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Tor-RefslandTor Refsland // Twitter

~ I decided to leave my six-figure job in order to follow my passion – to help online entrepreneurs free up more time, so they can focus on what they really love.

You have probably heard the line before “it doesn`t matter how great your blog content is if no one knows about it”.

But do you REALLY understand what it means?

They say that 20 % of the time should be spent on writing the blog post and the remaining 80 % on promoting it.


Because it works.

Imagine yourself as a kid standing outside your home with a lemonade stand. You KNEW that you had the best lemonade in the street if not in the city.

But it didn`t matter as long as people didn`t know that you existed.

What should you do?

Make some noise (in a polite way, though).

As Jon Morrow puts it “It doesn`t matter how good writer you are, it`s all about who you KNOW”.

My best blog promotion tip is to build genuine relationships with influencers.

Give first, then again and again. In the future you can ask for small favor in return.

Let me use a real example from my experience.

Scott Eddy is a success serial entrepreneur, travel enthusiast and Twitter expert. He has over 640 000 followers and on top 10 Global Travel Influencers on Klout, in addition of being Brand Ambassador for Zipkick.

We can all agree that he is an influencer, right?

I first reached out to him on Twitter 26th of September 2014 commenting on his awesome sunrise picture from Lisbon.


Then on 28th of September 2014 I reached out to him with a humorous tweet that FINALLY the weather was better in Norway…


10th of October 2014 I commented on a great tweet Scott had sent.


16th of October 2014 when the first snow fell in Norway, I tweeted to Scott again.


Those types of genuine comments stick out.

At that time I was a nobody on Twitter. But hey, I actually took a picture and sent in to Scott. That picture was just for him, and he knew that.

That is a genuine INTERACTION.

Did you see what I did there?

I GAVE value first.

And do you want to know a secret?

To be quite honest, I didn`t really have a long time strategy when I reached out. I just thought that Scott was a cool guy and I wanted to connect.

That`s it.

At a later point I invited Scott to join my roundup post of 80 experts sharing their best productivity tip, which by the way became a HUGE success with 20 231 page views in 6 days.

In addition it has gotten over 1100 shares.

He accepted and got a backlink to his website

Scott also tweeted the roundup post to his followers.


A bit later asked him to promote my guest post “10 Simple Steps To Be Productive And Kill The Procrastination Beast” on Addicted2Success.

And guess what?

He did.


Then I reciprocated by sharing a great interview with Scott on 5 Dollar Traveller.


I even got an email from Buffer telling me that the tweet was taking off, including a great animation by Adam from the Buffer team.

Tor-8-Buffer team

As a final note, the most important ingredient when contacting influencers is to be GENUINE, give first, then again and again without expecting anything in return.

That is actually how you win friends and influence people 😉

Jane SheebaJane-Sheeba // Twitter

~ Blogger, freelance writer, blog designer, consultant. 

Before Promotion

Do this…

  • Have a clean theme and design on your blog

Make you first impression the best impression. A well-designed blog can make your visitors stay longer and will give them a pleasant experience

  • Have enough quality content on your blog

Without content, your blog will prove useless to your readers. And by content, I mean quality content.

The content can be of any kind – text blog post, audio, video, PowerPoint presentation – it doesn’t matter. But you’ve got to have useful content. Killer Content.

  • Create and complete the important pages

Your blog should have an About page by all means.

When your readers land on your blog for the first time, or if they are coming for the second or third time and finding your content really valuable, they might want to check who you are and what your blog is about.

  • Do on-page optimization on all pages

SEO is not dead. Search engines will be able to find your content, index them and will be able to present them to your readers (in search engine results pages) only if you have optimized your pages properly.

Andy-KinseyAndy Kinsey // Twitter

~ #SEO by Day, #Coffee Lover by Lunch, Labour Councillor for Hyde Werneth 24/7

Getting traffic to your blog isn’t easy, you can read all the articles you want about how to get 1 million visits a month, or how to make a million dollars a week, it won’t make a difference if you don’t do this one thing.


