Awesome Affiliate Making $100/day From HWA STYLE Affiliate Sites: No SEO Methods Revealed

I’m going to do the latest HWA broadcast newsletter over 2 emails for a change. There are two reasons for this.

1) I want to tell you all about an eBook you can get on health affiliate marketing for $7 (that has totally blown me away) today.

2) I want to do a follow up to this newsletter where I review this product on my blog in more detail.

In a hurry?

Go here now. Folks, this is the best eBook I have ever read for health affiliate marketing education in 2013.

I met the guy who made this eBook a while back. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, Austin is a dedicated health affiliate marketer…

What I like about this guy the most is he is only teaching what he actually does himself, so like me – if he doesn’t do it himself, he won’t try to come across as an expert on the subject.

Austin lost both his parents when he was young. He has come from flat out broke (working as a shop boy in a dead end job) to a really smart affiliate marketer. He is now obviously teaching what he does too.

I take my hat off to him, since he is an “in the trenches affiliate” (who hasn’t had it easy.) The type of affiliate and teacher that I respect the most…

Austin is making health affiliate sites like me, earns more than $300 a day from them (and now in his latest update), he’s recently shown me that he doesn’t even need to rely on SEO at all! This is what really got me interested in his latest system.

So here’s a guy whose building HWA style Mini Sites, yet he can get them making money even faster than I can. He doesn’t even rely on SEO, although he still does SEO on top.

He’s able to make money up to ten times faster than common SEO methods, since he’s worked out how to get super targeted traffic for as low as $0.01 a click from the new “bad boy ppc network” on the block.

On top of that, he’s revealing methods that are working right now (fully tested and proven by both Austin and myself) on how to get super targeted buyer related traffic (for free) by exploiting resources already established and ranking on the terms.

This is golden. What would normally take you months to make money can now be done in days…

He’s already got students who are making passive money from the methods within days, and many are now hitting $500-$3000 a month – all by following exactly what’s in this eBook.

I honestly think $1000 a day is feasible within 12 months now. I never thought that was possible before if someone said so… I would have put the whole thing down to BS, Hype, or just an outright scam.

Want to know the real insanity of this opportunity?

You can get this information in front of your eyes right now for $27. No more needs to be said…

If you aren’t prepared to invest $27 in your education and your future, you shouldn’t even be on my list anyhow.

There’s an up-sell that you can buy for $24, where he’ll show you 70 health products that sell like crazy, and some other cool info on how he bought a website for $200, got it making money fast, and then flipped it for $10.000!

Want to know the crazy part?

He was able to make that money (Huge ROI) in only 3 short months…

Look, there are very few times in this entire online universe where you can invest $27 (less than you’d pay for a family MacDonald’s at a drive through) and make 100, 000 times that amount back. If you read this eBook today and apply HWA marketing (what I teach and do) combined with what Austin is revealing – you’ll make money, (and lots of it), end of.

Click here and buy the eBook today, you won’t regret it.

I’ll be back in touch later with a more detailed review on this value driven course on my blog. I’ll put up a couple of shots on what Austin is revealing as well, but seriously – go buy it now and then let me know what you think.

I told Austin he could have sold this for a lot more than $27, but like me – he’s passionate about helping people. In short, he’s more interested in just giving the best value he can, for as low of a price as humanly possible.

I know you’re going to like this one, or I wouldn’t have bothered to email you about it today. At the very least, go check out some of his earnings on his videos. This is very impressive for tiny little websites.



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6 thoughts on “Awesome Affiliate Making $100/day From HWA STYLE Affiliate Sites: No SEO Methods Revealed

  1. Hmmm, my first question would be #1 for WHAT? If you’re ranking #1 for “purple bumblebee jackets” and you sell clothes online you might want to see (1) how many visitors that term is bringing and (2) has it made you any money? Need a real world example? We hired an SEO company to do some work for us (yes, it’s a dark secret from a few years back), and they got us to #1 for “logo design austin”. They were thrilled, the ONLY problem was that term didn’t generate a SINGLE visit to our site in three months. Lesson learned… make sure you know you’re best possible target keyword terms.
    Al Mccoy recently posted…No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  2. I like the idea of passive income from natural health products. But I don’t like the idea of building a website around each product.

    Will this method still work if I build just 1 big authority site? I was lead to believe that Google ranks pages/posts, not websites.

    So I’m thinking I create a long post within my health site based on each product.

    Keeps things simple – everything under 1 roof – gives google what it wants (good, consistent, original content) – visitors more inclined to come back to your site regarding related info/products.

    I also add useful articles regarding natural health, which increases the sites’ authority status and leads to increased page rank and advertising revenue opportunities, etc.


    • If you want to make ROI fast in SEO, you need to play ruthless. Relying on one big blog is all very well and good,
      but in today’s SEO climate – it’s not the way I operate personally. I am all about ROI across multiple campaigns.

      If your one big website tanks in rankings (and it easily could in one of Google’s updates), you would have all your eggs in that basket. To me, affiliate marketing using SEO is about
      ROI. If however, you want to build up a big following and grow a brand in your niche – an updated blog is the way to go
      (and what I would do myself).

      I wouldn’t just rely on Google for traffic in 2013 and beyond, its fickle. If you were to follow the Google guidelines and build nothing but great content, and hope other websites will link to you some day (you are going to be waiting a long time to put food on the table.) I would start working on getting traffic from all sorts of web properties. (You Tube, facebook, pin interest, twitter etc etc, pay per click videos etc)

      Make sure you build a list of followers (build your tribe) since this hedges you and creates a BIG
      asset for you in the future.

      If you have multiple lists, and multiple residual income streams built up – you can sleep better at might 😉

      I would NEVER rely on just one big website in this game, and it’s not advice I have ever given either.

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