Affiliate Website Examples: Take Your “Niche Marketing“ Profit Cut!

Case Study Concept on White Background.Today’s article will reveal to you some of the most popular niche affiliate website examples (that I have come across) at the moment. I’ll be exposing some under-the-radar bloggers who are making nice money with their niche sites. We can learn about the right affiliate mindset/attitude, the power of strategic keyword research and  of course – profitable monetization!

When I refer to “affiliate website examples” I mean any site or blog that makes money with associate programs, whether it’s AdSense, ClickBank, CPA offers or Amazon.

Why it is important to follow these sites and spy on what other affiliates are doing?

Let me give you 5 quick answers:


You can uncover niches you’ve never heard of or even thought were possible to monetize…

Work on Niches that make money, not waste time and energy working blindly!

When you find a winning niche, then you are almost 100% guaranteed to make a profit. Next thing you know, money rolls-in, and you’ll have plenty revenue at your disposal to build the next site, or focus on the next niche project.

Think leverage!

Why re-invent the wheel. There are niches, products and keywords that already make money. Go where the money is for guaranteed positive return on investment.


You can see what products, services and affiliate networks top affiliates are promoting/running with…

Big time saver! You don’t have to browse the web for weeks, just to find a high-converting affiliate offer. Just read about what others are pre-selling on their site, and go with the same offer, or find a similar product (that’d be a smarter move).

Next thing you know, you’re making a profit, instead of going insane trying to work out this whole web money making propaganda game we play.


You can see what traffic methods these guys are using to generate relevant visitors and clicks to their affiliate offers…

Making money online is all about matching the right traffic/visitors with the right offer, at the right time. If you learn how to master a specific traffic strategy (there are a ton of traffic-getting methods out there and growing), then making money becomes a breeze.

The equation is simple: zero relevant traffic equals zero money. Relevant traffic means potential money on the table for you. How much you make depends on how dedicated you are, and how niche knowledgeable you are (to make the visitor understand the power and the advantage) of what you’re preselling.

Product reviews are the standard way to generate affiliate sales because the reader will get to understand the product on a more intimate level, before he or she actually buys it. You cannot get this level of user interaction and expectance with a banner or text link, got it?


You can see what link building methods and programs/services top affiliates are using to generate parts or most of their traffic…

Some affiliates are good SEO strategists. Some are good media buyers. Others are good social media specialists or email marketers. You get the idea.

Your goal as an affiliate is not to learn everything. This means you’ll have to spend years and make no money. Does this ring a bell?

If you’ve tried to “master” everything from forum marketing, blogging and social media, then you know why you’ve failed to make any significant money.

Nobody knows everything. I prefer to master a few traffic methods and back-linking strategies, and delegate. I forget the rest because I know there is far too much online to master anyhow. You only need to become good at one traffic generating method to earn good money.

Link building is the key to generating traffic for Google; for my business, the big search engine makes me a bunch of money (the bulk of my revenue comes from my niche sites, which get free organic traffic. I rarely pay for advertising or visitors) and I cannot talk bad against SEO like many will.

In fact, it’s all about how you play it. Think ROI and treat your website as assets and campaigns and you’ll no longer be blinded by all the BS that floats around. SEO is dead; affiliate marketing is dead, blah blah blah. Next thing you know, you’re buying in to some so called software that’ll make you rich and save the day, whatever!


You can make friends with super affiliates and learn from the best…

Affiliate marketing is not an insular activity. Get out there and talk with power sellers – get to know them – help them even if you’re a newbie. They’ll appreciate your sheer perseverance and disposal to give a helping hand.

Blogging makes it easy for super affiliates and affiliate beginners to interact. Blog commenting is the way to ask and answer questions about today’s most pressing affiliate marketing topics.

Don’t neglect this approach to making money online.

Here are the current top XX affiliate website examples I promised

Follow these blogs and learn more about niche marketing and affiliate money success… I love these guys. They make the web a better place and willingly and openly share what they know. What works, and what doesn’t. That’s what I’m about too. I only listen to action takers, and those that do what they preach!

And so you know, this is the exact same model I’m using with HWA.

This site is run by Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti, niche AdSense site specialists and Philippines outsourcing advocates.

