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Healthy Wealthy Affiliate Mentor

Hi John Gibb here – Founder and owner of healthywealthyaffiliate.com

I started this website as a resource for health niche affiliate marketing. Mainly, because there was no other website I could find online offering a dedicated road map for this ever growing niche.

HWA has been built up in to a large free resource for not just health niche affiliates, but for anyone who wants to get on the right path to making money online (using free traffic generating techniques.)

If you want to be featured on this website or for me to promote your service or offer – I am most likely to say no. I am swamped with offers every single day, and to be frank – I am not really interested in promoting anything I don’t use myself personally.

My main aim with this website is to give back what I have learned, telling it how it is with passion and from my heart. That doesn’t mean pimping promotional emails to my valuable list with offer after offer. Many of my HWA list subscribers are also my friends on Skype too. I care about them and am certainly not interested in making money off of them in every which way that I can. I make enough money for my own lifestyle.

This web site will mainly feature products and services that I use in my own business, as well as a couple of my own services (where I know I can offer true value) to my friends and followers.

We don’t touch MLM here either, that’s not my industry or my expertise. Please don’t waste your time getting in touch with me about empower networks etc. I am getting bored of those emails and will simply ignore them from now on.

Here is a little bit of background information about me for anyone who may be interested in reading. If you’re not, I hope you get some value from this blog and I appreciate your time reading the HWA material…

“I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing since around 2003. During this time, I have tried different methods for creating an income online, many of which have come tumbling down and eventually failed over the years.

Some of these methods I still apply today, but most others I don’t.

Back in 2005, I was featured on Allan Gardyne’s AssociatePrograms.com for an eBook on how I was creating an income with the Google Adsense program…

During the time I was featured in the e-book “Niche Site Confessions”. Soon after that period – I lost many websites in the search engines and in the process, almost evaporating my online income

When I first started on my new affiliate marketing system (the healthy wealthy affiliate road to success), I was £36,000 in various debts. That’s around $80,000 at our GBP current conversion rates!

Yeah, I know this is scary stuff.

However, If I can come back from a situation that was that dire, then many of my readers here will have a huge head start on me (in terms of financial circumstances).

Many of my readers will be starting this affiliate/internet marketing venture without that huge financial weight on their shoulders.

A large portion of the debt I incurred during this time was due to me being very young, and to be frank, very foolish too. However, in the end – life is our greatest teacher of all

Let me tell you what happened and why things snow-balled out of control for me.

Before the end of 2005, I was doing very well for myself online.

I was only 21 years of age and I was pulling in $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

At this time, I also had access to credit whenever I wanted it.

While most of the people I knew at this time were at college or in some low paying job, in my mind – I was earning a small fortune for myself…

When I look back, life was pretty good for me at this time.

I won’t go in to all the details with my readers on what I had and what I lost. However, I will tell you my little story so you can see that no matter where you are at in life – there is always a road back.

I am sure you some of you may even relate to this story yourself, since I can’t imagine building up a business in times of recession is easy for anyone now.

Anyhow, I had built many websites back then and the main model of monetization was the Google Adsense program.

I would literally build new websites (every week) and watch my Adsense income grow every month. I even had a partner at the other side of the world (USA) where we could compete with each other on who could make the most websites and make the most revenue for that day.

In fact, we would even email each other screen shots of who made the most for the day (a bit of fun back then, but not something I would even dream about doing today being much more mature),

During this time, I wasn’t even doing any affiliate marketing or any of the techniques I will share with you in this e-book.

The system that I had working for me at that point was to simply build out websites on any given niche – using a bunch of related keywords for that topic.

Sometimes I would use unique content on these websites, and other times I wouldn’t.

I would then use a strategy that was well known… I would simply “blog and ping” those websites to get them indexed in the search engines.  I and my partner would then start exchanging links with other webmasters to help keep them in the index and bringing in the traffic.

Thankfully, I don’t even do link exchanging now. In fact, I can barely remember the last time I asked another webmaster to exchange links…

I was doing well with this blog and ping method for some time, receiving many daily Adsense clicks and making huge consistent monthly checks.

Then… at the end of 2005, disaster struck! In fact, what happened to my income was completely out of my control. All of my websites at that time were kicked out of the search engines 🙁

Not penalized, not de-ranked, but actually deleted out of the entire index from two of the biggest search engines in the world…

Unfortunately, I wasn’t running pay per click campaigns. I certainly didn’t have tons of articles all over the web promoting these websites either (A viable strategy, even post panda/penguin.) And, I certainly didn’t have any residual income streams to fall back on.

I was literally relying purely on the traffic these websites received from the search engines.

At this time, I went from a high monthly income to around $200 to $400 a month!

That was my entire income to now survive on!

More and more pressure piled up on me and I was now living off credit cards just to get by. (I have a huge will to never give up nature, but I even considered giving up on the internet lifestyle dream at this point).

Trying to re-create what I once had was proving to be more and more difficult too.

The internet was changing and so were the search engines. To be frank, at this time in my life – I didn’t even have the right mindset for success.

More and more debt was piling up on me and I was living in-between friend’s houses and a cranky old caravan with a clunker car. I had nothing but debt to my name…

I started educating myself and learning about the power of residual income. I then started to build some of my new income streams around affiliate programs that pay for the lifetime of the customer. This was also the time that I started to apply my new methods (studying how to presell and make real sales) and that went on to be the start of my new success.”