There is nothing I as a blogger find more annoying than putting an article out and it getting zero reach.

I’ve a blog that gets many thousands of hits a month but sometimes I get nothing when I put out a blog – maybe a few hundred hits in the first month. Its shameful.

But the reason I don’t get traction with posts isn’t that they aren’t great, that they aren’t targeted or that they aren’t written well – they are all of those, its simply that I haven’t communicated the article correctly.

Social Media is a powerful platform when you use it correctly, by this I mean that you use it to COMMUNICATE and not simply to post out your latest and greatest articles with not much thought.

We all do it, we set up a tweet or Facebook post to go out at 3pm on a Friday to promo our latest article, but it’s not communicating – you’re not engaging anyone by doing that. And certainly no body will click your link on that status.

There are many things you can do to communicate your post more effectively to your audience, ideas such as statuses which begin NEW ARTICLE or use much loved #hashtags are a great way to start.

An even better way is to talk about the subject of your post in your feed and link across once you’ve had a few conversations about the themes in the post.

Remember by communicating, engaging and discussing users are much more likely to click, engage and share your articles – don’t leave your audience in the wilderness, talk to them – you won’t regret it.

Marco-SaricMarko Saric // Twitter

~ I share practical and action-oriented content creation, marketing and blogging advice.

Content syndication to more popular platforms and sites.

Every time I publish a new piece of content to my blog I go to other sites that have larger but still relevant audience in order to share and promote it (here’s a full list of places I go to).

In most cases I don’t just drop a headline and a link to my site but I actually publish content natively on these platforms and try to create useful and valuable content for their audience.

For instance I would publish edited versions of my content for syndication on one of many sites that accept content these days.

These are sites such as, and LinkedIn. I’m sure there are these types of sites in your niche too.

This works because these are large sites with an existing community and by posting there it allows me to tap into those communities.

This is a great alternative to being on Twitter and Facebook where it’s difficult to organically reach large parts of your audience these days.

LinkedIn for instance is very hot for content right now and has potential to get the word out about you to a large audience of executives and other professionals.


My article was featured by Linkedin editors next to an article by Richard Branson and got more than 20,000 views and 2,000 social media shares. It’s something I couldn’t have achieved as easily on my own blog.

My advice for you is to look for sites relevant to your topic that accept other writers and submit some of your content in there to test the waters.

Another useful tip is to always make sure to include links and call-to-actions in your syndicated content for people to come back and find your own site.

Keith BreseeKeith Bresee // Twitter

~ I am a photoshop’n, rubiks cube’n, bass play’n, entrepreneur.

The BOOM Technique

This is how I used a single content promotion technique to generate 2,079 unique visitors to a brand new blog in less than a month.

And I did this even though I had:

  • No connections.
  • Almost no Twitter followers.
  • And a marketing budget of zilch ($0).

(1) Find Medium Tail Keywords

Medium tail keywords aren’t crazy competitive terms like “backlink”, “healthy recipes”, etc… but they aren’t really long tail keywords like “nutritional value of vegetables”, or “how to use search engine optimization for beginners”.

They are more competitive than your average keyword (not too competitive), but they also get a lot more search volume.

  • A. SemRUSH

SemRush is by far one of the best marketing research tools. So head over there and create a free account.

You will love semRUSH because they show you who your competitors are AND what they are ranking for.

Meaning, we can see keywords that are already working.

  • B.

If you want to generate up to hundreds of keywords from a single head term, is the tool for you! It’s totally free and INSANELY fast!

(2) Create Better Content

There are several things you can do to create a killer post, but I’m going to show the top two things that work for me and my clients.

  • Make it longer
  • Design it better

(3) Promote The Heck Out Of It

This promotion technique is so stupidly simple, but incredibly effective!

Here it is…

You tell people who have shared similar content in the past.

That’s it. I told you it was simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Every time I’ve done a outreach like this I send out 100 – 200 emails, and about 25 – 40% of people will share.

It’s tedious and takes time, but it’s so worth it.

On top of the email sign ups and social shares, I have received thousands of dollars of work and several guest post opportunities.

