Want to Build a True Online Business, Not Just Make Money? Follow the Best Affiliate Systems for Long Lasting Success

An affiliate system works like a car. Your site is the engine. Gas is the traffic you generate. It’s a perfect mechanism, but still – you have to maintain it at high levels, or it’ll let you down. With an affiliate system (I’ll talk next on how to build yours), you still have to fine tune its function from time to time, and adjust it according to the latest changes in the industry. For example, … Continue reading


What Does Finding a Profitable Niche Mean and How to Discover Yours!

Years ago, if you had of asked me: “John, what is your mission on earth?”, I wouldn’t know how to answer that, or I would ramble on with no proof of my path. Now, I’d say: “My mission is to help other people build an affiliate empire in the health and wellness industry”. That’s my niche. So, what does finding a profitable niche really mean? Finding your mission on earth, plain and simple. How do … Continue reading


What Are My Favorite Most Profitable Affiliate Programs…

What Are My Favorite Most Profitable Affiliate Programs to Profit from Long-Term? My favorite niche is the health industry. There you can find the most profitable affiliate programs and money-making opportunities. I have also dabbled with technology in the past, and the affiliate marketing/online marketing niche lately, but I feel like I am 100% addicted to the health niche for reasons you’ll find next… At the bottom of this article, I will show you how … Continue reading


Two Tier Affiliate Programs

Healthy Wealthy Affiliate Marketing – Two Tier Affiliate Programs Explained Two tier affiliate programs are the cream of the crop in affiliate marketing, for reasons you’ll understand soon… Imagine you multiplying yourself, your marketing and your revenue… threefold, fivefold and even tenfold. This is a reality that most affiliate beginners aren’t aware of. With a 2-tier affiliate program, you are allowed to recruit other affiliates under you. In fact, you’re stimulated, helped, guided and trained. … Continue reading

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Top Reasons to Become A Weight Loss Affiliate Marketer

HWA Marketing – Top Reasons to Become A Weight Loss Affiliate Marketer… I am a 100% dedicated weight loss affiliate. I don’t just like the niche – I am highly addicted to it in fact. There are several reasons why you should consider affiliating yourself with a weight loss vendor, or affiliate company that will let you promote high converting weight loss offers… This article reveals the top reasons to become a weight loss affiliate … Continue reading


4 Simple Steps To Build Quality Links To Your Product Review Pages

My Secret To Improving Organic Traffic With Quality Links The currency of the web is quality links.      If you don’t have the right links pointing to your product review pages, it can be difficult to rank that page. So you need to work for it. Are you ready? Even after Google Panda and Penguin penalized a lot of affiliate niche sites and blogs, it’s still very important that you look out for and … Continue reading


Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners – The Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing! I wonder: how many affiliate marketing programs for beginners have you tried before? How many products, courses and seminars did you buy? What did you learn from them? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash all of my peers or their programs. I’m just asking about your experience. If you’re reading this article, then it means you’re still looking for … Continue reading

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20 High Converting Health Products From Native Remedies

Native Remedies took away the ability for me to sign up affiliates under me. On top of that, they appear to have removed the lifetime income aspect for new affiliates by teaming up with commission junction (an affiliate network I personally do not like for various reasons.)


The Best Long Term Health Affiliate Programs To Promote…

In this blog post, I am going to talk about some of the health companies I promote and some of the companies I recommend. This information will be based on ethics, long term reputation and how long they have been in business. I think its also important to factor in the residual factors (do people come back to re-order the products much?)


Best Affiliate Programs To Promote – Ric’s New Zealand Venture!

Today I want to share a story with my readers about a long time HWA member (since the very start.) You might have seen Ric around if you’re ever on my private forums… Ric’s a good guy who I have a lot of respect for. He has kindly sent me this email without me even asking for it about his latest trip to New Zealand…