SELF DISCPLINE – Discover How To make extra money working from home…

Can you make money working from home? Of course, I’m living proof!. As are many others… However, many people will try and sell you on how easy it is to make thousands of dollars online. We’ve all read all the stories before. From zero to hero… From rags to riches… “How I made $30,000 in ten days” and on it goes… The truth is, it takes a certain breed of person to earn good consistent … Continue reading


Buying Intent Keyword trends for Niche Site Formula Students…

Hey guys, As promised – here is the follow up post to keyword group trends that I promised. I decided to make this post a video post because there was some important information I wanted to discuss with you all. Check out the video below: If you haven’t got a hold of keyword canine yet, it’s the ONLY keyword tool I use every single day for my own affiliate marketing business. You can get a … Continue reading


So you want to be an affiliate do YA? Perhaps an affiliate promoting Health products… Well here’s the good the bad and the UGLY…

who do you think you are

So I get these type of questions almost every other day… I’m interested in being your student, John. Or, I’m interested in affiliate marketing John, BUT – how long will it take to make money. How long will it take me to make money? When can I see a ROI if I invest in one of your services and so on… NOTE – Before I go on with the article after these questions, please know that … Continue reading


How to cash in on ANY holiday season each and every time!

Let’s face it, more than half the planet is out spending money at Christmas… How about you? Unfortunately, many families will get in to unnecessary debt to buy their children high cost gifts. Many of us will stretch further than our means. It happens year after year for many, a cycle that’s hard to get out of. I’m not going to start preaching about spending too much money on gifts for others, especially when I’m … Continue reading

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Can You Make Constant Money With Affiliate Marketing?

You’re here because you want to know the answer to this question… Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing? Ok, that’s not a correctly misspelled phrase… it’s just how people type the term in to Google (when looking to learn how to make money online) with affiliate marketing. First thing you need to know is that not all programs and products are scams. In fact, I’ve written an article on affiliate marketing scams here – and … Continue reading

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HWA eBay Affiliate Tips for Top Sellers

I love affiliate marketing as much as I love the Internet. It gives you the freedom to make money online while you sleep. I get time to play with my kids, spend time with friends or family, and enjoy the beach and the ocean (and other cool stuff like this.) Sure, it’s not always roses – there are good and bad times just as life. However, the good times more than make up for the … Continue reading

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How to Spot a Profitable Affiliate Opportunity and Make Money Online

I started online 10 years ago looking for the one affiliate opportunity that could remove all my financial worries and debts…At that time, there were very few associate programs and affiliate products. Most of them were B.S., hype or scams. After years of going in and out of debts, buying hundreds of info products and access to membership sites, I learned what makes an affiliate opportunity real and profitable. Today I’d like to share with … Continue reading

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Expert Health Affiliates – Your Journey To Health Niche Affiliate Mastery…

Expert health affiliates are a rare breed. I am one of them, since I’ve been making commissions with health products for years. I love health personally. I’m  an  health industry addict. It’s not just for the sake of money, or affiliate profit. I was interested about healthy living and the right eating habits when I first started. If you’re super enthusiastic about your niche, then making money within that industry becomes easier, much easier in … Continue reading

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Your Super Affiliate Handbook – Free Download…

Road To Success

I did a little research and found out that people are searching online using the term super affiliate handbook. They’re looking for Rosalind’s eBook or a similar guide to making money with associate programs. They have heard that the Internet is a cash cow that could be milked for everything its worth. So they dig and dig, until they stumble upon the truth… that making money online is not easy. If it was a breeze, … Continue reading

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15 Hot Affiliate Marketing Ideas to Profit from with Affiliate Related Products

Hot Money Affiliate Idea

For any individual who’s ever struggled with affiliate marketing ideas…here’s a proven collection of affiliate promotion tips. These methods have been used by super affiliates to generate awareness to their site/offer and rake-in the cash. Any method that creates the potential for you to bring direct and relevant traffic to your web site or affiliate offer is worth trying. In fact, when you combine all these methods, the overall result will be a snowball effect … Continue reading