It’s a funny thing when you put great content in front of people…. good things happen.

Dave SchneiderDave Schneider // Twitter

~ Cofounder of NinjaOutreach, an innovative new Blogger Outreach software for marketers. He writes about business and entrepreneurship. Enjoys travel.

Feature dozens of influencers and businesses in a long list post

Two posts I published recently (here and here) show this model.

dave-schneider-1-big-list-content-marketing-toolsdave-schneider-2-traffic-generation-case-studiesCombined they’ve been shared over 900 times and sent me thousands of visitors.

What made them work was that we featured hundreds of other blogs and tools in a single post. We then reached out to them letting them know and asking them to share. Naturally, many of them did.

The thing about long lists posts is they look like a ton of effort, so people are inclined to share.

In reality, they aren’t all that much effort. Each took me about 4-5 hours to write, which isn’t too bad.

In fact the whole posts can be outsourced if you want, and it’s fairly simple to leverage other, smaller lists posts on the topic and simply combine them together to make one gigantic, unique one.

I see a lot of comments that involve reaching out to people.

This just takes it a step further by making sure those people are actually included in the post itself. That’s how you really increase your share rates.

Mike WallagherMike Wallagher // Twitter

~ I teach others how to start their OWN blog

Ask a small favor from your close friends

Pick 5-10 friends and send them a short and personal message asking for a share or like.

You can send this through Facebook as well, but I personally think that email is way more personal.

Hi [Name]

I launched my new blog called [YOUR BLOG NAME] yesterday where I cover [YOUR TOPIC OR INDUSTRY]. I’m asking for a small favour to share the blog on your Facebook and Twitter feed. It won’t take much time and may be useful to your friends who are interested in blogging.

You can use the script below: “My friend [YOUR NAME] has started a new blog where he covers [YOUR BLOG TOPIC]. He publishes great content and useful tips. Feel free to have a look:”

I appreciate your share very highly!

Another option is choosing people who are interested in the same topic that you cover.

For example I’m covering blogging and how to get started, so I targeted people who already have blogs but who have friends that may want to start one.

Using emails to let others know about your new blog is a great way to gather feedback as well as new visitors.

Joelle AnelloJoelle Anello // Twitter

~ Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. Toronto. Lover of Flowers, Carbs and Gin.

Use Social Media Wisely

Promoting your blog and it’s contents on social media seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve learned that it’s all about timing.

For example, my Twitter links generate the most traffic in the morning so I will tweet the link to my new post as soon as it’s published – and always include a photo.

  • Facebook seems to have the most activity in the afternoon, so I’ll hold back on posting the link on my page until about 2pm.
  • Pinterest is most active at night – especially on a Friday night – so I stay mindful of that when Pinning my own posts.
  • Instagram is tricky since it does not allow for clickable links anywhere except your profile page.

If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll update the link in my profile to direct my following to a specific blog post instead of just my blog.

In all cases, don’t forget to shorten your link – I alway use Bitly to make the links to specific blog posts short and clean.

Jana TolmanJana Tolman // Twitter

~ My loves: food, fashion, and my husband and kiddos. Follower of Christ. Occupation: Blogger


Twitter is responsible for 40% of the unique traffic (meaning a new user who’s never visited my blog before) to my blog–definitely enough to make me really want to take advantage of how I promote my blog on Twitter.

This is what I’ve found works best for me.

  • Make your tweet stand out!

If you have a relevant photo you can tweet, do it!

This works especially well for recipes and fashion posts, as it’s easier to generate interest with an image than with a description.

Another technique you can use is using capital letters in your tweet.

Don’t overuse them though–that makes it seem like you’re yelling.

When I tweet out my first post promoting tweet of the day, I almost always start it with “NEW POST:” followed by a brief description and the link.

That simple act of capitalizing helps my tweet stand out.

  • Be genuine

It’s important to sound natural in your promotional tweets.

Read through your tweets before you hit “publish”–if it sounds like a sales pitch or a gimmick to you, rewrite it!

  • Make each promotion unique

Don’t share the exact same promotional tweet more than one time!

