Your life here on planet earth is a blessing – not something you’re owed…

On today’s blog post is a picture of me playing with the kids in the garden, while many people I know are still stuck in a 9-5 job they hate. Continue reading


How to Create Human Connections for Fun and Profit

“We are put on this earth to connect with one another. Connection is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives.” (source: CopyBlogger) Life is a big networking event. It’s exciting to meet new people, enjoy their companionship, laugh, travel, play sports, and anything else that makes you happy. Without all the other men and women, our lives would be rather dead and ultimately, boring. This brings me to reflect on my past and recall … Continue reading

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My 5 Fastest Ways to Make Your Articles and Blog Posts (Much) Better

Affiliate copywriting

Do you find it hard and time consuming coming up with killer content and irresistible ideas for your web sites? Would you like to learn how to inject life into your writing, stir your readers’ interest and make them drool over your next post? Imagine you’re in the kitchen and preparing a delicious cake. You need to be using the right ingredients and the right amount of each. This is a science and art in … Continue reading

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Your Guide to ($1000 + A Month) Affiliate Campaigns in 2014

So today’s post is about how I’m making $1000 + a month per unique campaign – promoting in demand health related products. (Click Image For Full View) I’m working a little differently to how I was in 2013. As you know, the game is always changing and so I change with it. So should you. The screen shot above is from my latest campaign. I’ve only launched 3 campaigns this year, one for a client … Continue reading


How to Understand Your Site Visitors with Your Soul, Not Just the Brain – and Why Does It Even Matter…

People are selfish by nature. They often buy through (or because of) emotion and justify their purchase through (or with) logic. Imagine what a dad thinks in his mind… “I want to buy that large and relaxing apartment because I need extra room for my massage chair and pool table”. When his wife asks him why he spent that much for the apartment, when there were other alternatives, he may just say: “You know how … Continue reading

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How I went from page 3 to rank 5 By Increasing Site Load Speed…

Increase site load speed

A few days ago, I told you about a course that shows you how to improve your site speed correctly. If you haven’t checked that course out, go here now. I highly recommend the course… Everyone who bought through my link has given me good feedback so far. Anyhow, I’m applying this to my own sites. A few weeks back – I implemented some of the suggestions to one of my own micro sites… Look … Continue reading


Do not wait for other people…

Do not wait for success (at whatever it is you are trying to do.) If you want to achieve your idea – only YOU are going to make it happen. Stop trying to seek validation from others… You can be whatever you want to be (as long as you are willing to work for it) and face yourself on a deep level. I receive many emails from people giving me their sob stories and excuses … Continue reading

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HWA Interviews Brian Dean from!

Before we get on with today’s interview… I want to show my readers who Brian is, a bit of his background, and how long he’s been marketing online for. You can view the full details on his about me page here: Over to the small interview with Brian…   So Brian, what has been your highest earning month online if you care to share with our HWA readers? My best month so far was … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Build a Content Web Site Google Loves…

Affiliate Success

Why would you like to build a large content web site in the first place? You and I know it’s not only for the money, or you’re going to fail even before starting. You may love writing for a month or two, and the next thing you know, you lose interest in the topic, or the lack of positive cash-flow makes you look for something else (and forget about blogging altogether). Top affiliate marketers and … Continue reading

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3 Ingenious Ways to Get More Traffic to Any Web Site

For most people, getting traffic to their web site is as hard as climbing the Everest. Yet, it is a doable task. Other individuals are getting thousands and tens of thousands of visitors to their web properties each and every day. Why shouldn’t you do it too? While this article doesn’t guarantee you’ll be getting as much traffic, nor will you be finding a traffic loophole or some magic software. However, it shows 3 ingenious … Continue reading

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