A Simple Online Business Ritual Top Achievers Follow

codrut-turcanu-1If you are like me, you have a set of tasks you do on a daily basis, and you know with at least one day prior the next day, what you need to do in order to achieve your goals and projects.

What happens in most cases is that you don’t always finish the tasks on time and you postpone some of them for the next day or the following week.

Why does this happen?

In my case, it is because I load my daily schedule with too many things, instead of the few important and urgent tasks I can devote my time to. I’m not alone. Many Internet marketers, affiliates and entrepreneurs are wrestling with time and cannot figure out how to properly schedule their tasks to reach their objectives.

This is what I’ll teach you today. I’ll reveal 3 simple routines ‘stolen’ from top business minds and peak performance specialists. I’m talking about guys like Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy and many others.

These people are a fountain of inspiration and motivation for millions of individuals all across the globe. I won’t lie if I say their “secrets” added a sizable and positive impact to my online business and activities. Sooner than later I learned how to relax my mind knowing I can devote quality time – doing the work I love the most – on my schedule. Plus, I got to win extra time for non business, fun activities like swimming, bike riding or reading.

First things first… Top achievers learned to master:


You’ll be amazed to find how winners always stick to their schedule. They recognize this often over-looked fact: time is more valuable than money as you cannot get it back. So, they guard their time like a hawk and schedule each hour accordingly. Maybe not all top achievers are that strict, however, I understand sometimes bad things happen. That’s why you should leave one or two hours within your schedule open for such events that cannot be predicted.

For example, one day you may need to fix your car, go to the dentist or help your parent. Leave room for such events and your schedule will be flexible enough to get the right things done within your business, and still allow you time for unforeseen events at the same time.

Let’s be honest. Unless you decide how you’re going to spend your time, others will do it for you on your behalf, and without your consent. Non successful people complain about the lack of time. That’s right. They don’t understand the true value of each second, and they just let others dictate to them how to spend their time.

A dedicated mother may spend the morning in the market, the afternoon in the kitchen, cooking for her partner and kids, and then washing the clothes. Years later, she’ll wonder how come she has no time left for her. Even 30 minutes a day, dedicated for her soul, could make a difference in her life and happiness. Yes, it’s awesome to serve and help your loved ones, but what about your time?

What about doing the fun activities you enjoy the most?

What if you could add half an hour to your day, every day, would you do it?

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual. Read an exciting book – or start a niche blog – or create a product people love – offer a service – learn a new skill – build a team – do whatever it takes to feel happy and satisfied – besides your duty or family activities.

Always remember to prioritize what’s important over what’s urgent. Only you know what’s important in your life…

Schedule your time accordingly.

Before we cover the next ritual, I want to emphasize the importance of self-discipline over your mind – watch your thoughts and emotions and reactions closely – this will dictate your actions.

Self-help books reveal this truth.


Once you know exactly what you need to get done in that day, focus on each task independently with no or less interruptions.

Let’s say you have three main tasks:

1. Create 5 articles

2. Send 10 emails

3. Meet or talk with a client

You may want to schedule the most important and the toughest one first, and work on it without having any messenger open or other distraction around it. Some people even turn off their phone, email, Skype and close the door until they get things done. Unless there’s an emergency, nobody is allowed to interrupt them. Seth Godin is one of these guys and I strive to follow what he does.

Now, you may also want to separate your task within sub-tasks, like for example, if you have 5 articles to write in 3 hours, you will dedicate 30 minutes to each, and have 5 minutes off after each write up.

I’m referring to short articles; I don’t think anybody who wants to produce awesome work can get 5 meaty and insightful articles done in 3 hours, unless they are super human, which is rarely the case. If you have the information already available in your mind, you can then podcast your “secrets” in MP3 format and probably you’ll have 5 articles “written” in that timeframe. However, most people aren’t trained to perform that way.

This article you’re reading now took more than 2 hours to reach this concept and format, and most of its information was already installed in my memory. Content which requires more in depth research takes multiple hours, and requires close attention to details. Definitely you cannot get this type of content done for $5 from Elance… And speaking of outsourcing, let’s analyse the next ritual top achievers successfully make use of.


If you wanted to take your business to the next level like foe example, to double or triple its revenue or client numbers or profit, wouldn’t you need more content, more sales people and/or more traffic?

Of course, you will, just like you’d need more gas in the car to drive faster, better and longer. Then, it is obvious you’ll have to employ more people to get more content done for you and drive more traffic to your sites… Sadly, most people delegate the right task to the wrong people.

If you cannot afford to pay $25 for an in depth article that will be used to draw readers on to your web site, then I recommend you wait until you have the money, or partner up with someone who can provide that content and give him or her a percentage of your revenue/profit. This way, your site will turn into an “authority hub” and differentiate itself from the competitors who are used to buying $5 articles.

Top achievers recognize the power of delegating the right project to the right candidate and always pay top dollars for quality work. Maybe you don’t have the money top achievers have; however, you can install their success mind-set within your own mind, and take action accordingly. Your competitors probably won’t so this is your advantage.

Before we wrap this up, I’d like to mention one more thing: you should treat others the way you’d like to be treated. That’s the key to success in business, online and offline.

For example, if you work with a writer to produce your content, you may want to compensate him or her after a period of three or six months. Give a pay rise, offer extra bonuses, and build a happy team that loves working on your project.

Top achievers understand they cannot reach the next level alone; they are smart enough to hire better, faster and brighter individuals to help with their tasks. I don’t know of anybody who has ever built a business all by themselves. If you’ve ever read any Forbes or INC Magazine success stories, you know how mentors, coaches and teams stand behind the success of top entrepreneurs and business moguls.

If you only have a niche site and play the affiliate game alone, you can still learn from today’s tips and model what the big guys are doing. One day, you’ll reach the level of success you only dreamed about. You just need to believe it!

What do you think: is time-discipline, focus and delegation enough to build a long-lasting online business?



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