Change up your wording with each promotion, including different key words and calls to action.

Not only does this ensure your followers aren’t going to get bored/annoyed by your content, it also helps you establish what kinds of promotional tweets resonate best with your audience.

David KovacsDavid Kovacs // Twitter

~ I share my tips & techniques on business, SEO, social media and WordPress.

Find similar blog posts and linkers

Head over to Google and try to find similar articles that you just finished.

Open and copy paste the URL of that post.

You will see many sites that are linked to that exact article… this is where you need to take action.

David Kovacs Ahrefs

Make a list of these blogs and find their email address.

Cold outreach to them and tell them that you loved the article that they’ve written and share your recent blog post with the blogger and ask them for a share.?

Surkhab KhanSurkhab Khan // Twitter

~ Nutrition blogger. I write simple and easy step by step food recipes for Food lovers to understand and prepare.


Tumblr is huge for Visual Content.

It is the latest medium I have added to promote my recipes; it works really well.

I just share my posts with a link back to the full recipes posts on my blog and people follow it to land on my blog.

It has an option to queue posts which can be used to schedule posts.

I spend only 30 minutes on Sunday to schedule posts for the whole week.

I also shares those posts on Facebook and Twitter, so it can simply automates three channels.

Pro tip:

Make friends on Tumblr and ask them to reblog your posts, this can be huge traffic generator.

Marc GubertiMarc-Guberti // Twitter

~ Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert, Instructor, Speaker, @HootSuite Ambassador

Fix Big Media Outlets’ 404 Error Pages

Believe it or not, the big media outlets have 404 error pages.

While some 404 error pages such as the 4-0-Forbes error page are creative, other simple display 404 error messages.

Regardless of what happens when someone encounters a 404 error page, it can be frustrating, and most visitors won’t know what to do from there.

Some visitors may simply leave the site.

If you find a 404 error page on a big media outlet’s website (or anywhere for that matter) that relates to your niche, you can offer the solution.

You can tell these big media outlets that they have a 404 error page and you know of a blog post that could be used instead (a.k.a. one of your blog posts).

The time it takes to find a 404 error page and make your blog post the solution has very rewarding results.

The first benefit is that you can say your content was featured on a big media outlet which adds to your social proof.

The second benefit is that blog post will get more traffic when people click on the link, and when these people decide to share it on their social networks.

The third benefit is that your blog gets a very valuable backlink which increases the blog’s SEO rank as a whole.

This is an underrated way to get more blog traffic, and if you find a 404 error page on a big media outlet that was supposed to lead people to an article about promoting and marketing blog posts, I hope you’ll suggest this one  🙂 

Lavonte MartinLavonte Martin // Twitter

~ Author, publisher, blogger, youtuber, and creator of many businesses.


Running a free promotion on your kindle books is a killer way to increase blog traffic.

You would have to get a book made and put it in KDP Select Program.

Once in KDP Select, you have the option to run a free promotion for your kindle book. I like to run the free promo for my kindle books for a total of 5 days.

That way, I’m allowing my book to get more free downloads therefore more traffic coming to my blog.

By the way, Kindle Publishing is booming right now and if you want to make a nice stream of passive income, I fully recommend you get started in that business.

Anyways, you would add a link to your blog inside your kindle book for people to click on. When people click this link, it should direct them immediately to your blog.

You could implement hyperlinks within text and images so when clicked on, their directed to something else (in this case, a blog).

This traffic method alone gets this blog visitors everyday now. Using Kindle books (or any books for that matter) is such a lucrative way to gaining more traffic to your website.

Not only are you gaining traffic but you now have the ability to leverage content as well.

You could promote something else such as a product or service instead of your blog. Anyways, just try it out for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the results!

Ryan BiddulphRyan-Biddulph // Twitter

~ Author of the Blogging from Paradise eBook series on Amazon. Blogger. Traveler.


Engage frequently. Example; I just scanned my twitter @replies 10 minutes ago here in Fiji.

I responded to my RTers with a few hearty, “Thank You’s”, but I scheduled these RTs for the following 2 mornings, East Coast Time.

