Challenge yourself to write daily…

Your Internet Business Is About Focus! Challenge Yourself To Write Daily And Grow Like Wildfire…

Stay focus for successIf you’re in the affiliate marketing/blogging business one of your number priorities should be content for your blogs. It doesn’t matter if you’re building multiple mini sites, or large blogs where you want to build a following – you must train yourself to write!

If you have the funds to outsource this part of your business, great! If not, get in to the habit of writing every single day.

Morning Time!

When you first log on your computer, do not check your emails. Do not go to answer the multiple messages over SKYPE – Those things can wait and are not normally income generating activities anyhow.

Instead, write a fresh unique article for one of your blogs… If you’re building a long term health blog for example (where you eventually rank for many long tail keywords and make easy residual profits) you need to make consistency your primary weapon. By doing so, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition!

Guest Posting

As well as writing for your own blogs, learn to develop relationships with other bloggers in your niche. If you have multiple health blogs, go out and start commenting on health blogs. By doing so, it will be far easier for you to land guest posting opportunities since you are already a part of that particular blogging community…

Here’s a guide I wrote for another blog on what you need be aware of before you start guest posting:

Follow up with readers

When you do land a guest post, don’t just write the post and call it a day. Make sure you follow the article for any potential comments, By replying, you build up your reputation and get more people over to your website (potentially on to your newsletter list) so don’t overlook the power of replying to the readers’ comments. Plus, the owner will see you do this and will be happy to accept more guest posts from you in the future – a win win I’d say.

The Power Of Quality Can Take Your blog Exposure Offline…

Don’t rush your articles, especially if it’s on a niche you plan to be a part of for the long term. I recently wrote a guide for newbie’s about guest posting… You can check out that article where I landed the guest post opportunity here:

Notice the comments, and notice how I try to follow up. Obviously, I am probably busier than most of you reading my blog, yet I still make the time to follow up on these comments when I can. I do this on health blogs too (in different names and profiles as I outsource a lot of it now) by the way.

What’s important here is that the quality of my article is that good – one of the blog readers is going to present my information to an offline audience at her library… I’m not making this up, go check out the comments and you’ll see what I mean.

Powerful stiff, don’t you agree?

HWA 2.0 Launch…

I estimate the new launch of HWA will be around 2 weeks away. We are just working out some testing with the new design right now. I am also working on the step by step system for the private blog portal for you all. (Free to all my newsletter subscribers.)

When it launches, please become a part of the community and support the HWA 2,0 venture. I will be leaving the comments on the private membership portal, so we can all chime in and grow our knowledge, experience and skill set together. Together, let’s rebuild the HWA community and make it better than ever before!

I’ll be back with you all soon… I have tons more information to follow that will help you all with your online ventures. Please leave a comment, ill appreciate it and I try and reply to everyone. Next up is the blog post guide on achieving $100 + a day through your health blog in 12 months.



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