Taking a client from the depths of nowhere to new Google Love…

So here’s the article I mentioned in my last post about how I took a website from the depths of nowhere to ranking highly on Google. I took the website straight to top ranks in a very short period of time… As soon as I started working with the private client, the website came back on the big G radar. I started working on the website on around the 11/12/2013. If you notice on the … Continue reading

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Our On Page SEO Guide For Ranking Success…

I know I’ve gone over basic on page SEO before in my free eBook, but I thought I should get a new guide up on the blog here. I wanted to go over what’s still working well for me and my students at the end of 2013. The point is, I’m not doing anything differently than before… I’ve just toned down my keyword density even further. Here goes… When you have good on page SEO in place, the … Continue reading


How to get slapped websites ranking highly again…

Hello my friends… Yesterday, I did an introduction webinar to NSF (our flagship affiliate marketing service). On the webinar, I discussed how to get websites back ranking if they’ve been slapped, or de-ranked badly in Google. I made an error when I was talking when I said to delete the hosting for the penalized website. Just to clarify, you need to keep the hosting since you will redirect all the posts or pages on the … Continue reading

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The Art of SEO without Doing SEO…

Today, we are going to talk about getting traffic to your blogs without even focusing on SEO at all. As you know, I build micro blogs where I do focus on SEO for those types of sites, but there is another side to what I do with HWA marketing – A side where I don’t really focus on SEO much at all… Google keeps preaching (via Mat Cutts right now) about creating nothing but quality … Continue reading


HWA Featured Service – Using SEO Warrior To Test ROI Potential…

SEO Warrior

If you want to promote multiple mini-blogs at once and test to see what is going to sell, this is the team I use to do that. I run the top packages across batches of websites (when I know those websites are winners.) When I say winners, I mean they have got me a couple of sales live in the marketplace for the keyterms and the promoted product. When I am testing to see if a … Continue reading

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HWA Marketing – Your Data IS Bullet Proof!

Bullet Proof SEO – HWA Marketing Versus Standard Affiliate marketing…. So I’ve been talking a lot with personal clients lately about the power of your data. What I mean by this is the data we research and test for our health niche affiliate marketing eventually makes us bullet proof from Google updates, or even significant changes to any of the search engines…

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Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Search Engine Optimization…

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Search Engine Optimization… It is common knowledge that the internet is ruled by search engines… Most web users will visit sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo multiple times every single day. The latest statistics show that over 95% of searchers will visit sites located on the first page of search engines, with the top three ranking websites getting the majority of this traffic. As the search engines become smarter … Continue reading


On Page SEO – How To Place Your Keywords

How To Place Your Keywords In Your HWA Blog Posts In this post today, I want to discuss what I do with my primary keyword on my article pages… I was asked about this yesterday, so when I get questions i think we can all benefit from – they’ll be turned in to a blog post. I will follow up to this article (later on) with a video of me doing this on one of … Continue reading

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Public Broadcast – SEO Coconuts Is No Longer Running…

Hey guys, So you all know, Barry decided to STOP his SEO service due to offline work commitments. If any of you placed an order and have not heard anything back, please email me by simply replying to the newsletter so I can try and sort out a refund for you this month. I know a few people emailed me already asking where he was, but please email me again (everyone) so I can create a list of … Continue reading


Google Is Constantly Tweaking The Panda…

If you keep on top of the latest search engine updates (you should if you are an affiliate marketer) you will know that the Google Panda update is constantly being tweaked. I am finding fresh content to be more important than it ever was before.

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