in.

Do you have any experience with CPA affiliate marketing yourself or do you know top affiliates in the game you could mention in the comments section?



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2 thoughts on “CPA Affiliate Marketing – How to Make Money Online without Selling Anything…

  1. Hi guys,

    I’ve had more than 4 years experience in the CPA industry. I run with Neverblue,, NDemand Affiliates, One Better Network, Affiliate Trading, Matomy,…. and now Adslead. I cannot say enough about these network but I can share a few of my experiences on these networks to all my friends in our great industry.

    Here are a few of my experiences on these networks:

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    Neverblue:This is my favorite Affiliate Marketing Programs. The payout is great, always payment on time and never late! They have offers with high converting rate. But they are very difficult in review and approval for new publishers. You will need to have more than 4 years of experience if you want to work with this network. I am specially thankful to my Manager Iris Wan for her excellent support.
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    1st Class CPA: They will close your account if they picked up some suspicious activity from you. You will not get your money. In addition, the offers of this network is very poor and the converting rate is low.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

    Nick Morty

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