How to Understand Your Site Visitors with Your Soul, Not Just the Brain – and Why Does It Even Matter…

People are selfish by nature. They often buy through (or because of) emotion and justify their purchase through (or with) logic. Imagine what a dad thinks in his mind… “I want to buy that large and relaxing apartment because I need extra room for my massage chair and pool table”. When his wife asks him why he spent that much for the apartment, when there were other alternatives, he may just say: “You know how … Continue reading

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Content Marketing Lessons from Insurance Company Director of Marketing, Ryan Hanley

Ryan Hanley is the Director of Marketing for the Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc, located in Albany, NY – where he blogs on issues concerning NY insurance consumers. He also publishes a content marketing blog where he gives insights on the marketing methods he implements at the Murray Group, as well as how-to tips and podcasts on winning the battle for attention online. He is a seasoned speaker and author of Content Warfare Newsletter. You can find him … Continue reading

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A Simple Way to Create Jaw Dropping Content: Help the Sufferer in Pain…

I used to think it’s the length of the article that makes readers go “WOW”. I mean, isn’t writing “top lists” a good link bait idea? I learned the hard way about what makes good content great. It’s not the tips shared or the word count. It transcends that… It’s the GIFT you hide within your content that does wonders. For example, a guest post I wrote a while ago taught affiliates how to blog … Continue reading

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Article Writing Is Not Dead. You’re Just Doing It Wrong…

If you’ve written articles before, you probably are aware of, still the largest and most popular general article directory on the web. I still submit articles to such sites. They still have a fresh and constant growing audience. Why shouldn’t I take advantage of their traffic? Just because somebody (who barely knows what she or he is talking about) says article writing for the top directories is not working, it doesn’t mean I will … Continue reading


How to Research an Article like a Pro

How to Research an Article like a Pro and Triple YOUR Readership   Articles are like hot dogs to a hungry crowd. You have an audience that starves for content. If you don’t give the bitch what she wants, somebody else will! That’s why you need to learn how to write like a pro. Turn yourself into a research specialist. It’s not easy. It takes time. BUT – it’s doable.


Creating an Account At EzineArticles

EzineArticles are a picky at the moment and are strict on unique articles. If you ever find yourself getting perfectly unique articles rejected, don’t waste time trying to get that article in.

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A Step by Step Guide to Writing for the Web (2.0)

Affiliate copywriting

An Introduction To The World Of Writing For The Web – Instructions I Give My Content Staff… When I first started out writing online, the biggest mistake I made was trying to write articles like I was a writing a book or a novel. If you don’t know already, writing articles for the internet is completely different. Generally speaking, the majority of people simply “scan” a website’s content and do not want to sit through … Continue reading


Article Marketing Versus Building Your Own Blogs

My thoughts and main focus as an affiliate online have always been to build up my website or blog, and build up a wide variation of related incoming links to those websites. For years now, I have always taken whatever Google says with a pinch of salt, especially because I am a person who will go out and test what works in the present. I only read, follow and listen to those mentors who actually … Continue reading

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Finally… Great Article Marketing Tips That Are Easy To Understand!

We all need effective tips on article marketing. Understanding and applying these can be very helpful for people who wish to effectively promote website content, affiliate products and even their own services. The article marketing tips outlined below will help you mount an effective article marketing strategy.

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Unique Article Marketing For Affiliate Marketing

Let’s discuss strategy… I often do article marketing and have become fantastic at building web sites out. I will now tell my readers how I got involved in article marketing and what I did to build my web sites.

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