Article Marketing Versus Building Your Own Blogs

My thoughts and main focus as an affiliate online have always been to build up my website or blog, and build up a wide variation of related incoming links to those websites.

For years now, I have always taken whatever Google says with a pinch of salt, especially because I am a person who will go out and test what works in the present. I only read, follow and listen to those mentors who actually build websites regularly (like me.)

A few years ago, I remember reading web articles on how links from an article on an article directory website would not count anymore, yet I built up thousands of repeat customers from article marketing ALONE… This was way before I took my HWA system to new levels and mixed everything I do in to one actionable system for success on each blog that I build.

I have always had this idea in my mind (when I create blogs now) from a simple free eBook I read many years ago…  Even though there have been many changes and evolutions on the internet and how people market as an affiliate, this core concept has always remained the same for me.

I read this back in 2001, and now in 2013 the same principle still applies! Yes, we have more emphasis on web 2.0 platforms – including social interaction, videos, PDF – podcasts/webinars and so on. However, good old content still serves as the basis to your blogs!

Anyhow, the text I read that has stayed in my mind ever since went something like this…

“If you build out a 500 page unique content website and have a wide variation of themed and aged incoming links point to it – I guarantee you will call your website a success. You may not get rich, or make many sales from just one website, but you will learn what it takes to build out the start of an authority presence.

You may take some hits along the way, and you may even lose a couple of sites from time to time. However, this core concept will stand the test of time and those that apply this will very likely reap the rewards for a long time to come.

If you repeat this process over and over, eventually you will become more and more knowledgeable and be able to repeat this at will.”

I still apply this information even to this day.

All of the hype and speculation on what works and what doesn’t (that we constantly see floating around the internet) doesn’t bother me anymore, as I have far too many repeat customers and affiliate sales coming in from longevity techniques that I KNOW work for the long term…

Remember – this is the aim here with HWA marketing – to get many affiliate sales that also become repeat customers.

In my personal view, article marketing should only be a small percentage of what you do. However, spreading natural helpful content is the core of the internet and it is here to stay. On top of that, if you back-link your articles and do it in the right way (you are if you work the HWA system) your websites will become assets.

In the end, my system is based around posting up unique content (whether it be on your own blogs, or external web 2.0 properties) that link to even more unique content – the core of what the search engines want!

Yes, platforms may come and go, but if you notice…. All of the platforms want the same thing – Unique Helpful Content.

What is important (and my whole system is built around this concept) – is that you need to build out your web authority. As I progress with the blog and free HWA membership, we will talk about getting some social interaction going through blog comments, social media etc etc.

The HWA system I know some of you are working is created in a way to really diversify your link portfolio, and I can link to your websites from my vast health networks, too… By doing so, I can help you spread out your in-coming links even further.

I will be back in touch soon, either via the HWA newsletter or the blog here.



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