Becoming The Best You Can Be!

This post is personal, and it’s deep (or long winded to some) so please prepare for a longer than usual read 😉

When I first started in this business I was a broken down mess. To put the debt I had in to perspective, it was over $80.000 in various credit card and overdraft debts and compounding fast too (thanks to all the interest and the banks being to stubborn to freeze it to help me).

I was actually debating suicide at one point. I had just lost a baby in a previous relationship, and the person I was with at the time went absolutely nuts and then decided to walk out on me when I was at my lowest. I had left all my friends and family for this girl, moved from my home town – and I had even stopped barely speaking to my own parents back then.

I started in business online because I really had no choice, or I was going to end my life. I couldn’t hold down a job. Every job I ever had I left or got sacked.

I remember several times looking at a huge samurai sword I used to have (no joke) seeing no happiness in life. I also seen no way out of the massive debt I was in. I didn’t have rich parents to bail me out. My parents tried to help as best as they could, but they didn’t have the type of money to even begin to pay off that type of debt. I felt like a complete loser, since I felt I had let my parents down, but MUCH more importantly – I had let MYSELF down.

I had a long battle with depression after this time, trying to learn how this business works, trying to understand niche marketing – trying to learn from the big names of the industry and so on… I was constantly stretching myself more and more financially and getting more and more frustrated.

I was never prepared for business when going in head first, but now I’m REALLY glad I went through the process. You see, the person I have become in the process is what I’m most proud of… People from all walks of life not only respect me, they look up to me. But it wasn’t always like this…

I went from being miserable and bitter at life to happy, internally blessed – and eternally thankful for the opportunities and the life that I now have.

All of the depression, heart aches – endless bills and struggling with suicide thoughts was for a reason, and it’s led me to my purpose. My mind is strong, my spirit is pure – I know who I am. And I love pretty much love everyone, with the odd exception 😉

I used to think life was bitterly unfair. I also used to ask myself why do I hate my life so much right now. I didn’t hate life before I met this girl. I was a happy lad but now I didn’t want to live… Can one person really make you feel this miserable? Little did I know at the time, but life was preparing me for something MUCH bigger.

After a while a new problem emerged… Once I started making a load of money from ranking niche sites, I completely lost motivation. I could make money when I wanted… Put up a new niche site, rank it – make some money. Sell the site, or put up another – rinse and repeat. I was getting out of debt, my old man was starting to become proud of me, but my motivation was at an all time low again. I knew I had to find motivation in helping others…

Affiliate Dollars

Affiliate Dollars

Once the money starts coming in online, you’ll likely need other reasons to keep you going – and to keep the passion inside of you fired up, so you’ll want to keep working hard.

However – and this is important… after a while of making consistent monthly commission checks, I started wondering if I was actually doing my part in my universal plan of contribution. Was I making other people’s lives better in any way? Was I sharing my new skills by openly teaching them? I’d learned new skills, I’d become pretty good too, really good at what I did in fact. I had learned how to make a full time income and I did it all online…
I remember asking myself at one time… am I simply wasting my time trying to help people build their niche related businesses. The fact is, only a handful of people ever succeed and only few will make a sizable monthly income…

Well just recently I had an AWESOME “ah ha” moment, it was a great feeling and I had tears in my eyes…

See, I asked for some testimonials about me, my services and NSF. I had over 50 emails come in with text testimonials, and over ten videos came in privately via the mastermind group over at NSF. When I read and saw that some of the people’s lives I’ve touched went out of their way to make testimonials for me, I realized I needed to ramp things up and never ever stop keeping on.

People need us warriors of life. So if you’re going through hell right now, know that you’re probably just one of life’s warriors, and it’s all going to be for a much bigger reason in the end.

This is the third year running I’ve received multiple testimonials…

I realized the other day as these were coming in to me that if you even impact just one person’s life on your journey of becoming the best you can be – it makes it all worth it…

I used to hate the thought of sharing my life story’s, telling everyone how much money I made, or how much I’ve lost. I used to hate the idea of being open about my life on facebook and the internet, too. One of my mentors pushed me to be transparent, so I did what they suggested as they had already archived admirable success…

I’m a very low key private type of guy. I’m the guy you’ll see thinking deeply while everyone else is talking at the table. I’m an introvert. I don’t like to be around people for too long, the noise gets to me. It’s only my own family that I can be around and really enjoy spending huge amounts of time with. It was a major challenge for me to get out of my shell and start doing videos recently.

However, since sharing my story via my free eBook (road to success – in the middle of a big update by the way), on my blog and working with people in this business, I’ve had tons of people write to me personally. Real people telling me that my story inspired them and gave them some hope back…

Then today after watching this video just below, I realized that you can’t possibly help everyone. You’re not going to make a ton of people filthy rich anytime soon. BUT… the people’s lives you do touch… Well, you can help them in a BIG way. More than you probably even think.

See video below:

No matter what you do in business online, please realize that you’re not just selling a business opportunity, your own product, other people’s products, or even teaching people how to make money online.

For some people, you’re truly helping them transform their lives for the better.

