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Affiliate team coaching

“Hey John, I was just checking some of the data inside your membership service and I noticed that some are not accurate. For example, for the African mango product here are the data’s : YOUR DATA: (key term hidden from inside NSF)– 1300 (key term hidden from inside NSF)– – 590 (key term hidden from inside NSF)– – 1600 (key term hidden from inside NSF)– – 1900 (key term hidden from inside NSF)– – 1300 … Continue reading

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I will create your high PR network, rank your sites – and blow you away…

I’m offering a onetime special offer for serious students with some spare funds to invest. I run these special offers once a year for my newsletter subscribers. Every year so far (past 2 years) since HWA has been in operation, these slots sell out within 24 hours. However, I have decided to keep this offer open based on the response I got on my first email. There is a demand for this sort of package, … Continue reading

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Our Latest Niche Site Formula Student Question…

“Hi John, After studying the data packs, I find the Alpha Brain by Onnit a good one to promote. I emailed their affiliate manager to see if I could use alpha brain in the domain name, and this is his answer: “Hello Janice, we do not allow the use of our trademarks in the URL or Title.  We want new traffic, not traffic that just gets filtered. So you will also have to make the … Continue reading

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NSF student question – I’ve got a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer…

I have highlighted my answers by bolding the text… “In a previous email to me, you said, “I can get sites ranking again on new sites at will, but I’m a super affiliate for many years…There is no term in the health niche I cannot rank for. I have unlimited fire power. Do you have that “firepower” due to the recommendations and process you recommend in your Niche Site Formula program? Is anything missing? I’m … Continue reading

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HWA Recap: money keywords & passive income revealed…

bodybuilding niche with healthy wealthy affiliate

Have you ever really wondered how I am able to build niche sites, some of which make $1,500 in a single month… and how some of my sites continue to make $1,000+ a month on average in free passive income? Even if they get hit, penalized, de ranked or whatever – it doesn’t take long before I can get the winning terms back and making money again. Once you know the terms that make money, … Continue reading

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Latest NSF Questions…

How will I know my 1st NSF site is receiving the NSF bonus link building? The bonus links are sent over a period of 30 days. We don’t give reports for these links for admin reasons, but you could use any kind of back linking tool to see the new links showing up.. Just know that it may take a while for them to show on tools like ahrefs.com and majestic SEO. The main thing … Continue reading

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Protected: How To Get Ranked Again…

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Hello my friends, I have added in the first webinar to the mastermind section of your private portal. I will be running more webinars as we progress. My aim is to support, motivate and to show you all that I care about you as a unique person. I don’t want my students and friends to feel like just another member of a program where you are forgotten about. If you have any issues listening to … Continue reading

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Latest NSF Updates…

Hello friends, I have just uploaded a new chart for the super bonus section inside niche site formula. The chart offers viable alternatives for many of the maxalife products. I am working on the second chart now (to cover the reaming products) and then I am done – phew 🙂 Remember, an affiliate mentor and leader is there for his people – no matter what! I am also working on a HUGE chart compiling the … Continue reading

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Free Affiliate Marketing Training: Profitable Tips for Warrior Sellers

When I started in the affiliate game more than 10 years ago, I couldn’t imagine I’d coach others to become warrior sellers through my affiliate marketing training (aka HWA 2.0). The warrior affiliate is a person who is looking to build a true, long-lasting and profitable business in order to provide security and comfort (for himself or herself) and (his or her entire family). Please read on and I’ll reveal some hot tips for affiliate … Continue reading

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