Your Guide to ($1000 + A Month) Affiliate Campaigns in 2014

So today’s post is about how I’m making $1000 + a month per unique campaign – promoting in demand health related products. (Click Image For Full View) I’m working a little differently to how I was in 2013. As you know, the game is always changing and so I change with it. So should you. The screen shot above is from my latest campaign. I’ve only launched 3 campaigns this year, one for a client … Continue reading


3 Ways to Build a Content Web Site Google Loves…

Affiliate Success

Why would you like to build a large content web site in the first place? You and I know it’s not only for the money, or you’re going to fail even before starting. You may love writing for a month or two, and the next thing you know, you lose interest in the topic, or the lack of positive cash-flow makes you look for something else (and forget about blogging altogether). Top affiliate marketers and … Continue reading

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Top 21 Reasons to Blog Comment Your Way to More Traffic, Sales and Clients

For the past 5 years, I’ve been using blog commenting extensively for my own niche sites and to help clients drive traffic to their web properties as well. What I’m about to share with you next are the main reasons why I believe blog commenting works. You’re a marketer with a single goal in mind: to drive traffic that makes sales. At the end of the day, traffic and exposure is nothing until you turn … Continue reading


How To Rocket Your Niche Press Release To The Top Of The SERPS… Many Times Over!

The short article here is a quick guide… The guide that you can follow here (that I use with proven results) is all about educating you on the quick steps needed to utilize Press Releases in your SEO Campaigns. Now, I don’t mean getting back links from Press Releases. Although that may help, I’m talking about actually ranking your press releases and leveraging off of the root URL’s authority. This is known as the piggy back … Continue reading

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Piggy backing off of huge authority websites for niche success…

So you know I’m a big fan of mini-sites… Ranking multiple health related blogs targeting people already in buying mode… Well, there’s a way to get even faster results. You’ve probably read about the method before. It’s now new. Many people have done it successfully in the past, yet as of now – this method is working better than ever! In fact, I’m going to make a new section on this with videos inside my … Continue reading

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YouTube Affiliate Marketing: Top 5 Questions Answered

Lately, one of the questions I get asked about the most is how do you make money using videos… How do I make YouTube affiliate marketing work for me? This could be because I’ve recently uploaded a clip you can watch here, and many of my email subscribers liked it. Some of my older students wanted to create something similar to promote their site, and presell affiliate offers. Why YouTube? The answer creeping up is … Continue reading

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How to Create Long Term Killer Health Blogs That Rock!

Health blogging

HWA Blogging – Create Long Term Killer Health Blogs To Genereate Residual Income… I’ve been talking a lot lately about HWA mini-sites to target low competition branded products, but what about building large blogs… I’m talking about the type of blogs where you can build a following and build long term residual income from just one blog. Yes, these blogs are still a part of my process. I’ll talk about that more (soon) inside HWA … Continue reading


Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging – Why Blogging Is A Great Marketing Tool… We may be in an era of cyberspace, smart phones and new technology we are yet to understand, but many small businesses are still not making use of some of the tools available to help market themselves. In addition to your businesses own website, the internet is full of platforms that can help your business grow (such as Facebook, … Continue reading

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YouTube Video Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Video Affiliate Marketing: How-to Make Sales   Would you like to turn YouTube into your personal cash machine? Then you need to know how YouTube video affiliate marketing works… You and I both watch YouTube videos from time to time. There are people who even do it on a daily basis. We won’t go into the details of why some of us prefer entertainment over education, science or other topics over others etc. What … Continue reading

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The Power Of Video Marketing…

Video marketing is now more powerful than article marketing through my latest testing. In fact, when you send a bunch of links to a YouTube Video, you’re not going to get slapped either.

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