I guess I never really understood the fact that I’ve actually positively impacted as many people’s lives as I have. But now, as I continue to build my own brand and online business, all of this recent momentum gives what I do a whole new purpose.

Right now you personally may not be successful. In fact, you may even be struggling like I once was – and you may even be in a huge amount of debt, just like I once was… but I can tell you without question that what you’re going through is for a reason…

I used to be very angry at my life situation, but I see it clearly now that it was all a blessing. Your own life story and the struggles you’re going through now, will later become your biggest strength and I can assure you, will help someone else down the road. Everything you’re going through is building your character more and more.

I never could have imagined that by going through all the negative circumstances I’ve been through in this life so far, that I could draw strength from them – flipping them all around – and actually use those dark places to help motivate and help other people. I still think it’s crazy when I think about it now…

So if right now, you’re not where you want to be in life – you need to understand that you’re going through what you are now because it’s part of your own journey.

Everyone has different life experiences and almost everyone has a different life plan. So know this… you CAN change your life no matter how bad your situation is if you simply believe it without question.

You have to truly want change, so be prepared to do whatever it takes and get ready to step outside of your comfort zone.

No amount of money in the world could ever replace finding inner peace so I’m happy and grateful to be alive. By going through my own crap (many times over), it’s helped people to see how they can be going through hell, yet still make it through.

I’ve learned that most people just need someone else to believe in them because they have no one fighting in their corner. I like to be that person who believes in everyone.

So if you want to become successful in online business in particular, I can relate it to some key points…

Want to be successful – end of. Become obsessed with being better than you are now in some way.

Be the most stubborn person ever, so that quitting is never an option for you, regardless of what anyone says, or regardless of what happens.

Persist! Persist! Persist! Keep your focus on the end goals, and why you are even doing this in the first place.

Care about people! Find ways to help them, and they will help you in return. I have built up two communities in the last 3 years, and both communities are full of some of the most helpful, loyal and caring people that I’m honored to call friends.

Develop your biggest asset, your mind… Learn how to shut it off and keep what’s positive and useful only. This will make you a better and stronger human being.

Invest in yourself multiple times over. Your biggest asset is YOU! Don’t be afraid to invest in you.

Once you get some success, give back value and over deliver – and then it comes back to you multiple times over. You know that thing they call Karma? It’s real.

Remain humble and don’t become a cocky arrogant bastard.

Be a student, then a teacher. You can always learn, and you can always become a better person than you were the previous day.

Enjoy the journey and have some fun!

This business can completely change your life and it can be either fun, or it can be EXTREMELY stressful.

If I was to start all over again, I would STOP focusing on what if this, what if that. I would STOP making up bull shit excuses – and I would be thankful. That’s right. Thankful that I can learn and have a chance at creating a life that many others dream of. So the next time you think you can’t, you can. Stop wasting time and start doing.

If you make just a few years of your life for COMPLETE sacrifice and stop thinking about the money, just your injection – nothing but passion into your business, websites – newsletters – and everything you do, I promise the money will work itself out in the end. What you earn long term is almost always decided by the value you give out to others.

If an uneducated college dropout can make this work, than anyone can. Never give up on your dreams and vision because life is just too dam short to settle for anything but the best for you.

Knowing that you guys appreciate the hard work I put in for you makes me want to work harder to put up the best stuff I can.

I find my motivation in YOU – my loyal group of followers and friends online.

Below are some recent testimonials I revived that motivated me to write this post today…

Lang NGO… (my previous student and now my business partner!)

Luke Corden – (NSF student, up and coming marketer, good friend – and awesome human being). Great future ahead of him, awesome to see!

Jorge Lois -(Current NSf student, friend and lovely human being)

Steve Haase (New NSF student, old time marketer, a friend and potential future partner!)

Hooi Wai Kan – (New Happy NSF Student)

Jefferey – (New Student and a happy one at that!)


Jeremy (NSF Student, loyal follower and good SEO future ahead of him!)

For everyone above that’s sent in a video so far… If I could see you right now, I would actually come over to you and give you a warm heart felt hug! And with that being said my friends –  God bless you all…

John Gibb

P.S. If you want to be featured on this page and show you are part of our growing and fantastic community, drop me a PM on facebook and I will get you on on here in short order. Not a member of our community yet? You can join over at (The affiliate membership service that actually gives a shit about you! 🙂 )




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16 thoughts on “Becoming The Best You Can Be!

  1. Such an awesome article!!

    I’m converting this post into a PDF and upload it to my cellphone to read it every time I feel “something is missing” in my journey.

    As usual John, amazing amazing insights to meditate on and change our lives for the better.

    Sooo proud to be called a NSF student!

  2. Dear John,

    You post brought tears to my eyes. I was really touched at what you had shared. Most of the IMers will share that cock and bull sad stories and I will read it with a pinch of salt (if i even read it). But your sharing is real and it touches somewhere deep inside me.

    Your posts and sharing gives me strength to push and fight on. I know I am close to making it – I can Feel it. But the setbacks gets heavier as you are near success. I find strength in reading your post and that give me the ohmn I need. Sometime all I need is just that 1 simple ohmn to push on, and knowing that a successful person is fighting along side with me at the corner. Knowing that is enough to make me feel I am not alone in this and push on.

