How to Understand Your Site Visitors with Your Soul, Not Just the Brain – and Why Does It Even Matter…

People are selfish by nature. They often buy through (or because of) emotion and justify their purchase through (or with) logic. Imagine what a dad thinks in his mind… “I want to buy that large and relaxing apartment because I need extra room for my massage chair and pool table”. When his wife asks him why he spent that much for the apartment, when there were other alternatives, he may just say: “You know how … Continue reading

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Finding A Profitable Niche – How To Attract Buyers Instead Of Attracting Information Seekers!

You put up a website and then drive some links to it… Perhaps you’ll even run a PPC (pay per click) campaign too. You sit back in anticipation – hoping this is the start of something MUCH bigger. Days pass. Weeks pass. Before you know it – months have shot past like a speeding rocket. You sit in frustration wondering why your campaign is still making you tiddly squat… Perhaps you try again, only for … Continue reading

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Branded Affiliate Style Marketing Explained aka – Finding Buyer Keywords for BIG Profit!

If you had to decide on building a site that makes $100 a month and one pulling in $300 a week, what would you do? You’d be nuts to go with the site making you the least money, right? You have to realize that it takes the same amount of time to write/optimize content and link build. What makes a difference are the keywords you’re running after. Today’s article will focus on how to increase … Continue reading


The Keyword Tool I Use to Research All My HWA Mini-Sites…

Affiliate Web Research

By Healthy Wealthy Affiliate Mentor – Johnny G… Today’s blog post is a follow up from this particular article here: Choosing Your Money Keywords… When your building a portfolio of mini-sites that are all going after in demand health products, the keywords you choose are going to make the difference as to whether you profit or not. For this type of business model, you need 3 specific things…


Geo-Specific Keyword Research Strategy To Sell More Affiliate Products

How To Double Your Affiliate Comissions By Going Local How can you sell more affiliate products?       It’s all about targeting the right key terms with honest reviews. Keyword research is vital. If you’re a health affiliate marketer, you’re already sitting on a goldmine.


Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners – The Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing! I wonder: how many affiliate marketing programs for beginners have you tried before? How many products, courses and seminars did you buy? What did you learn from them? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash all of my peers or their programs. I’m just asking about your experience. If you’re reading this article, then it means you’re still looking for … Continue reading

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Top 6 Ways To Make Extra Income If You Quit Your Day Job Now

Decide Now: Finally Quit Your Day Job and Change Your Life In 6 Ways! The New Year is still very much fresh in our memories. Isn’t it?     In fact, a friend of mine just sent me a lovely gift. So many people have decided also, to quit their day job now. If you’re making that move, have you made plans to start your own business yet? Or are you skeptical about it?


Keyword Research Live Webinar

Hey guys, I was about to do a video of myself using the keyword tool that I use everyday just now… (I am still going to do it), as this video needs to go in the updated eBook and my free portal area. However, just a quick thumbs up quickly. The owner of the keyword tool that I personally use for ALL of my affiliate campaigns is doing a onetime live event webinar. Please GO … Continue reading


Keyword Research Video – Get An Idea On Your Competition And Search Volume For Your Keywords Using Free Tools

Here is a quick video I did to show you how to get an idea on search volume and competition for your chosen keywords. Keywords are important because they are the terms people type in to the search engines. By putting up articles on good keywords, you can attract targeted traffic to your websites…

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Keyword Search Strategies – The Power Is In The Long Tail…

As many of you know, I am someone who works hard at posting articles out on the world wide web on many buyer related long tail keywords.