Rank Fast And Rank At WIll… 100% Free Dominate Google Training…

  As promised on the email guys, just below is your 100 % free report on how to Dominate Google and even the other search engines at will (Fully updated for 2015) (Click The Image To View. Be Sure To Save A Copy To Your Computer) The only thing I didin’t mention in this PDF is that we are now doing a special authority pull ring on top of the themed content traffic network building… … Continue reading

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Can you relate to this story from my HWA subscriber?

Johnny G Affiliate

Can you relate to this story from my HWA subscriber? “Hey John I’ve followed your programs for a long time. I’ve been so caught up in the corporate world for 19 years now and I have been suffering from a debilitating illness (major depressive disorder) since a collapse in 2005. I’ve been pushing and pushing, on that damn hamster wheel whilst battling this illness. Well on Wednesday (09/04/2014) I was forcibly removed from my occupation … Continue reading


Know Your Competition… To Blow Them Away!

Johnny G Affiliate

Ok guys, So today, I go over analysing your competition and how to play the affiliate marketing game without a blindfold on. This is one of many videos that are going up inside my flagship affiliate service, however – I am making some of the videos available to my free HWA subscribers as well this year. My plan is to reach out and help more people who are interested on getting on to the right … Continue reading

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SELF DISCPLINE – Discover How To make extra money working from home…

Can you make money working from home? Of course, I’m living proof!. As are many others… However, many people will try and sell you on how easy it is to make thousands of dollars online. We’ve all read all the stories before. From zero to hero… From rags to riches… “How I made $30,000 in ten days” and on it goes… The truth is, it takes a certain breed of person to earn good consistent … Continue reading


A combination of good buying intent search volume – (and low competition) equals passive AFFILIATE PROFITS!

Hot Money Affiliate Idea

  Hey guys, Just want to share another question from one of my recent students. There are always insights to learn from my replies, so like to put these on the blog to help more people when I can… “Thanks, John, for your expertise and insights. I have registered (website hidden for privacy reasons) and ordered the site from within NSF. (Niche site formula). So I can learn from this, why would you put African … Continue reading

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Private Coaching Q and A Session…

One of my private students was eager to get websites up (understandable) and so started rushing me to find good potential products that would make sales when ranked. Here is what I wrote back. I am putting this up on the blog here because I share some important insights from my affiliate marketing experience that will help you. “Hi (name hidden for privacy request), DO NOT RUSH me on this step. It is CRUCIAL we … Continue reading

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Buying Intent Keyword trends for Niche Site Formula Students…

Hey guys, As promised – here is the follow up post to keyword group trends that I promised. I decided to make this post a video post because there was some important information I wanted to discuss with you all. Check out the video below: If you haven’t got a hold of keyword canine yet, it’s the ONLY keyword tool I use every single day for my own affiliate marketing business. You can get a … Continue reading


Niche Site Formula Updates…

So I’m updating Niche Site Formula right now. The biggest job I am doing right is updating all of the data packs and making a new improved master chart (with the most up to date data.) As you know (or even if you don’t), the search data changes on a month to month basis… However, over the course of six months to a year – the data can change significantly. I’ll be updating every single … Continue reading


Two easy steps on how to rank longer and convert more clicks in to Sales!

Affiliate Student

Hey guys, Today I have recorded my private call with one of my private clients. Roy is one of the students I coach one to one and so he pays me a large monthly fee (to help grow his own affiliate empire one to one). On today’s call, we discuss how to convert more of your visitors in to sales, but FAR more importantly – how to attract more clicks on to your websites in … Continue reading

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NSF Student Q + A…

“Hi John, Circumstances oblige me to outsource virtually everything. Since you are in a kind of beta launch and you’ve been writing over a protracted period, some loose ends, contradictions, ambiguities etc. are unavoidable and I’ve been trying to organise the various things you’ve written re NSF into a coherent whole, the better to understand the total NSF system. So, before I put the pedal to the metal and drive off in all the wrong … Continue reading

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