How to Get More Free Twitter Followers: 30 Pro Bloggers Reveal their 10k+ Tribe Growth Secrets (Expert Roundup+Contest)

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Did you often ask yourself how the pro bloggers and social media influencers in your niche have built a large and loyal following? Do you struggle to attract free Twitter followers to your account because you don’t grasp the core concepts of Twitter for business? Are you looking to learn the big social media secret – how to get more Twitter followers? Is the ‘get more twitter followers free‘ just a keyword people type in … Continue reading


Becoming The Best You Can Be!

This post is personal, and it’s deep (or long winded to some) so please prepare for a longer than usual read 😉 When I first started in this business I was a broken down mess. To put the debt I had in to perspective, it was over $80.000 in various credit card and overdraft debts and compounding fast too (thanks to all the interest and the banks being to stubborn to freeze it to help … Continue reading


The Art Of Happiness – Keep Moving Forward!

What does success mean to you? What is success? I’m serious about the above questions… All we hear about in our society today is success this, success that. I even wrote an eBook called “The Road To Success” when I first started teaching affiliate marketing a few years back. Over the past few years, my mindset has changed significantly. What I thought was important really isn’t, and what I thought I wanted – really doesn’t … Continue reading


How To Find In Demand Health Products… That Sell Like Crazy!

Health Affiliate Products

UPDATE: Before you read one of my popular articles below, I want to show you a couple of screen shots of some of my earnings in this huge niche. I have made over $300,000 in the health niche over the last 3 years, and here’s some proof to show you just a few snapshots from some selected accounts I took recently… To view the images in full, please click on them 🙂  Note – this is a … Continue reading


The Five Biggest Mistakes Affiliates Make…

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In this post, I am going to discuss some of the mistakes I see affiliates all around me making. This applies to those affiliates who may be hungry for success, but still have not made it (have not created a consistent passive monthly income yet.)