Beat The Hackers – Secure Your Blogs Once And For All!

We all know now that the security of our websites is important. For me personally, I had many websites hacked over the last few years… Every single day, thousands of websites are hacked, and no one is safe from this ordeal either. Unfortunately, most of us don’t take it as a big deal and so we don’t take the very important extra steps needed to protect ourselves. I was guilty of this and sometimes I … Continue reading

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Why Website Usability Is Critical To Your Business Success

Have you ever visited a website, clicked on a link and then been taken to a blank page? Or have you visited a website, seen something that you really want to buy, went to order it and found that the shopping cart wasn’t functioning properly, or that you had to register before you buy?   The above are just two of the common examples of website usability issues… If your potential customers are reaching your … Continue reading


Challenge yourself to write daily…

Stay focus for success

Your Internet Business Is About Focus! Challenge Yourself To Write Daily And Grow Like Wildfire… If you’re in the affiliate marketing/blogging business one of your number priorities should be content for your blogs. It doesn’t matter if you’re building multiple mini sites, or large blogs where you want to build a following – you must train yourself to write!


Road To Success Updated For 2013

Healthy Wealthy Affiliiate Road To Success – Updated For 2013! I’ve updated the road to success report.  Be sure to check your email to get the new report. If you are not on the HWA newsletter list yet, sign up now to get YOUR free eBook report… The old report is not eligible for how I am working and promoting now. Please delete that copy and reference the updated “Road to Success” for the current model of … Continue reading


HWA Marketing – Your Data IS Bullet Proof!

Bullet Proof SEO – HWA Marketing Versus Standard Affiliate marketing…. So I’ve been talking a lot with personal clients lately about the power of your data. What I mean by this is the data we research and test for our health niche affiliate marketing eventually makes us bullet proof from Google updates, or even significant changes to any of the search engines…

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HWA 2.0 Featuring Forever Affiliate Principles

HWA 2.0 Featuring Forever Affiliate Principles – 100 unique website case studies coming soon…     I’m preparing for the 100 website case study (to be rolled out over 12 months) where I will document everything I do as part of your HWA 2.0 education.  I’m just going over the updated methods myself to see if there is anything new I can add to my own system for rolling my new empires out. I’ve learnt … Continue reading


How To Become “Forever Affiliate”

Forever Affiliate

How To Become “Forever Affiliate” – Introducing the Concepts behind HWA marketing… Back in late 2005, I started learning from a “new kid on the block” who had just broke in to the AM scene and was teaching his new methods for making money FAST with small niche blogs. This person is now famous online. In my opinion, he is the very best affiliate marketing teacher (cream of the crop) online. I’m talking about a … Continue reading


Is Your Company Being Advertised Through Google Places Yet?

Are You Being Advertised Through Google Places Yet?   Did you know that 97% of consumers are searching for local businesses on the internet? And that 20% of all searches on Google are for a service that people are trying to find locally? Are you aware that most of these do not know that you exist?

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20 Reasons People Won’t Buy From Your Website…

20 Reasons People Won’t Buy From Your Website and What to Do About It! Online, trust is even more important than in the real world. People cannot see you, nor touch the product you’re promoting. What does this mean? You have to work on increasing your trust level with the potential buyer! Here are 20 reasons why people won’t buy from your website… When you know them, building trust with your visitors and potential customers … Continue reading

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Healthy Wealthy Affiliate Tips For Using Email To Market…

It’s a fact that email marketing is a good way to get hold of customers online. Of course, you can gain more customers if you focus on providing value with your email marketing plan. Let’s face it, there are dozens of choices in email marketing and it can become overwhelming. The purpose of this article is to assist you in becoming better educated with regards to email marketing and how it can benefit your business.

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