The Five Biggest Mistakes Affiliates Make…

In this post, I am going to discuss some of the mistakes I see affiliates all around me making. This applies to those affiliates who may be hungry for success, but still have not made it (have not created a consistent passive monthly income yet.)

Assuming Affiliate Marketing IS Dead!

Last year was a game changing year for us affiliates… With Google making one of the biggest changes to their ranking algorithms in recent times, fear and doubt became apparent in the minds of many affiliates. As we know, most of us were not immune to these changes. I personally lost some websites myself, some big ones even and that sucks, but it’s perfectly OK!

You see – it’s part of the game we play as affiliate marketers. If you can’t handle the challenges, get out of the arena!

Believe it or not, many smart affiliates know that SEO has become easier since the changes of 2012. Take that as you will, but why are affiliates like me able to rank new websites (even small websites) with no more than 5 pages if affiliate marketing is now dead?

I’m now going to tell you the truth from all my years of experience as an affiliate and web builder – mini-sites are as profitable as ever! You don’t even need to make huge websites (like most people will tell you is the only way now) to make money as an affiliate.

I’m not saying it’s bad to grow your websites/blogs out. In fact, I recommend everyone add a few blog posts a week to their websites they are growing in to large resources. That’s cool and I highly recommend you do it. But… It’s not a necessity to make money in 2013, there’s just no concrete evidence of it – certainly not in my markets.

I have showed you via my blog some of my mini-sites ranking TODAY, and trust me when I say – I have many new mini-sites being built and planned for 2013! (not even factoring the sites I already have built.)

I’ll tell you what has changed with how I work… You need to mix up your affiliate marketing with long term residual companies (for the long term perspective), and those companies that offer products that people are already searching for right now. Look, if you have websites up on product brands that are about to become well known (just before they do) your competition will be next to nothing. That’s how you ride waves for new products in this game.

Take the product provailen for example. I made many sales on that product (not so many now as competition became fierce.) However, I got in on that product early, just before the search volume got higher and higher for the term provailen. Thats how you ride waves HWA style for health products. You get in on them before they become well known (more on that later.)

The problem is, most of us starting out don’t know where to research, where to start looking. But that’s where HWA comes in. I will be showing you EVERYTHING I know via the blog here and the free membership portal. Don’t think affiliate marketing is over guys, it’s here to stay and it’s only going to get stronger. Think of it like this, merchants need us affiliates and so do the search engines…

We are the people who write the reviews, give the feedback – we write about things that the merchant wont! The merchant is setup purely to sell, we are set-up to pre-sell. To inform (even if it’s negative) as long as we understand this, you will always be able to profit as a HWA marketer.

Exact Match Domains Don’t Work

Bogus! I built websites back in 2012 using products in the domain names (for some clients too) and many of them are starting to gain traction and make sales now.

If I am promoting a product like Gen FX (as an example) I wouldn’t use just say – that’s for the merchant. But If I use, I still get the product name in my domain name and so I still get the extra boost. If you think those domains don’t work anymore, search for some product names that you know of. I bet you ten pounds that you will see domains with the product name in the domain somewhere.

Google may have toned down the ranking factor on exact match domains last year, but if we are providing value on your website – and gaining themed related links – you will rank!

Remember what I said about our job as an affiliate – to inform. Understand this concept, and you will always be able to profit as an affiliate.

Passive Income With Simple Little Websites Is Over

Give me a break! Look, I’m getting tired of people spouting Pure BS to pimp there crappy little products online to all the new comers. If you’re not a soldier who works in the trenches and you don’t go out and build websites often, you have no business telling people what does and doesn’t work for this type of business model.

In fact, it really pisses me off. I know people who have huge newsletter lists – maybe one that was pimped up through a bunch of JV promotions – yet they don’t have a clue about SEO or mass web building BECAUSE they never did it themselves. Listen to people who have already done what you are trying to do.

I will be honest here, the days of auto generated websites are long gone. As you know if you have read my free eBook, I used to use software called traffic equalizer to pump out 100s of websites a month. It was fun chasing the adsense dollar back then, but it’s over. I don’t even think adsense is a good income to follow, I haven’t for years.

Learn how to get real customers and sell real products. Build your newsletter lists and give out free reports. You will create a far more stable business once you understand how to market effectively.

You need to learn how to provide value and keep people on your websites longer. Google (and the other search engines will eventually follow) don’t want to see websites where you just want people off your website as soon as they get there. That’s how you have low bounce rates and it’s a ranking factor now too. Use Web 2.0 (video, social – comments) create newsletters and reports, and spread your content out in a series of articles where people need to click on to your next post article to read more.