Engaging does one of a few things. It detaches you from business outcomes, which makes you interesting. Engaging keeps things light.

Engaging proves that you are listening.

Not a bad thing for a blogger to prove….at least a blogger who wants to draw in a targeted, engaging audience.

I’d send out at least 4 to 5 engagement type tweets each day.

Just respond with a TY to folks who RTed your stuff and ask them how their day is going. People like this.

Enstine MukiEnstine Muki // Twitter

~ Blogger and PHP Developer

Blogging communities

Blogging communities such as BlogEngage, Klinkk, Dosplash, etc are a great way to attract visitors and get traffic without SEO or social media.

But the truth about the whole thing is, this requires more time than most of us can afford.

That’s why you are not very active on all of these platforms.

You don’t have the time to post to these platforms, vote, comment,etc as we know these are all required activities to be noticed.

As a blogger, I have been looking for a tool that will spread my articles like wild fire on the Internet, without hurting anyone or SEO.

Above all, I wanted to be able to do this with just a submit button and not causing harm to my bank account. That’s why I created broaded.Net.

Think of a tool where you fill a simple form that takes just less than 20 seconds and click the submit button. And 1 minute after approval, your content is being represented on thousands of other blogs in your niche.

That sounds like an awesome source of targeted traffic to me.

Here, there is no need to comment or vote. It’s never going to require more than 3 minutes of your time. After publishing on your blog, just grab your article title and url, select a category, paste and submit.

This is not a link exchange network but a credit based advertising platform anybody who is interested to promote their blog could try.

Andreea AyersAndreea Ayers // Twitter

~ Entrepreneur currently working on two projects: Get Media Happy and Launch Grow Joy.

Promotion Strategy

As a blogger, you might think that the success of your blog depends on HOW OFTEN you post or add content to your blog.

When I first launched my blog I was posting a new blog post almost every day! I thought that the more content I had, the more readers I would attract to it.

But over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with something new – publish one new blog post per week, but spend a lot more time promoting it!

And guess what? It worked!

My blog readership went from just a few thousand readers per month to over 20,000, all because I invested some time to promote my blog posts

The most obvious ways to promote your blog posts is to share them via social media, but there are more ways to get the word.

Here are 30 ways to promote your blog posts.


Adam ConnellAdam Connell // Twitter

~ Blogger, Marketer and Entrepreneur

Send one email with one goal

A lot of people tend to send out emails about their latest content which includes links to a few posts.

It works and that will get you traffic, but there may be a better way for you.

For example, I usually send each email with a single goal in mind.

If I want my subscribers to read my latest post, I won’t ask them to do anything else.

Well, most of the time!

Recently I wanted to see what would happen if I sent emails asking my subscribers to read more than 2 or more posts.

What was the result?

Click through rates dropped by almost half!

I’m not saying this will definitely be the same for you and there are some circumstances where you have to email out links to multiple posts.

For example, if you publish a lot of content and want to avoid emailing your subscribers too often.

But this is definitely something worth testing for yourself.

Greg NarayanGreg Narayan // Twitter

~ Blogging blogger

Create video content on YouTube

There’s no denying YouTube tutorials are becoming “a thing.”

From how to make seafood stuffed mushrooms to how to fix your iPhone, people are turning to YouTube for both quick and comprehensive instruction on just about anything.

My recent focus has been building pillar content on YouTube. The kind of evergreen videos like this someone will always want to watch.

Greg Narayan youtube video

Getting on YouTube opens the floodgates to a whole new audience and is a great way to diversify your online promotional efforts.

My videos are made in Camtasia Studio from my Macbook.

Sacha GreifSacha Greif // Twitter

~ Originally from Paris, but now living in Osaka. I co-wrote @DiscoverMeteor, and created @Telescpe and @SidebarIO. Addicted to #Hearthstone and #BJJ.


Depending on who you ask, Q&A site Quora is either the next big thing, or an overhyped waste of pixels.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, but in any case the site can be very useful for freelancers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

Let me show you just how I use it.

