Your Guide to ($1000 + A Month) Affiliate Campaigns in 2014

So today’s post is about how I’m making $1000 + a month per unique campaign – promoting in demand health related products. (Click Image For Full View) I’m working a little differently to how I was in 2013. As you know, the game is always changing and so I change with it. So should you. The screen shot above is from my latest campaign. I’ve only launched 3 campaigns this year, one for a client … Continue reading


The 3 Ingredients of Profitable Niche Sites…

I love niche web sites. Yeah, I’m addicted to niche marketing. This is where you dig for new products and new niche markets – and of course, new affiliate programs to promote. It’s an exciting business to run. It feels like digging for gold. Once you find something that looks like gold, you act like a kid in a candy store. Just like with anything, there are specific ingredients (aka principles and formulas) for making … Continue reading

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Building niche sites doesn’t work anymore?

Today on my FaceBook, an older super affiliate that I have much respect for said I was wasting time building out niche sites. For whatever reason, he thinks that building multiple websites is a waste of time now. He said “You ARE flat-out wasting your time. This strategy worked years ago, but it sure doesn’t work now” Obviously, I know differently… as do many others. Not to try and prove him wrong – because to … Continue reading

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How to Create Long Term Killer Health Blogs That Rock!

Health blogging

HWA Blogging – Create Long Term Killer Health Blogs To Genereate Residual Income… I’ve been talking a lot lately about HWA mini-sites to target low competition branded products, but what about building large blogs… I’m talking about the type of blogs where you can build a following and build long term residual income from just one blog. Yes, these blogs are still a part of my process. I’ll talk about that more (soon) inside HWA … Continue reading


Top 6 Ways To Make Extra Income If You Quit Your Day Job Now

Decide Now: Finally Quit Your Day Job and Change Your Life In 6 Ways! The New Year is still very much fresh in our memories. Isn’t it?     In fact, a friend of mine just sent me a lovely gift. So many people have decided also, to quit their day job now. If you’re making that move, have you made plans to start your own business yet? Or are you skeptical about it?


Basic Video Guides On Using WordPress For Affiliate Websites

Hi Guys; Here’s some bonus training on getting the most out of your mini-sites, blogs and websites. The videos include an introduction to the WordPress Dashboard – how to make a new page, how to add images – and some extra helpful little nuggets that will help you on your affiliate venture!

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