I often do it here because it works!

You are leading them up to an affiliate sale, but you lower your bounce rates as you are actually giving value by providing value!

Link building No Longer Works

You think I would be creating a series of blog posts on a link building report if it no longer worked?

Link building is one of my biggest tasks online. Without understanding link building and knowing that themed links will gain you traffic to your websites, you will never EVER make it as an affiliate using free traffic techniques. You better stick at the day job, or go find a new way of making money – end of.

The biggest change for 2012 was that we needed to stop using the same keyword in our anchor text so much. That was a hard one for me and many affiliates to adapt too. When you’ve been doing something a certain way (that worked) for many years, it’s hard to change it. I’ve tested this and proved to myself that you do need to mix up your link anchor texts now to rank well. Do around 10 % to 20 % on your primary terms, the rest mix up. I have taught you how to apply this on many different blog posts now. Act on it!

Stay tuned for the link report to be up on the blog soon, I am working on it now.

I Don’t Know Enough!

Who would you fear the most?

The guy who has done 1000 karate kicks 10 000 times, or the guy who has done one deadly kick 10 000 times. Think about it, you only need to become good at one type of marketing to master it.

There will be enough information here on the free portal I am making, on the blog and on my newsletters for anyone to profit if they act on all the education I am giving. I know what I am taking about. I do this full time. In fact, I’ve got people making sales who didn’t know what WWW stood for before.

I’m going to deliver it to you all with no bull shit and I’m certainly not going to hide ANYTHING to try and sell you a product. I will offer an elite service and other services to make your life and job easier, and I’m looking forward to it too. However, they certainly won’t be necessary for the self starter who can take what I say and apply it for themselves.  Just be sure to send me an email and let me know the HWA blog, or the free portal area helped you in some way. I’ll be glad to hear from you!

That’s it for now guys. As many of you know, my youngest baby boy is due for open heart surgery. I’ll be doing another newsletter soon to mention a long time marketer and wonderful Doctor who got in touch with me a few days back.

I want to show everyone how they can support heart defects in children by giving donations to help families get the surgery their children need (who simply can’t afford it.) I’ll be donating personally, and I’ll be donating to this type of charity regularly over here in the UK too.

When something happens to you personally, it really hits home.

I’d love to hear your comments on all of this, and I’ll be back in touch soon.



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26 thoughts on “The Five Biggest Mistakes Affiliates Make…

  1. Great newsletter again Johnny and I agree with what you say. My company bought over 100 Exact match domains last year for a client and as we start to build the sites with unique worthwhile content and quality links, they are starting to rank. We are also having to deal with many sites penalised for poor link building, so it is more important than ever to find high quality niche related links.

    Hope everything goes well with the surgery and i’ll look forward to the next blog update.

    Regards Bert

    • Hi Bert,

      That’s what it’s all about really. Quality to Quality in mass. You can not stop an affiliate who works this way. The core of Web 2.0 is even designed for it. Once you understand the concept – SEO is not even that imporatant anymore. I don’t even follow the Google updates normally, but when you have students who ask you, you tend to stay on top of them more. However, quality themed content with themed links from themed content has always been the HWA way. It works just as good now, as it ever did. Work for your readers. Google follows people. If you write for the people, Google WILL find you…

  2. Hi John I have been your friend for not far short of 2 years now, since joining HWA.

    It is my hope that I can make a reasonable living out of affiliate marketing.

    I follow your advise and have every confidence that it is based on results. Of course I realise their will be downs as well as ups but sometimes you just have to take it on the chin!

    I would not have stuck with you for so long if I did not think there was a future in this. I now have several “simple websites” which I am hoping to grow in to good little earners.

    Many of these sites have exact domains and with a bit of link building are doing very well in the search engines. Possibly what you say about the spread of keyword links is easier for me to follow as I am new to the game. I am just following the way that you tell me how it is now. Anyway I have used this method and it works!

    Can I just end by saying that Kai’s problems must be a continual worry at the moment and I sometimes think that I should not be bothering you with stupid AM questions or feel embarrased about telling you of a new sale thats just come in.

    He has all my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery from his problems.

    All the best


    • Hi Roy, working helps keep me sane! For affiliates that are in my downlines, or affilies that have become clients and even friends of mine (like you) no email or SKype is ever a burden, or a problem. I enjoy working with people like you ROY. You never moan, you never bitch – you understand that most of it is up to you. I will help you for as long as I am alive and for as long as you need my advice 🙂

  3. In my opinion Johnny, you’re bang on.

    I’ve wasted over 4 years & many $1,000’s listening to dumb-shit car salesman who thought they we internet gurus, but proved otherwise. I started looking for someone who actually walked the walk, was heavy on knowledge & light on bullshit. It was a pleasure to ‘meet you’ Johnny & I look forward to you sharing your vast knowledge with me for a long time to come.


