(Exclusive Content) The Type Of Niche Websites Google Now Loves…

Brian Lang

Hey everyone, Gone are the days when an Internet Marketer can throw up a quick and easy website, load it full of barely readable content, get rankings on the search engines – and pull in a profit at will. In today’s search engine landscape, not only is the average Internet search user looking for more legitimate websites, the search engines are too! I personally think the time has come where the search engines, particularly Google … Continue reading

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The Art Of Happiness – Keep Moving Forward!

What does success mean to you? What is success? I’m serious about the above questions… All we hear about in our society today is success this, success that. I even wrote an eBook called “The Road To Success” when I first started teaching affiliate marketing a few years back. Over the past few years, my mindset has changed significantly. What I thought was important really isn’t, and what I thought I wanted – really doesn’t … Continue reading


How To Make $100 + per day with YouTube Promoting Health Products…

In my last main newsletter, I said I was going to give you a free report on how to rank videos on YouTube. Here is that report… Earlier in 2013, many marketers started to hype up YouTube. They started to call it the new niche formula for success… And although ranking videos on YouTube is definitely profitable, learning how to do it doesn’t require you to pay $67 for the latest greatest course. Personally, I … Continue reading


Health Company Paying Lifetime commissions and high commissions…

Hey guys, I’ve had multiple emails asking for the video course. Rather than emil ou back one by one, i’m just going to send out the payment link over the broadcast newsletter soon. I’ve put the video course up on a private page where you can also ask questions if you need any extra support. To learn how to get slapped websites back again (and always stay in profit), you can pay for the video … Continue reading

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NSF Now Open – Imagine this for a moment…

The long wait has finally arrived… NSF (Niche Site Formula) is finally open! You can now buy or build your money websites, use special service A, or special service B… get results – rinse and repeat, end of. Now finally, you can do what you should be doing… Managing and running your HWA business with an overall outside perspective, rather than constantly working blindly inside it. Imagine this for a moment… You wake up one … Continue reading

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Awesome Affiliate Making $100/day From HWA STYLE Affiliate Sites: No SEO Methods Revealed

I’m going to do the latest HWA broadcast newsletter over 2 emails for a change. There are two reasons for this. 1) I want to tell you all about an eBook you can get on health affiliate marketing for $7 (that has totally blown me away) today. 2) I want to do a follow up to this newsletter where I review this product on my blog in more detail. In a hurry? Go here now. … Continue reading


HWA Newsletter – Unique HWA Case Studies!

So I’m going to start the 100 websites in 12 month challenge this month (a bit behind schedule, but better late than never). I will do another newsletter (when I launch the first case study this month) to show the section of where these will go up on the blog. That way, you can follow along as they go up and save this in to your favourite resources. On some case studies, I’ll simply show you the … Continue reading


How To Go From Zero To $100 + Per Day With Affiliate Marketing (Within 12 Months)

Super Affiliate commisions

In today’s newsletter, I’m going to write about how you can go from zero to hero (and do it all within 12 months!) Before we start with the article, let me make it clear to you now that this information is not for the get rich quick mentality. This article is for business builders who understand that an asset online takes time and work to grow… We do have to do some work to grow … Continue reading


How To Become “Forever Affiliate”

Forever Affiliate

How To Become “Forever Affiliate” – Introducing the Concepts behind HWA marketing… Back in late 2005, I started learning from a “new kid on the block” who had just broke in to the AM scene and was teaching his new methods for making money FAST with small niche blogs. This person is now famous online. In my opinion, he is the very best affiliate marketing teacher (cream of the crop) online. I’m talking about a … Continue reading


Top Reasons to Become A Weight Loss Affiliate Marketer

HWA Marketing – Top Reasons to Become A Weight Loss Affiliate Marketer… I am a 100% dedicated weight loss affiliate. I don’t just like the niche – I am highly addicted to it in fact. There are several reasons why you should consider affiliating yourself with a weight loss vendor, or affiliate company that will let you promote high converting weight loss offers… This article reveals the top reasons to become a weight loss affiliate … Continue reading