Can you relate to this story from my HWA subscriber?

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Healthy Wealthy Affiliate Mentor – John Gibb

Can you relate to this story from my HWA subscriber?

“Hey John

I’ve followed your programs for a long time. I’ve been so caught up in the corporate world for 19 years now and I have been suffering from a debilitating illness (major depressive disorder) since a collapse in 2005.

I’ve been pushing and pushing, on that damn hamster wheel whilst battling this illness. Well on Wednesday (09/04/2014) I was forcibly removed from my occupation as a senior conveyancing paralegal for a small law firm. Only been there 7 weeks but my reality check came when I could no longer keep up.

My health issues got in the way and resulted in me being fired (1st time in 19 years!! – not bad, but nonetheless confronting)… I’m giving you this background of my circumstances so that maybe it might inspire someone in a similar way to make a change for the better.

I have truly believed in my heart that your teachings can really make a difference in my life. I cannot handle any form of stress these days – your programs really help deliver this.

Yes, I am scared and fearful of the future (who wouldn’t be – I’m married and hope for kids one day) but I know that taking these steps towards a better life is not only going to be of a financial benefit, but to deliver to myself, my beautiful wife and family new opportunities and new beginnings.

Thanks mate – I really look forward to working on this journey with you.

Best wishes

Mick Symons “

Can you relate to this short story in any way? I can…

I struggled with huge amounts of debt, dead end jobs – and couldn’t see a way out. I was living in a clunker caravan with nothing but debt to my name. I know what it’s like first hand to struggle. I used to lie down on a bed, playing my life through my mind like a movie on the big screen. And I can tell you; this movie was a nightmare – a complete disaster in every sense of the word.

My way out of complete failure (from a society perspective) was the internet. I literally have the internet to thank for everything in my life right now. I even met my partner through the internet, seriously. Everything I have today is through the internet…

I sincerely believe from the bottom of my heart that there is a REAL viable possibility for almost ANYONE to make money online, but where the heck do you start?

We all know it’s like a jungle out there, gurus claiming to be your friend. Once you buy their product, YOU NEVER hear from them again.

It gets worse…

You’ll find many internet marketing gurus with big lists saying one method is now dead, and then they’ll hit you with their latest product or service…. Like the “Affiliate marketing with SEO is dead” bandwagon…

Is Affiliate Marketing With SEO Still working?

I got an email from a student of mine last week that made me smile, but it also made me sad at the same time…

It was from a student of mine from way back to 2010 who said he’d started affiliate marketing after buying an old affiliate course of mine at the start of 2012.

He’d found his buying intent niche (The type I focus on inside NSF) and put up an affiliate site with some decent themed meaty content, and he’d even slotted in his affiliate links.

He did a month’s link building to the site with some of the services I have recommended, but then decided to move on to something else and had enough of “the waiting mode to see some results”, and on top of that, he also had some MAJOR personal distractions in life that took him off of the internet altogether.

The site made no money for a while, zilch – nada.

Several Months Later – Commission Checks Arrive At His Door…

About 7 months later, he gets a couple of hundred dollar checks in the mail. The guy told me he literally HAD NO IDEA what these were and where they had come from…

Anyhow, he remembers about his first site he built through my old HWA forum, checks things out on his affiliate stats, and sure enough, the daft little micro site had started ranking for some long tail related buying intent keywords, and now to put some icing on this cake – it’s making consistent money. About $200 a month he said to be precise

Now let’s face it, $200 a month isn’t changing anyone’s life anytime soon. But this guy had done NOTHING for 7 whole months. He didn’t even implement my full system. This particular person implemented about half of the system. And here he is with an asset: A $200 a month asset.

Light Bulb Moment…

He immediately logged on to Skype to message me about this story, and actually rang me to talk about this man to man…

He wanted to know how I could help him make more of these assets over the next 12 months.

The REAL Truth About Affiliate Marketing With SEO In 2014

If I wanted to, I could literally reel off website after website ranking in the top spots and making money. I’m not about to do that on this post, but maybe I will at some point to help make my point.

