Blog Affiliate Marketing: 12 Eye Opening Tips for Making Money Online…

Blog Affiliate MarketingI remember when I was younger and in major debts. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t even eat properly.

I was paralyzed. The same often happens to affiliate marketers when starting out for the first time. They’re petrified. They fear failure. They lack the skills needed to reach success. They cannot figure out online marketing. They’re scared to blog. They doubt associate programs.

Yet, they hope one day, somehow… money will fall from the sky into their lap.

So they buy marketing products (one after another) – read business blogs – watch seminars and videos – some get coaching – others build blogs and write articles – some blog comment and build Squidoo pages – others go for podcasting and viral marketing.

Until one day, many affiliates decide to quit the Internet once and for all, while others forge on finding their own path, and despite the struggles, push the envelope until they turn failure into success.

Dealing and fighting with challenges is what makes people grow…

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Countless of trials and errors (and hundreds of sleepless nights) is what made me what I am today. I overcome my debt, and more importantly, built a growing and prospering affiliate empire.

Blog affiliate marketing tips…

Now, let’s get straight into affiliate marketing blogging, and I’ll share with you some of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years. These are key fundamental principles that never change. Once you know and implement these universal rules to your affiliate marketing, money should not be a problem for you anymore and success will feel like a breeze.

However, I am not saying you can achieve all this without putting in the time, effort and money or by skipping trials and challenges that come along the way. That’s pure fantasy, nicely packaged and sold by the so-called gurus to make you believe bogus realities, all right?

Before learning to market other people’s programs, products and services, you need to know something about blogging.

3 Surprising Reasons Why Blogging Works

1. Blogging is a live content/idea sharing platform

You get instant feedback from readers and customers. You understand what they need and want. They see what you think, know and like. That’s how you build trust and connection overtime.

For example, you’ll notice that some topics or subjects click better with your audience than others. Or, some affiliate product reviews generate more sales and/or comments than others.

Your blog will attract a real crowd of people interested in what you have to say. That’s your advantage, so be sure to jump on the momentum. Don’t blow it off!

2. Blogging changes lives

It will change your life. It’ll change your readers’ lives too.

Some readers will see your commitment to blogging and “never quit” affiliate marketing mentality. This will spark light into their world, and may stimulate them to start blogging or do affiliate marketing as well.

That’s why I recommend all my students should go (slowly and naturally) from promoting other people’s products to creating their own items too. When you combine real valuable reports and products with marketing, profit has no option other than to increase.

When you blog to inspire and motivate, you’ll attract a higher audience. That’s why there’s a growing number of “self-help” and “make money online” related blogs lately. I feel like these two industries alone grow faster than lightning.

3. Blogging is a challenge

Where there’s an obstacle, there’s an opportunity (some call it “luck”) for you to learn and grow.

I have a friend who started on the Internet about a decade ago – around about the same I also entered the online marketing scene. He once told me that if there were no challenges standing in front of him, he would have never been able to learn how to write a sales letter, how to craft emails that people open, how to create eBooks, or how to write articles and guest posts.

I cannot argue with his view. You better pray and bless the opportunity that comes along your way. It’s your one-of-a-kind chance to develop as a character and blogger. As the years go by, you’ll look back and be astonished at how many things you’ve learned about blogging (e.g. plugins, widgets, themes, SEO, list building, guest posts, blog commenting, writing hot titles, and so on.)

You don’t have to learn everything in one breath…

Can you eat an elephant at once?

No. That’s impossible! You better take one bite at a time, right? 🙂

Too many people want to learn everything in a heartbeat, and they often give up before even making their first affiliate sale. Or, too many men and women want to avoid challenges, and they never learn and grow. Make constant learning a habit, and you’ll make money.

I’d rather tell you to start a blog to learn how to blog, not to make money. That’s B.S.! Nobody has started their first blog and made big money the very first time. Lots of super affiliates and top marketers have created multiple blogs and promoted a dozen of associate programs before they’ve seen success. You don’t have to believe me, just ask them.

Now, I hate to make articles “techie” oriented. Details like (e.g. how to install a plugin) can be easily learned by watching dedicated YouTube videos on WordPress and blogging.

Writing articles should be about inspiring people and helping them learn how to overcome fears, failure and challenges. That’s what I’m doing here with this post and the HWA blog per se.

If you want to open a blog on WordPress, and teach others how to create their first blog, then using video clips and tutorials is a must, yes. The difference between “techie” bloggers and my way of teaching is different though. Call me the inspirational guy, as I take you by the hand and show you what to do with affiliate marketing and install the drive within yourself to make success a reality.

Sometimes I might upset you and make you hate me; other times I may shock you and wake you up. The ones reading my blog with their heart (not just with the mind) often say to me… “John I feel like I am in a roller coaster when reading your articles…”.

The 3 Unspoken Laws of Blogging

I’d say these are the core essential blog affiliate marketing tips one needs to integrate before starting to blog. So listen closely:

1. Never write something which you won’t want your kid or spouse to read.

That means being true to yourself. Be proud of your writing, ideas and ethics of work.

2. Never under-deliver.

It’s easy to say you’ll be writing weekly. The hard reality will prove the opposite unless you have a back-up plan. Things happen. At times, you’ll have to deal with family issues or offline tasks and activities that won’t allow you to focus on your business for days, sometimes for weeks.

Under-promise, over deliver! I’ve made the mistake in the past of promising to much. The stress comes and it all ends up as me biting off more than I can chew…

When I gave free HWA 2.0 membership for my followers, I tried to over deliver without asking a dime from anyone. That’s the idea, under promise – over deliver, especially if you want long term success from your affiliate sites or brand online.

3. Never blog without a monthly back-up plan.

Some bloggers blog once a month. Others weekly or daily… I prefer to have enough content to allow me to have something to share with my readers on a weekly basis. That means I write most of the content myself. As a plan B, I also outsource some blog posts and run interviews with niche specialists (just to have ready-made available content) when the unexpected inevitably comes.

There are other unspoken rules when it comes to blogging which I might cover in a separate article for you later.

Affiliate programs: How to Get the Most Out of Them

Blogging and associate programs are like your left and right hand. The same goes with keyword research and affiliate products. You cannot separate them.

So, how can bloggers who are building for authority get the most out of associate programs?

1. Only promote something which you have personally tried or tested yourself before.

2. Only tell the truth, (even if it hurts or alienates buyers) when writing product reviews or sharing knowledge and wisdom.

3. Only recommend products that help others for real, not just make you money.

4. Only talk from personal experience; sharing anecdotes and lessons from other people’s lives is also important and recommended – look how I’ve done it with this article myself.

5. Only talk so that your audience understands; translate the “techie” and “niche” lingo in to simple terms to make your point easily digested. I often admire bloggers and writers who can take complex topics and make them easy to grasp, don’t you?

6. Only take readers step by step. I love sharing 1-2-3 instructions when teaching others something. That’s how you make your points come across easily and help people learn from you.

If there’s something else you want to hear or ask me about blog affiliate marketing, let me know in the comments section. HWA 2.0 has only just launched, but I need YOU to help grow and evolve my ideas. Together, we can take HWA to the next level and breed out new power affiliates in the process!

I’d love to hear about your experience blogging and the affiliate marketing lessons you’ve learned along the way



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