    • Kepp in touch on Skype Peter. I will help you as much as I can, and I hope we can keep sharing resources between each other 😉

      I cant wait to boost all your stuff this year, hang fire!

  4. A very inspiring post Johnny! I know that many affilates were discouraged (including me) when all the google updates happened and their/our sites dropped in ranks and sales.

    I haven’t done much affilaite work myself for the last 4-5 months due to personal problems, but I’m starting to feel motivated again to work and getting it right from the start this time.


    • Hi Chrisitian,

      This is why I want to create a huge free resource here, so that affiliates have a place to turn too, rather than just giving up. You can’t lose at this if you never surrender! Glad to see you back, and glad you found some inspitation from my post. (I write to inspire, so great to get some feedback on what I am putting up 😉 )

  5. I am guilty of 2,3,4. Lol…guilty on all counts. The biggest problem is building a link strategy. Every one is keep link issues a trade secret, we small business owners..are just looking on and wondering. Someone help us.

    • Hi Emeka, stay tuned… All will be revealed on here. I am not going to hide anything, but I will offer elite services to make it easier
      for affiliates to succeed for 2013 and beyond. You can put all my information together and make it on your own, but sometimes people need that extra support and have time issues to make it all happen. This is where HWA will come in to help. I am re-doing the entire format, so watch out for the free portal area coming soon…

    • Hi Emeka, my skype is Johnnyg1k. Feel free to add me on at any time.

      Understand that I am very busy with paying clients and my family, but I try to help anyone that follows my blog and is in one of my downlines.

  6. Johnny, in agreement with you and the other boys. I see that it all works for you if YOU work it. Am here as always and looking forward to your updated site.

    Rock on!

    • Hi Johnny,

      The great way about HWA Style marketing is the money can come in long after your previous work. I know you are seeing this happen now on a small scale, but it is enough to understand the big picture and why I scale everything in mass. You don’t have a proper business unless you have a team of people working with you. Unless you are a machine, you do need help to GROW and that’s why outsourcing is a key aspect to affiliate marketing. It’s so under rated in fact. I see this part as another key to whether you will make it or not. One site making $100 a month is one thing, but we need to scale online. Once you scale, thats when the numbers start to get exciting.

  7. Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for another excellent post, I always learn something helpful and your writing is very inspiring too. We will probably look back one day at 2013 as a year of great opportunity because so many other affiliates gave up and quit the game. Prayers and best wishes for your baby boy’s open heart surgery.


  8. You touched another fundamental concept themed links. This is a whole beast on its own and its critical in a linking have read…but the issue is that the health niche has few themed sites that will link with you.
    Some have networks, but they are private.
    Again the small business owner(Affiliate) is left in the cold guessing…wondering

    • Yes, it is tough to get on health websites (especially quality websites, but it can be done if you can deliver quality articles.)
      One way around this problem is to build your own themed networks. I will be revealing how to do this too this year – stay tuned…

  9. Man…I love this post John. You have pretty much said what I’ve been trying to say on my own blog. It should be required reading for all who have been struggling to earn an income online.

    I too am tired of crappy products that get spread around via newsletter after newsletter.

    I want to provide all my visitors with valuable services and or products and this portal will help me do just that.

    Link building is one skill that I need to sharpen. Hopefully you will have some posts, articles or tips on how it should be done.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please keep us informed.

    • Hi Paul,

      I am a dedicated link builder my self. You have to be when you run as many sites and promote as many products as I do. I have a free linking report coming out on this via the HWA blog this year. However, there is a lot of confusion with link building. I am not sure if you are on my list, but I just sent out free HWA membership access via a private post.

      You will see link building and related topics to HWA marketing inside here as I progress with the free membership portal…

      Of course, if you are building a large blog resource like you are planning – your best bet is quality guest posts and follow up comments, spread all over the web. Eventually, it all snowballs and the traffic becomes constant like a non stop viral effect.

      I work both the large blog model, and mini blog buyer related model. On top of that, I also do piggy back marketing where you use YouTube, squidoo etc and leverage on the power of these web 2.0 platforms. You MUST mix up your portfolio. Never rely on one source for SEM. Google is fikcle. Trust me. I have seen the biggest and greatest sites go from hero to zero. Work it like a business, think ROI and you will do just fine.

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