    Thanks for everything John. I wish to Tell you again that you have, and are helping not only me, but also my family and my loved ones that I am working so hard for.

    Thanks for being there and returning to help those that are struggling hard to make it. I will forever be grateful to you.

    And I will give you a big warm hug too if you are near me. Unfortunately, we both are at the other side of the world.

    God bless you and your family.

    Anthony P
    Anthony recently posted…Becoming The Best You Can Be!My Profile

  3. thanks John, great post.

    I have felt the way you have felt at times. Not suicidal, but down in the dumps because life didn’t turn out the way I thought.

    My 1st idea of becoming financially free was when I was in my 20’s, now I’m in my 40’s. So sometimes I feel I have let myself down because it has taken longer than I thought.

    I have to keep trying because there is no other option that would satisfy me.

    I know who you become during the process is where the real riches are.

    Anyone who has succeeded knows that if they lost it all in a day, they have the mindset and the character to get it all back faster than before.

    People can truly be proud of themselves by going through this process.

    Congrats John, you are a true life warrior and inspiration to others. 🙂

  4. John, Thank you so much for sharing your struggles. It is so refreshing to see transparency in this business and you, my friend, have touched a lot of people. Not just your students and partners, but also their families.

    The closer I get to retirement, the more desperate I am to find a way to make money online. You see, my wife suffers from a number of ailments and I want to be able to take care of her and to provide for her in our golden years. I don’t want to have to depend on family or the government.

    You, John, are helping to provide a means to that goal. I realize that ii is up to me to implement your teaching and coaching, but I now feel I am gaining the tools through you and NSF to achieve this.

    You see, I’ve spent a lot of money and time on affiliate marketing courses from so called gurus only to be left alone with my many questions after completing the course. It seems that once the money was sent and you completed the course that was the end of the relationship with the guru.

    Not so with NSF, as you and the mastermind community have been there to answer every question that I and other members have had. I will tell you now that is rare in the IM world. We may not all succeed with this online adventure, but at least you and NSF have put us on the road to success.

    I appreciate all you do John with us here at NSF and also your deep desire to help the kids with CHD charity. God Bless you and your family and especially the little one who will be arriving very soon.

    Mike K
    Proud NSF Student

    • Thanks for the kind words Mike. They mean a lot to me and I really appreciate your time posting the comment here. You know where I am if you need me. All success.

  5. I’m very grateful, for stumbling upon John Gibb’s stuff a few years ago, because I was all over the place in terms of affiliate marketing. I dabbled in google adwords, sitebuildit, and cpa offers. Even tried online MLM, and basically I was wasting money.

    I remember John’s training made a lot of sense to me, and I think the great thing about his training was that it was a system with a strategy and not a bunch of tactics put together.

    I also remember wasting tons of money on a bunch of WSOs from the warrior forum, “GET millions of traffic with this Twitter program, or this wordpress plugin”.

    With John’s training it was a breathe of fresh air, because basically he talked about the big picture, helping people who are looking for information find the products they want . Nothing scammy about, no promises of instant richness, just good old hardwork, with an informed strategy can help you make money online.

    I remember when I was reading John’s training , and applying it, I didn’t have a lot of extra money, so I couldn’t hire people to write for me, so I had to learn with John’s material on how to presell, and how to write for people, and it was hard in the beginning, but I got really good after writing about 100 th article. I was going a bit crazy with it , as I was evening writing articles, while I was in vacation in Vietnam.

    I just want to tell you John, and I probably don’t say it enough, when we’re working together, that I’m very grateful that I met you when I did. Here’s to a successful future, and more growth and learning !

  6. John you single-handedly keep my dream alive of living off affiliate marketing – there are way too many distractions and nay-sayers.

    Been flirting with this for a long time and it’s time to make it my purpose.

    Having spent a boat-load of money elsewhere I know there is no better place to be.

    If I can’t get it to work now then it’s my problem.

    Grateful to be learning this crazy business from the best, in more ways than one.

  7. John is like a blockbuster movie you watch in cinema and when you have left the cinema you are still talking about how awesome the movie was. I am talking about movies that gets 5 stars ratings and here is why his mind is like the special effects in those MOVIES.

    I say this because this guy simply rocks. He is honest, open and sincere. He also drops nuclear bombs without asking for anything in return. I am talking about the explosive honest content he writes and he does this to share his experience and knowledge with others. He
    is a rare priceless diamond within the Internet marketing community.

    If you get the opportunity to learn from this guy you should jump on it without thinking about it. But to be honest of course this is a decision you have to make yourself. There is so much BS and crap out there. However. John is different. If you don’t believe what I am saying here. Watch the videos above this post, read all his valuable blog posts and
    read the comments above and then make your decision. All the best.

  8. Hi, John.

    This post was very inspiring on a personal and professional point of view. I didn’t felt I was reading an article, but a confession, a very deep and intimate story that someone tells only to his closest friends. After seeing the videos I realized that you treat your student (NFS members and also the simple readers of your blog) as friends. For that thank you John!

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