HWA Case Study – Attract Those Buyers and Earn Thy Dollars!

HWA Affiliate Case Study

HWA Case Study Revealed – How to Produce Little Cash Cows Over And Over Again…   And so here I am with another HWA Case Study 🙂 I told you I was going to give you more NO BS case studies on real mini-site blogs (on in demand health products), so here comes the next one… . Note – I’m going to reveal some of my latest mini-sites that I am putting up soon. I … Continue reading


The innocence of a Child – Help Support Heart Defects for the Little Ones

Kai Jon Gibb

Hey guys, I’m not going to get a chance to write this tomorrow, as I will be at the hospital all day. On Monday the 4th of February, our baby boy goes in for surgery to try and help seal the hole in his heart. It’s a big operation, but without it –Kai wouldn’t have had a long lifespan, and his quality of life would be very poor.


How To Find In Demand Health Products… That Sell Like Crazy!

Health Affiliate Products

UPDATE: Before you read one of my popular articles below, I want to show you a couple of screen shots of some of my earnings in this huge niche. I have made over $300,000 in the health niche over the last 3 years, and here’s some proof to show you just a few snapshots from some selected accounts I took recently… To view the images in full, please click on them 🙂  Note – this is a … Continue reading


The Five Biggest Mistakes Affiliates Make…

Affiliate marketers no money

In this post, I am going to discuss some of the mistakes I see affiliates all around me making. This applies to those affiliates who may be hungry for success, but still have not made it (have not created a consistent passive monthly income yet.)


Increase Your Search Traffic While Everyone Else Gives Up!

So we are well in to January of 2013 and I hope you are all as pumped up as I am. When it comes to building websites and gaining more targeted traffic to those websites from free organic searches, we need to understand that not that much has changed.


Life Is A Gift…

December has been a really tough month for me on a personal level. My youngest son was rushed in to hospital unable to breathe on his own (right before Christmas.) I am writing about this not for your sympathy, but so that everyone on my newsletter list takes a few moments out to appreciate how precious our time with loved ones actually is.


HWA Newsletter – What Iv’e Been Doing

Sorry for the lack of communication lately guys. I have had enormous family issues (including the poor health of my newest born son) to deal with, so my online work has taken a back seat these past few months. I will be turning HWA in to a monthly HWA newsletter of what’s working for me in a post panda/ penguin apocalyptic world. I will talk about what I’m doing, what works – what doesn’t work … Continue reading


HWA Newsletter – Up Coming Changes…

Hey guys, At the back end of last month, my second son Kai Jon Gibb was born so I have been offline to help out as much as I can. I like to play an active role right from birth, stinky nappies – the full works! 🙂


HWA Newsletter – Living For Freedom

HWA Newsletter – Living For Freedom Today, I want to talk a little about living for freedom and how becoming a super affiliate can make that happen. Before I get in to all that, I will first list the HWA updates and what is to come in the near future…


HWA Newsletter – Merchant Problem, Forum Upgrades And Other Related News

Just so all of my newsletter subscribers know – when the subject of the email has “HWA Newsletter” in the email, this is a public broadcast message catered towards paying members that I have typed out on the day of writing. Other emails you receive from me are part of my on-going courses and advice (free but valuable information) just for being a subscriber on my list.

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