46 SEO Experts Reveal their $500 Link Building / Content Marketing Secret

In today’s competitive world, SEO and blogging is a tough game. What worked last year is not working today. And what works today, may not work tomorrow. You need to be constantly preparing for the worst, and adjust your methods accordingly. Having access to expert information is priceless. No matter what niche or business you run, you need relevant insights. Plus, you also need to arm yourself with the best tools available on the market. So, … Continue reading


Link Supremacy Ranking Results…

Hey guys, just a really quick post today showing the results of link supremacy via an image… (Click Image For Full View) As you can see, this is a 1000 a month buying intent search term. Rank enough of these, and you make money long term… without crazy competition, and without getting penalized or de-ranked on the majorly cut throat competitive terms that most people go after. I’ll be back to the HWA blog soon … Continue reading

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Your Guide to ($1000 + A Month) Affiliate Campaigns in 2014

So today’s post is about how I’m making $1000 + a month per unique campaign – promoting in demand health related products. (Click Image For Full View) I’m working a little differently to how I was in 2013. As you know, the game is always changing and so I change with it. So should you. The screen shot above is from my latest campaign. I’ve only launched 3 campaigns this year, one for a client … Continue reading


Everything I Know About Anchor Text Optimization for Google and Why This Is Not Enough…

I used to overlook on-page optimization, that was at least until I got in touch with John and picked his brain on SEO and anchor text. We even talked about full blown back-linking for high rankings more recently… In fact, I was over optimizing the keywords on my page (along with titles and their description), and thus, getting poor search engine results and weak rankings. He taught me the importance of on-page factors and how … Continue reading


Article # 2 Follow Up – Be careful out there – Getting slapped for un-natural link building…

If you don’t know already, too much link building in certain markets may actually do you more harm than good.  In fact, in some markets across many buying intent terms – link building may not be the way to rank at all. As I am launching new campaigns, I am finding that link building could actually do you more harm than good in certain cases. This is only buying intent niche depending. Meaning, it depends … Continue reading


When link building, follow my suggestions below for high ranking success…

quality link-building

Dear John,   I have some questions for you regarding targeted keywords for linking building and promotion for the niche site. Let say that I have decided to engage your service to build my 2nd NSF site, (not listed for student privacy.) The list of targeted keywords would be :- Garcinia Cambogia Select Buy Garcinia Cambogia Select Garcinia Cambogia Select Reviews Does Garcinia Cambogia Select Work Best Garcinia Cambogia  …………………………………………………………………………………………………. Now, in your promo PDF guide, … Continue reading


Health Themed High Pr links Available…

Hey guys, If you want to create your own private linking network, or if you just want to juice up one of your health websites or properties, I have extremely high powered themed health links available for sale. I currently have one batch of 14 sites available. I will add in more batches to this service if there is enough demand. These are the networks I also use to rank for literally any buying intent … Continue reading

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Want to know how to rank at Will? Content Isn’t King – Links Are King!

quality link-building

No doubt you’ve heard all the white hatters of SEO still saying content is king, and that’s the only way you’ll rank nowadays and so on. These Google followers still seem to think that one day, Google will list and rank websites manually. With the billions of dollars in revenue they make each year, they could probably hire enough people to do that right now, but let’s face it – with so many websites – … Continue reading

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Top 14 Link building techniques – propel your websites to the top and explode your traffic counter like a speeding jet!

If you’re building a large blog to grow a following on or if you’re growing any type of blog for that matter – using these link building techniques combined will guarantee to build you a huge fenzy of links…   You’ll build up your websites authority and PR, and explode your traffic counter. I guarantee if you were to apply these techniques to one of your websites built on proven buying intent terms, you’d make … Continue reading

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Get Ranked Over and Over – Special HWA Link Building Service…

Potentially coming very soon… I’m opening up an additional HWA service for the HWA blog. The service will mean you can buy links from hundreds of WebPages relating to health. If you want in on this early, I can provide payment links and work with you over email for now. I know many of you fall flat when it comes to the link building side of the business. Buying a site is easy, building a … Continue reading

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