3 Ways to Build a Content Web Site Google Loves…

Why would you like to build a large content web site in the first place? You and I know it’s not only for the money, or you’re going to fail even before starting. You may love writing for a month or two, and the next thing you know, you lose interest in the topic, or the lack of positive cash-flow makes you look for something else (and forget about blogging altogether).

Top affiliate marketers and niche bloggers have an ideal in their minds, and it goes like this:

You want your web site to become the Yahoo answers replica of your niche.

You want to attract the most relevant and highest quality traffic to your web property.

You want to generate the highest amount per visitor (conversion ratio) in order to make a profit from your time, energy and money invested in the project.

How are you going to do all this?

It’s time to up your game and aim for your best.

#1 Reader-oriented

Your web site’s content has a single and primary objective; it needs to answer your visitors’ top questions:

What’s in it for me?

(What do you offer that’s unique and exclusive).

Do you have something to share from your experience?

Did you achieve results others only dream about?

Did you stumble upon a secret way of doing something with great success?

Did you learn how to get rid of nasty habits with less time and effort than usual?

Whatever it is you want to write or share on your site, it’s better to be unique and exclusive or you won’t last long in the game… The more interesting and unique content you publish, the larger of a snowball effect it’ll generate. Meaning, you’ll be attracting more traffic, more readers, more votes, and more fans. Plain and simple…

Why should I stay here instead of visiting the next site?

(Capture and hold their attention).

It’s not enough just to have unique and exclusive content that makes your site different from your competitors. You also need to know how to capture and hold the attention of your visitors. You either grab them by the throat within the first 3 seconds, or not many of them will remain on your web property.

That’s why headlines and blog titles are either your allies or your enemies. Study copywriting. Learn the fine art of writing. Dig into your readers mind. Research like never before. Study their deepest desires, wants and needs, challenges and problems. Talk about this on your site, and connect with them on a more intimate level.

Most sites aren’t capturing my attention because they don’t understand my intent – they didn’t decipher the queries I type in into Google, and they don’t make conscious effort – enough so to meet my ultimate needs and desires.

Your job as a site owner or niche blog affiliate is to invest your time in detective work. Know more about your audience than they know about themselves. Only then, will your site live and breathe authentic insights, unique perspectives and quality information.

If I don’t get this from your site, then I look somewhere else, period.

Let’s take an example of a product review site, as one of John’s main money making models, building niche sites for himself and his students, is focused on that…

I’d grow my niche site into hundreds of related posts and not just 10 pages of content. I’d target every little keyword even if it only gets 10 queries a month on Google, and craft a 300+ word article around that topic. I’d include LSI and Google suggest key terms, and ensure that piece of write up has the most essential and accurate information at the moment.

I may have reference links at the bottom of the post and even one or two URLs pointing to other authority sites like Wikipedia, popular medical and news sites around the subject I’m covering on the blog, or in that particular post as an example.

I hope this stirs your imagination in to a new direction. Think about the possibilities. If everybody else thinks how to spend $50 on 10 articles (500 words each), then you shift your mindset. Think how to create (alone, with a partner and/or investor, or outsourcing team) $1,500+ worth of content for your site. This way, you stand out from everybody else, from the beginning. Your niche site will purely be serving your buying intent visitors (first and foremost).

When you have a strong content web site, links are going to be earned naturally in your niche, and less time will be required to be build new links.

Know what I’m saying?

See the difference?

Old thinking needs to be replaced by new forms of thoughts and experiments with content, SEO and Google.

I’d rather invest $1,000 worth of time and money in solid, unique and exclusive content (the platform of your web site) rather than in crappy links and ‘make you laugh’ articles or “me too” blog posts.

Does it make sense?

#2 Multi-media

It’s not enough to serve your audience with hot blog posts, articles and resources. You need to diversify your content, just like restaurants offer multiple meals and drinks, for different needs.

For example, enrich your content with relevant royalty-free photos, use eye-catching fonts, headlines and sub-headlines, and leave your competitors in the stone age. You can grab photos for only $1 a piece from PhotoDune.net and have stunning images on each page of your site… Images that please both your readers and the search engines … (more about this later).

Take a look at John’s latest tiny little mini site here: http://weightgainsource.com/

He’s been doing a case study on it just for a bit of fun. You can read about the latest update he wrote here:  Yesterday, he revealed to me that the site made almost $200 in the last 7 days alone. I still can’t get over these tiny little sites making so much money. If you notice, the images really help to convert the visitors in to sales. I didn’t realize this before, but when we can relate text to images – it seems to unconsciously open up a buying frame of mind – incredible, isn’t it?

Are photos enough? Nope, not really… I’d say, load your posts with videos, audios and podcasts, and even Slideshare presentations (you use PowerPoint to convert text and images into documents, PDFs and video clips). Of course, this all depends on how far you want to take your niche sites and what the purpose of your project is.

For example…

I’m working on a large health site now. I brung John in on the deal because I remember him from ten years ago making money with the same model he still makes money with today. Ten years is big experience online, trust me I know… I know with what he brings to the table – we can more than quadruple the sites earnings in short order.

Next, we’ll sell it for BIG profits on flippa. Amazing, right? Maybe we’ll even reveal the site and we did down the road…

Most of your competitors are probably still in the stone age, loading their sites with nothing but average rushed articles and some crappy ads and banners. You should make a further leap, and bring your site to life.

Multi-media has become the standard nowadays in competitive niches. Always think how to dominate your competitors by doing more and better than what they already do. This takes courage, brainstorming, time, effort and money. Who tells you the opposite is probably a loser and knows nothing about marketing online and profiting with niche sites.

#3 On page SEO

John has talked about this before @ HWA here and here. You already understand why and how this plays a major role in your link building, link earning and traffic generation.

What could I add more on this one?

One little word of advice…

Having unique and exclusive multi-media content on your web site is still not enough, you need to ensure your pages and blog posts are correctly inter-linked. Your images are properly optimized, just as your content and articles should be.

The rules of keyword density and anchor text optimization has changed, meaning, Google is now looking for natural optimization. This helps people who don’t know a thing about SEO, yet have great content, be found in the SERPs, and at the same time, to discourage and penalize “black hat” SEOers from accessing large organic traffic as they did before…

Of course, it’s a game of cat and mouse. However, if Google takes a linking to your site – that could mean BIG money for you, for a potentially long time too. I’ve seen sites ranking high on Google sell for over $100,000 many times over. Food for thought…

If you want to play by the Google rules and last long in the game, implement today’s tips right away. Tomorrow they may become the standard. Today, depending on the niche, they’re an unfair advantage. That’s why niche site building and business in general is not about what you know, but how fast you implement what you know. Remember this… how fast you learn from your experiments is the key to niche building success, then rinse and repeat. When you’re not sure, still experiment, without fear…

Fear only brings failure in the end. Let go of your fear of loss. Experiments bring both failure and success at the same time



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