“At, you’ll find the exact strategy we’ve used to build a business from $30 per month in December 2010 to over $200,000 in 2012.  The information, the steps and tools we use…everything.  The best part?  It’s laid out for you here…absolutely free!”

This site is run by Jon Haver, where he blogs about his CPA sites and shares income reports. Here you can read about his $1,000 per month website and learn his money-making/site ranking methods.

“My Internet Marketing Beliefs…

  1. Always add value
  2. Google wants to deliver the “best” result so be the  “best”
  3. A website visitor is a renewable resource to be cultivated not something to be mined once.
  4. Enjoy what you do online”

This site is run by Spencer Haws, a guy who owns over 200 AdSense niche sites and builds new web real estate on a regular basis. His most recent case study shares how he got his “survival knife” blog ranked #1 and made $500 in Amazon sales within 3 months.

“My income has been well above what my day job income was and I’m enjoying building my online business.  Now its time to go out and try some more “niche pursuits”!

Other than that, I have always loved the outdoors and sports.  I try to play racquetball once a week, and I have run a few marathons too.  I enjoy running, and perhaps enjoy competing with myself to set better and better personal bests in different running distances.

I’ve been married for over 10 years and have 3 awesome children.”

This site is run by Tung Tran, a young and up and coming blogger who Iv’e been talking with recently on Skype. He built his first Amazon site, made it rank #1 in Google and is on its way to generate $1,000 in his 3rd month. He’s a student of Spencer and follows the HWA blog and membership portal too. He’s a keyword research specialist. That’s one of the main reasons why his website is a success.

“I invested $170 in my 1st niche site. Unfortunately, it was a failure.

I learned that keyword research is the most important thing. If you have a solid keyword, everything else after that will be a breeze.

My second lesson was not to invest too much money on one site in the first place. You have to test the water before throwing your money in any particular site.

Build your site slowly and be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Be careful with High PR backlinks. They are powerful, but you have to use them properly. (I will have a detailed post about this soon).”

This site is run by Pat Flynn, pro blogger and super affiliate who was recently interviewed by one of the editors who works for my past affiliate mentor and friend Allan Gardyne of He is also known for his NicheSiteDuel (NSD) challenge. His “security guard training” niche site has been making consistent money, around $2k a month, for more than a year now.

His monthly income reports are a combination of affiliate sales, niche sites revenue, and product sales. NSD 2.0 is approaching so you might want to keep an eye on his blog, and even participate – it is free anyway.

This site is run by Alex Cass and Becker – two highly passionate SEO specialists who blog about Google, their latest updates, (black hat/white hat philosophy), link building and anything in between…

If you’re looking to learn about SEO (in a funny and practical way), then their blog is one of the best resources in today’s marketplace, and I don’t big people or other blogs up often…

“Now let’s ask a better question… Am I worried about Penguin 2.0?

The answer: No not really

Is this because I am the god of SEO, blessed by Matt Cutt’s at birth to divinely conquer rankings for all time?


Just simply, I feel like I have a very good understanding of HOW Google creates its “filters”

The SEO I do is designed to avoid these filters and rules they HAVE to follow.

Until they COMPLETELY change how the SERPs work or TOTALLY break their rules (which they can’t without damaging their business) I am not too worried.

So unless either of those two things happen…I actually really ENJOY updates (same with other SEO’s)”

What these sites and bloggers have in common:

1. They’re highly passionate about their Internet business.

2. They’re open and distinct with their way of doing business online.

3. They use the latest SEO methods and KEYWORD RESEARCH tools.

4. They know how to do proper keyword research (low competition, significant volume search).

5. They test rinse and repeat (new niches and money-making models) on a regular basis.

Following these affiliate website examples, and emulating case studies in an HWA style of marketing – I’ll be creating 100 mini site niche case studies (where I’ll be exposing everything from A to Z) including the niches and products I go with.

I’ll even show you the domain names I register, the content I write/where to outsource, link building ideas and all of the affordable solutions (I’ll be using) every step of the way.

You get the idea…

Only HWA members will get updates to these niche reports over email, so don’t forget to subscribe and confirm your membership. It’s still FREE!



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