Johnny G and Son – The Benefits Of HWA Marketing…

Most people think affiliate marketing and becoming an online success is all about BIG money, the best cars – and all the other material flashy stuff you can think of.

Not for me…

Although money is important to me (It has to be in the world we live in) and I’d rather be in the green than struggling to put food on the table, that’s not the real benefit to being able to generate an income online for me personally.

Check out the current HWA featured video below , where I briefly show you the TRUE benefit of HWA style marketing. I hope it gives you some food for thought as to why you are chasing the internet lifestyle dream. For me and where I am right now in my life, the video sums it up perfectly.

If you want the lifestyle of freedom to be there for your children, then I know of no better business where it’s possible to earn money while playing with the little ones.

Most people write about making money while you sleep, but how about making money while you are spending time with the people you love the most on this earth. Food for thought I’d say. Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment!



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8 thoughts on “Johnny G and Son – The Benefits Of HWA Marketing…

  1. Johnny, the new site looks great and so far everything is in good working order from what I’ve checked.

    When clicking on links they don’t open up in a different window, making you leave your site, don’t know if that is intentional but maybe opening the link in different window might be better?

    • Hi Johnny, yes. Need to edit all the pages. Still a few issues and bugs I am working through. I am also upgrading the entire comment system for the free membership portal and the blog here.

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