Attracting Hope in Your Life When All Odds Are Against It

Sometimes life can have its own twists and turns. I have major setbacks all the time, and I know I’m not the only one. Let’s face it, life can toss you about so carelessly that sometimes you are left questioning the whole sense in living. It is very common to hear such sayings as “life is never smooth sailing” among others.

Obviously, you will never know about some of life’s difficulties unless you experience them personally. It might not reach a point where the last drop of hope has been drained from you, but everyone has experienced at least one major low point in life.

When a Tragic Accident Takes Somebody You Love Away from You

I remember when one of my friends lost her mother at the age of 12. She told me it felt like the end of the world. She didn’t know what to do because she thought her only hope had been snatched away from her. The worst part of the matter is that her family was always wrestling with financial hardship. At least when her mum was alive, things were a bit more bearable. That is when Danna learnt that whenever there are caring and loving people next to you, there is no situation you cannot fail to surmount.

The experiences of losing a special person like a mother, especially when you feel like that is the time you need her most can be very traumatizing…

Fortunately, Danna, together with her younger sister, moved in with her aunt who treated both like her own children. As a matter of fact, she did all the things their mother used to do for them -she bought them their favourite candies, took them to places they loved, and those kinds of things. The love she gave them made them forget about the misery. Within a couple of months, it seemed that hope had completely been restored to Danna’s life.

Danna will never forget her mother, and she will live on in her heart. However, good feelings and hope helped Danna come to terms with the situation and she learned to live in acceptance, not just on-going sorrow.

I believe once you accept a situation, however bad it may be – there is hope.

This Conquers All…

The lesson we all can learn from this is that love is the greatest thing that can guarantee hope in a hopeless situation. Love is the first and last thing you need when facing mountains of difficulties, and problems. Of course, it all depends on the personal character of a person, but being able to stay closer to your loved ones is, arguably, the best therapeutic experience you can have. Thus, staying next to loving, caring and positive people can be highly rewarding in restoring hope in your life.

For example, my family is the main reason why I’m in the business of helping others to make a living online. I am an affiliate coach. I help individuals from all walks of life to generate money with associate programs (promoting genuine products through high quality articles, videos, and emails).

If there wasn’t the love for people close to me, I’d have probably never started a business of my own teaching others. Living a positive and loving life is the only option to me.

On the other hand, negativity is contagious. If you want to stay miserable, just simply stay next to negative people who always wear gloomy faces. And remember, people who can not accept situations will wear you down. Acceptance is the key to hope.

The Power of Music…

Another thing that has personally influenced me in times of despair, loneliness, or discouragement is listening to certain inspirational music. This almost always works like magic for me. It is like it aligns my thoughts into “positivity” and injects them with new energy. It is the kind of experience you get when someone gives you good news. I am not sure how it works with others, but this kind of habit works perfectly for me.

Every day I have to listen to one or two of my favourite tracks or inspirational audio clips. Sometimes I read inspirational quotes to put me in the right frame of thought.

Most of the articles I wrote for other people’s sites include one or even multiple inspiring quotes. You can tell I’m addicted to self improvement. To me, life and business is all about self development. We all start somewhere, doesn’t matter where either.

Someone once said that thoughts are things. We attract into our life what we think most of the time, and therefore, we must be very careful on what we entertain in our mind. Attracting hope becomes easy if you only think of positive things. Think love instead of hate. Think success instead of failure. Think laughter instead of sorrow. Think motivation instead of desperation. Indeed, it is through thoughts that we become what we are. If you do not like your situation, the first thing you should do is to change the way you think.

Gratitude and more…

Something else I always want to remember is what a friend of mine told me – to always have a gratitude attitude. A gratitude attitude is more important than anything else, since it reinforces positive mental attitude because it empowers you to look at what you have, and not what you lack.

Be always thankful for everything you have – otherwise, you vanquish in misery. To hope is another way of saying “I am really grateful for what I am and have, and I look forward to better things in the future.” To hope does not involve complaining about everybody and everything, and wishing that things will change by themselves.

In all situations, you must develop a sense of self-awareness which will guide you in being conscious of the good things in your life. That is how hope is nurtured.

In short, if you want to attract hope, you will have to remember to stay positive, keep only positive people in your life, and have a sense of gratitude. Go out there and build strong relationships with people who can help you face life with passion. You can also relive a past experience when you had to overcome some challenges. If you apply these simple strategies, you will see noticeable gradually positive changes in your life.

Feel free to share some of your positive experiences, and if you found this helpful, you can leave some feedback. I cannot wait to hear from you.

If you’re new to the website here, I run an affiliate marketing blog, teaching people how to write genuine preselling content that helps individuals solve their problems or achieve the results they’re looking for. I wrote an affiliate marketing guide – “The Road to Success” – that you can download for free.



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