Advertising on…

HWA is a growing blog and community catering to health affiliates, affiliate marketing students – and generally all related topics to making a passive income online…

We have four options available for advertising your service/product to our readers, followers and past students.

1) Site wide exposure using a 125 x 125 banner that will be featured on the side bar of the blog.

2) Newsletter sponsorship on all follow up emails and periodical broadcast newsletters throughout the month.

3) Site wide exposure via a string of text relating to your product/service.

4) Site wide exposure plus full newsletter exposure.

HWA is only taking on 4 advertisers at a time. Since HWA 2.0 has just recently launched, currently all 4 spots are open. If you want to get in now (while the costs are low) you will be locked in at the special introduction rates for as long as you remain a monthly sponsor.

HWA currently attracts anything from five to thirty + active and confirmed leads daily. I estimate this figure will triple over the next 12 months. Like I said, get in early to lock in your special monthly rate BEFORE it’s too late.

Here are the terms…

Your advert must offer exceptional value and be related to affiliate/internet marketing.

If it’s MLM, do not waste your time contacting me. That’s not my industry and I don’t promote that stuff here.


My monthly prices are simple and straightforward:

1)      $197 a month

2)      $297 a month

3)      $227 a month

4)      $367 a month

That’s it, nice and simple – how I like it 🙂

Note – I reserve the right to change these prices at anytime, but not for any sponsor that is locked in on the special introduction rates.

If you want to discuss this further or to set up your monthly advertising with HWA – please contact me here. If I accept your product/service – I will send you a direct payment link for your monthly subscription. (We use PayPal as our payment processor.)