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Hey guys,

Just want to share another question from one of my recent students. There are always insights to learn from my replies, so like to put these on the blog to help more people when I can…

“Thanks, John, for your expertise and insights.

I have registered (website hidden for privacy reasons) and ordered the site from within NSF. (Niche site formula).

So I can learn from this, why would you put African Mango (with far fewer searches) above Healthe Trim and Alpha Brain on the list?

Any other feedback on the selections or non-selections would be most helpful for my learning…

BTW, I understand about family time over the weekend and don’t expect to hear from you then, but since I have a day job – I have to do my affiliate marketing early mornings, evenings and weekends.



My Reply:

Hi Alf,

Check your spam folder as well; sometimes my emails may slip through the cracks. Happens to the best of us…

To answer your specific query: It is not just about fewer searchers when deciding what to go with and put a campaign up for. Search volume can mean little sometimes because a website may do well even on real low search and vice versa…

We only know when we test for real live in the market place. That is the only REAL way of knowing the best products (obviously).

That being said, you need to mix up your product selections with stuff that can possibly be ranked for more quickly…

You need to ALWAYS think about how easy the terms are to rank for, and if they have search volume too – that’s a good combination for a potential ROI winner (based on the data)

African Mango is a really good offer because the terms can be ranked,:

african mango plus reviews
real african mango
where to buy african mango
pure african mango
African mango review
African mango reviews
african mango
african mango extract
African mango plus

All  of these are rank able, and collectively – have a very nice amount of search   volume per month…

Couple that with a great sales page (wrote and built to convert) and we have a   potential winner on our hands my friend.

Of course, you never know until you have a site live as I said before. However,   when you have experience – you can get a good feel even BEFORE you put up a   website up, as to whether or not that campaign will be a dud or not.

I  do know that this product sells though. If you were ranked number one for all   the above terms – you would make a significant amount on this micro site   alone…

All the best





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