This is my 12th year in affiliate marketing and in that time, I have seen the business change so many times, and in so many different ways. I have had to adapt to changes many times myself too.

But despite all those changes as we advance in the game, one thing has never EVER changed, regardless of what is being pimped to you so that you buy their products or services…

The ability for ANYONE with even basic computer and internet skills, to get free buying intent traffic from the search engines – and make money from that traffic with small content driven problem solving micro websites… has NEVER been more viable…

I personally still believe from my heart that this model is still the EASIEST and most viable way there is to get up and running with a real, long term – legitimate online business and earn you, my good friend –  a passive, lifestyle creating income.

I’m not talking about earning millions of dollars a year and never having anytime for yourself or loved ones… That’s not what I’m about, nor what I teach. I’m talking about a $5k to $10k a month niche affiliate business that has the ability to become passive in nature – giving you time to spend life how you CHOOSE to spend it.

The Affiliate Strategies For High Passive Income Profits In 2014 And beyond…

The problem today is that affiliate marketing with micro sites isn’t “trendy” in the marketing arena anymore, and because of that blatant fact – there are few viable places that you can learn this stuff…

In fact, with all the changes that have happened in the affiliate marketing and SEO game, there are only a handful of people besides myself – who I even consider worth learning from in this area for the long term. Most have jumped ship to promote some other type of business model, and most are talking about tactics and methods that no longer work.

The reason I feel I qualify to teach affiliate marketing with SEO is because I actually have sites that make money month in, and month out in the search engines… Anyone who has followed me for a while will know that I have shown multiple examples of top rankings and income screen shots – some are even on videos showing what’s possible in this game.

So if you have even the slightest bit of belief that you can make money legitimately online, by learning and applying what works from someone who has been there and done it, you need to act quickly…

Lock in Your Lifetime membership And Get Free Lifetime Access To Post On Our Health Networks For Themed Quality Back Links… (Before we start charging for this service inside)…

Now is your last chance to be a part of Niche Site Formula and lock yourself in on the lifetime opportunity I am offering. We are going to start charging for the HWA network access with a complete revamp of the insider member’s area coming soon… There’s going to be a huge update, including an improved theme and layout – an improved master chart of data packs. We’ll now be giving you ten keywords per opportunity instead of 5 and much much more…

If you are in before the end of this month, you WON’T have to pay extra for new data packs and unlimited HWA network posting access…

This is all happening so that I can offer the best possible service – and also make it easy for my members to gain high quality, high PR – themed links – with a major contribution to the cost of me buying HIGH PR Domains, building them out and so on… And remember, these are the type of links that boost your rankings fast.

Watch out for my next email that shows you how you can jump your rankings up within 48 hours, an email that’s going to show you a nifty little plugin that YOU MUST add to your arsenal in 2014 for your wordpress sites.

I’m not going to bull shit you with all the “this is a game changer crap being spouted daily”, but I’ll tell you and show you exactly why I am using this fantastic plugin for my sites. Ill also show you why you should be too. And no, it’s not about mass link building, just good on site changes that REALLY MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE to your search engine traffic in 2014.

I’ll be in touch.



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2 thoughts on “Can you relate to this story from my HWA subscriber?

  1. Hi John,

    Can’t agree with you more John! Well, niche site + SEO is not sexy, but I also a living proof that niche site + SEO could produce significant income and it’s passive. With freedom of passive income, I could spend time to build other business while maintain healthy cashflow.

    If you sick with other gurus method that doesn’t work and just take away your money, just stick with NSF and you could get serious passive income if you work hard

    PS: I’ve doing HWA style business for a long time, but after sign up for NSF it help me to perfected my affiliate niche + SEO system 🙂
    Nadia recently posted…Sample Post With Threaded CommentsMy Profile

    • Thanks Nadia for the comment and feedback, really appreciate.
      Stay tuned for our major updates coming soon. In the middle of it all now 🙂
      New theme, new look – new info – everything. Actually, 2014 is a great year for niche marketing.

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