26 Online Marketing Experts Reveal their Most Profitable Strategy of Launching a New Product

Launching a product is one of the best ways to monetize a blog, yet many people overlook it. It’s also a big challenge, especially for a newbie. That’s why I reached out to more than 24 of my most successful friends, all experts in online marketing, and I asked them one thing: What was your most profitable strategy for launching a new product? I received some excellent advice, and I thought I should share it with … Continue reading


The Most Surprising Reason Why You’re Not Making Enough Money Online…

I don’t know you. Sincerely. I cannot guess if you have a blog, or plan to start one. I cannot guess if your site will make $100 a month, or $1,000 a day. I cannot make predictions. I don’t know if your niche or product will be a hot seller. I am not a magician. I am a marketer. A writer and blogger… I can make estimates based on what I see. I will need … Continue reading

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What Does Finding a Profitable Niche Mean and How to Discover Yours!

Years ago, if you had of asked me: “John, what is your mission on earth?”, I wouldn’t know how to answer that, or I would ramble on with no proof of my path. Now, I’d say: “My mission is to help other people build an affiliate empire in the health and wellness industry”. That’s my niche. So, what does finding a profitable niche really mean? Finding your mission on earth, plain and simple. How do … Continue reading


Is Your Company Being Advertised Through Google Places Yet?

Are You Being Advertised Through Google Places Yet?   Did you know that 97% of consumers are searching for local businesses on the internet? And that 20% of all searches on Google are for a service that people are trying to find locally? Are you aware that most of these do not know that you exist?

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Rule For Success: Don’t Lose Focus No Matter The Pressure…

Focus – The Key That Unlocks Your Affiliate Marketing Treasure House! Read this if you’re an affiliate marketer.    A lot of things will try to distract your attention from the core, when building your online business. But you must not  allow those things to take root. When I quit my day job, I went in search of a better opportunity online. I invested heavily on seminars and one-on-one coaching.

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How To Dominate Your Niche And Earn Affiliate Commissions

Is Competition Giving You Sleepless Nights? Let’s Crush It Now! The easy way to earn affiliate commissions online and keep it consistent is to dominate your niche. If the affiliate offer you’re promoting on your blog is about high blood pressure (a profitable niche actually), then your niche market is that selected group of prospects who have issues and want to get relief fast. The first thing you should realize is that being an affiliate … Continue reading

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Top 6 Ways To Make Extra Income If You Quit Your Day Job Now

Decide Now: Finally Quit Your Day Job and Change Your Life In 6 Ways! The New Year is still very much fresh in our memories. Isn’t it?     In fact, a friend of mine just sent me a lovely gift. So many people have decided also, to quit their day job now. If you’re making that move, have you made plans to start your own business yet? Or are you skeptical about it?


The Top 10 WORST Mistakes In Internet Marketing

The Top 10 WORST Mistakes In Internet Marketing… Avoid These Mistakes Like The Plague or You’ll Be Left with No Business Whatsoever! If you had to ask me what are the top ten worst mistakes in Internet marketing (that most affiliate marketers often fall for), here’s what I would tell you… 1. Not Building a List Believe it or not, most of my income is generated through list building. I spent a decade learning how … Continue reading