How I doubled my affiliate commissions in ten days…

So by improving website content making good use of LSI (all related terms writing on and about the topic), and also thinking about user intent of course – it’s clear we can significantly ramp up commissions, especially on a website that’s already making money. Check out the screen shot below – that’s another significant increase in only the last ten days from the last update. (Click Image For Full View) I’m now adding more unique … Continue reading


How I went from page 3 to rank 5 By Increasing Site Load Speed…

Increase site load speed

A few days ago, I told you about a course that shows you how to improve your site speed correctly. If you haven’t checked that course out, go here now. I highly recommend the course… Everyone who bought through my link has given me good feedback so far. Anyhow, I’m applying this to my own sites. A few weeks back – I implemented some of the suggestions to one of my own micro sites… Look … Continue reading


HWA Case Study # 2 Update – How I trebled my Affiliate Commissions in 20 short days…

OK folks, so here is another update on the last case study. I applied my own advice (that I discussed on my last video below here). And results have been pleasing so far… In 20 short days, I have trebled the affiliate commissions from this time 20 days ago. If you did this on various money sites, you could raise your income pretty dam fast! Below is the income screen shot that I snapped today. … Continue reading

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HWA Case study # 2 Update – How to double, treble, or even quadruple your commissions…

This is a quick update on our HWA case study # 2 on the blog. I also share with you some more insights on how to take your earnings to a new level per campaign (niche blog). Below is the latest screen shot of income… (Click Image For Full View) Over $1000 in sales made for the company in the last 20 days. Not a bad start. However, still nothing to get excited about in terms … Continue reading


HWA Case Study # 3 – Top Ranks Across The Board And High ROI!

So, here’s the 3rd case study of my 100 niche website challenge. I’m pumped up right now because HWA Case Study # 2 website just made another $90 + over the last 30 days 🙂 I now have my ROI back. I haven’t been working long on that website, so it just shows that with even ten little micro sites launched like that one, I would have a really nice cash in. In fact, all of … Continue reading


HWA Case Study # 2 update – How I went from page 2 to rank 6 literally overnight…

Check out the image below to see the rank jumps. This has happened in literally 24 hours… (Click Image for full view). [wpsharely]   [/wpsharely] The website has already netted another 2 sales at a commission of $14.99 each – sweet 🙂 I have now put the website in this case study on SEO WARRIOR. I have also started to send some more links to it from health websites in the HWA network. By the … Continue reading

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HWA Case Study # 2 – Only 2 weeks of link building equals “page 2 rank” and “2 sales!”

So I’m about to roll out 100 HWA Style Micro blog case studies over the next 12 months. I planned to do this earlier, but personal stuff got in the way. Here’s how it will work… I will broadcast message my subscribers when a new case study is up.  I will reveal the website and rankings, but ONLY if you share these case studies with your friends and followers on FaceBook, twitter, or Google +1 … Continue reading


Ranking number 2 in 7 days for a 27.000 monthly search term…

If you want to know how I got a brand new domain ranking number 2 in 7 days, this newsletter is for you… The domain is currently fluctuating between position 2 and 6 on Google UK and rotating between numbers ten and five on Google USA after 7 days. I only just registered the domain! The term I’m ranking for gets searched for around 27.000 times a month on all the search engines, and makes … Continue reading

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HWA Unique Case Study # 1 – Ageless Male Case Study…

This is the first of the 100 HWA case studies I am making public on the blog. The rest of our case studies will be inside your free membership portal… You can get access to your free membership by going here. Your password is” membership” without the quotes… I’ll be updating that portal with my latest info and case studies from time to time. Our case study today is on the health product “ageless male” … Continue reading


Affiliate Website Examples: Take Your “Niche Marketing“ Profit Cut!

Today’s article will reveal to you some of the most popular niche affiliate website examples (that I have come across) at the moment. I’ll be exposing some under-the-radar bloggers who are making nice money with their niche sites. We can learn about the right affiliate mindset/attitude, the power of strategic keyword research and  of course – profitable monetization! When I refer to “affiliate website examples” I mean any site or blog that makes money with … Continue reading

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