  • Asking Questions

The most basic way to use a question and answers site is… to ask questions!

For example, I personally often use Quora to research blog post ideas.

When I was writing a post about design case studies, I also asked about it on Quora to get some suggestions.

  • Giving Answers

Of course, the other side of the equation is answering other people’s questions.

Answering questions can help you establish credibility in a domain or promote your products or blog posts.

The key here is that even when promoting something, your answer still needs to be informative and self-contained.

Providing helpful answers not only makes the site better, it’s also great marketing since you’re demonstrating your competence on the topic.

  • Ask to Answer

One of my favorite Quora feature is the ability to ask a specific person to answer a question.

It can be a great way to get someone’s attention about a specific topic, get them to provide a quote that you can reuse in a blog post (with their permission, of course!), or just make first contact (since they will see you’re the one who asked them to answer).

Brian JacksonBrian Jackson // Twitter

~ Entrepreneur, PPC, SEO, SMM, WordPress & Growth Hacker Expert (fmr Microsoft MVP). Founder @thebrandminer & @noglutenio Co-Founder @pennypinchbros

Go viral

The thing everyone wants when they write a blog post, to go viral!

While there are a lot of different ways to get a post to go viral I am going to share with you one of the easiest ways and it requires very little effort or time.

I recently had a blog post of mine go viral on Medium and I will be using that in my example.

This strategy has worked for me multiple times and it is so simple I almost feel stupid posting it. But I am also writing this so I can send it to my clients.

I recently wrote an article about my recent health struggles with Ulcerative Colitis. I called it “An Entrepreneurs Struggle with Ulcerative Colitis.”

I decided to publish this on Medium (I have now moved this article to my new blog) as it has nothing to do with my target audience on this blog.

I would categorize my post as both relatable for people with the disease and also emotional as I describe the pain I have gone through.

At the very end of the article I gave a mention to CCFA which is an amazing non-profit organization fighting for the cure.

There were two reasons I gave them a mention. One is because I believe in what CCFA is doing and the second is because of what I was about to do next.

I went over to their website right after publishing my post and found some contact info for them.

I fired up Outlook (yes you heard that right) and wrote them a quick email.

Took about 2 minutes.

Here is my email.

The very next morning I woke up to a bunch of email notifications, Facebook messages, tweets, you name it. I was like what is going on?

I opened my Medium stats and boom.

I went from 18 views to 2,081 in under 24 hours

Sometimes all it takes is one email!

So the next time you write a post, give someone of authority in that space a mention at the bottom and shoot them off an email.

It could make all that time you spent writing that amazing post worthwhile.

And if you are looking for some additional ways to promote your post, check out these two awesome articles from Robbie and Stuart (see what I did here… hint hint)

Robbie RichardsRobbie Richards // Twitter

~ Blogger. Wrote a post that generated 10,250 visits in 30 days (w/o spending a penny). Digital strategist @


AllTop is a blog aggregator that collects the best blog content from across the web.

The platform is great for both content promotion and link building for four reasons –

  • They pull content from your RSS feed, which links back to your site.
  • Links are often ‘followed’
  • Backlinks from aggregators usually pass crazy amounts of page rank to your site
  • Blog aggregators provide topical categories that receive huge amounts of traffic

AllTop is arguably the most respected aggregator on the web with millions of active monthly readers.

Before you submit your site to AllTop you will need to select the most relevant category as it relates to your site’s content, and have an RSS feed URL.

For most sites, especially WordPress-powered sites, you can find your RSS feed URL at

To find the best category for your site, head back over to the home page and search for a keyword that relates to the content on your blog –

Sujan PatelSujan Patel // Twitter

~ Entrepreneur & Marketer. VP of Marketing @WhenIWork. Contributor at @Forbes, @Entrepreneur, @Inc & @WSJ Skydiver & Thrillseeker.

Repurposing & Recycling

You might think once you hit the publish button and promote your content that your job is done, but you’d be wrong!

In order to keep your content alive even longer, you should think about how you can repurpose of recycle your content.

