Is Affiliate Marketing Coaching Right for You?

You should always consider affiliate marketing coaching no matter the income level you are generating. If you want to be an affiliate who generates sales, a single idea from an affiliate coach can help you double or even triple your affiliate revenue, almost overnight. And I’m not exaggerating here either. We both know how even a tiny 2% conversion boost can add $1,000’s to your bank account over time.

Whether you’re new in the game or maybe a veteran, you need to hear the top reasons you should go with an affiliate marketing coaching program – and how the decision could increase your overall revenue ten fold.

The biggest problem people face in affiliate marketing

I think the worst problem of all (and the biggest challenge) is how individuals complain about the lack of time, or the lack of resources to put their knowledge in to action

Trust me: there’s enough tools and information out there. Anybody can take a few weeks to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

When you get into an affiliate marketing coaching program though, you’re actually getting access to the very BEST tools and the VERY best information. But more than that, a quality program will do much of the core work FOR YOU. So you can focus on adding content and promoting your websites, not figuring out how to set it all up.

The resources you use should have been personally tested by a top affiliate in the game, or the program won’t benefit you. Like I’ve said, you can always go back online and find the information freely available in most cases. That’s not the reason why you’d join an affiliate marketing coaching program in the first place…

You want to look for a super affiliate (one who has been around the block) who can guide you in the affiliate jungle. You want to be taught by someone who has already done what you’re trying to achieve.

You need to learn from someone who not only has the insights, but knows other top affiliates in the industry. And. more importantly – the top affiliate networks that PAY!

When you have a mentor by your side that knows affiliate marketing in and out, you’re almost guaranteed to replicate his system and success. Of course, it may take a few years to get going, but you will be stepping on the right path (rather than wasting 2 years and being no further ahead.) Most affiliates quit before building a proven system that makes them money. That’s the sad reality. And it’s more common for people to quit the game than to benefit from it.

For these reasons, I’ve created one of the best prvate affiliate marketing coaching programs in the online sphere. It’s a premium membership with a strict limit to the number of clients I can accept.

You can find more details over at:

Although I can give good information and guides over the blog and free HWA portal, I cant give you the personal touch or give you access to some of my secret sauce. I have to save this for elite members who are paying top dollar for their membership plan.

The biggest affiliate weapon

Keyword-rich, original-content – fully loaded pre-selling affiliate sites!

With this particular program, I focus my personal efforts on building my clients an affiliate marketing empire. Let me explain: (And the new re-vamp will give premium affiliates the ability to pick and choose their products for that months website build!)

Each month you’ll get a 5 page “pre-selling” website… loaded with 100% original content that Google loves!

Each month, I will personally hand pick the health products and get more in the private portal (ones that I know sell). Including, IN DEMAND health products, lifetime income products – hot sellers and products that you didn’t even know existed! In fact, I will REVEAL small niches of health that you never even thought were possible to make money from…

I do keyword research from A to Z, and on the upgrade – all the reports will go up so private members have access to the VERY BEST research. I’ll even show you the keyword tool (giving you private access) for the affiliates that are hands on, and want to do this vital research themselves.

And get this…

I do this for each website/niche I’ll be building you. I’ll even email you a detailed report on the best keywords in the niche, each month. (Just simply shoot me an email or Skype, and I’ll send one over as soon as I can.)

With this data in your hands, you can go ahead and write unique articles (or use my content team) to expand the website if you like. You can do well (over time) even without adding new content, as the links my UNIQUE system will build for you, will help with that. However, for optimal results – I strongly suggest you get in to the habit of blogging for your websites on a regular basis (at least once a week if you can.)

Just so you know – many of my best product sellers came from 5 page “underground” websites… If you enjoy the niche of the website I build for you, and want to grow the site further and turn it into a big reference website, you should go for it. And I know how to help with that, as I’m helping other clients turn their mini-site into authority resources with blogs that rock!

Before we wrap this up, I want to give you another essential tip:

The name of the game for affiliate ventures is low competition keywords based around health products that convert. By creating a volume of on-going websites to exploit those under the radar keywords and hot selling products, we can make the Internet work for us.

Within 12 months, you’ll have 12 websites that generate money for you, day and night. You’ll have a system that makes recurring income and a business you can depend on. I personally feel like there’s no other opportunity like this, which I’m offering to a very limited number of VIP clients.

Go here to learn if you quality to work with me.



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