For example, if you published a 2,000-word blog post on a particular subject, that blog post could be broken down and repurposed into:

  • images to share on social media
  • a slideshow presentation to share on SlideShare
  • an infographic
  • an audio podcast
  • an email campaign
  • a webinar
  • an ebook
  • and more!

Don’t let your content go to waste once you hit the publish button.

Get even more out of it by taking the time to repurpose it into new pieces of content.

For more help on this subject, look through this fantastic guide from CoSchedule.

Bonus TIPS:

Perrin CarrellPerrin Carrell // Twitter

~ SEO Manager at Long Tail Media

Reddit for links

Create an extremely useful post in a highly relevant subreddit (relevant to your post–not necessarily to your site) that attracts links on its own (even if it’s only one).

Go back and add your link a few days later.

Essentially, you want to give the people of a certain subreddit something they would really get a lot of value from.

Most of the time, if you do this, it will attract at least one link, which will in turn give the page PA/PR. For our authority site, it only took one try.

It’s almost like writing an epic guest post. In fact, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

You want it to be so obviously and absurdly useful that people would be crazy not to upvote it and that people would want to share it on their blogs.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be long. It can’t be 100 words, usually, but it doesn’t have to be 5,000 words either.

Here’s an actual post that got me a PA47 link.

This didn’t take me long.

I came up with the idea, wrote it, posted it, and promoted it in a single afternoon.

Not only did everyone on that subreddit LOVE it, but the moderators personally thanked me and sent me a gift! How cool is that?

Of course, you’ll have to come up with ideas for these kinds of posts on your own, but here are some ideas that usually work really well:

  • Lists of amazing resources (this is what I did)
  • Definitive guides
  • Interviews with experts
  • Detailed instructions for something specific
  • Contests (not on your blog, but within the subreddit itself)

There are lots of ideas. And remember, you can also go through the top posts of that subreddit to see what tends to do well.

John Paul AguiarJohn Paul Aguiar // Twitter

~ I Help Bloggers, Entrepreneurs To Use Blog Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Social Media. Kidney Transplant Rec. #6 Forbes Top Social Media Influencers 2013,14

I set a page up almost 2 years ago mainly for some backlink juice back to my blog.

John Paul Aguiar AboutMe pageOnce I set it up I did some quick promotion across all my Social Media sites and I also did some backlinking to the page to help get the links seen by Google.

Initially I also did some connecting with other people on, liking their page, friending, favoriting etc…

I did that for maybe 3 days, then pretty much forgot about the page.

Every few months I would see something about and I would pop back in and do a few likes and comments and favoriting again, 5 min tops.

This was pretty month the plan I followed for over a year, I would pop in for 5 min every 3 or 6 months.

One sunny day, I was online and a little bored and again I saw an article talking about the power of page, so as usually I went to my page to look around.

But this time I decided to check out the stats page and see how the page was been doing and I saw this…


I was like huh, how the hell did that happen. lol

I looked at the monthly and the daily stats for the past 12 months and was blown away by how many views a page I pretty much ignored has gotten and continued to get on a daily basis.

Getting 71,000 views on a blog that you work hard each day to get traffic to would be one thing, but 71,000 views on a page you have pretty much spent MAYBE 60 min on in 12 months is HUGE.


Now that you know how to promote your blog and reach new audiences, why not put these blog promotion tips to the TEST?

Here is what you can do next:

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10 thoughts on “TOP 20 Bloggers to Follow on Twitter. Discover Their Blog Promotion Tips that Help Get Traffic to Your Site.

    • Thanks for coming along and leaving a comment Adeel. It’s not Codurut’s blog – he’s our content distributor
      (and doing a fantastic job I might add 🙂 )

  1. Hi Codrut,
    This is a collection of some of the best brains the blogosphere has got, the truth is that I have not really given my Twitter account the attention it deserves but I guess it’s now time to do the needful by giving serious attention to it, starting with this wonderful list that you put together. Good work, please keep it up. Thanks
    Obodo Charles recently posted…5 Best Link Building StrategiesMy Profile

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