Exposed: 6 Tier 2 Paying Affiliate Programs in the Health Niche…

Johnny G AffiliateI was sitting in the garden today enjoying a barbeque (rare when we get a beautiful day where I live). Anyhow, I was thinking about writing an article for the HWA blog about a bunch of affiliate programs that work well (for recruiting new affiliates) and making money off of other peoples efforts. The key to snow balling your affiliate income is scale, and leverage! Let’s get to the article now…

When it comes to selecting the best paying affiliate programs, most people (hint: beginners) don’t know what they’re doing. It is often like the blind leads the blind.

Here’s the standard approach:

They join affiliate networks at random, looking for the $100 commission per sale offers – and thinking that’s the Holy Grail of affiliate marketing.

They aren’t aware of the difference between multiple affiliate programs, their payout terms and commission models. In a nutshell, they act first (if they’re not scared in the first place), and think afterward. No wonder this is a complete model for failure when picking top affiliate programs to work with.

Here’s the approach of the super affiliate:

They think first, and take (massive) action afterward. They are very strategic. They know through personal experience, and years of practice and private coaching with other like minded top affiliates (how to go where the money is).

What does best paying mean?

First of all, you have to understand there are three main types of affiliate programs. Normally, each affiliate network offers one or a combination of these models:

  • CPA (cost per action)

CPA networks offer their members the option to make money through referrals they bring that either fill out a form, or download a program/utility. I’m sure you’ve seen such offers before. Think of “insurance quote” forms or “Forex program” deals.

Programs like these usually pay $1 per lead and up to $30 per referral in the real estate/financial services industry for example. I’ve even seen some solicitor related offers pay up to $1000 per lead, although rare…

  • CPC (cost per click)

CPC networks like Google AdSense pay their members when visitors they bring onto their website click an ad (text/image). AdSense in particular also pays a small amount of money per 1,000 ad impressions. That’s another story though… One thing is for sure. For every 100 unique daily visitors, you could expect to generate $1 (more or less).

I’ve read public niche site experiments revealing AdSense sites making $300 a month with only 10,000 unique visitors. Earnings (payout per click) differ mainly based on the niche and the amount of money AdWords advertisers bid on the keywords you target for your site/content.

  • CPS (cost per sale)

CPS networks (or revenue share programs) pay their members when referrals they bring purchase a product or service. That means you won’t get paid per click and not even per lead, but ONLY when a sale is successfully made via your unique affiliate ID.

Example: you promote a $15 book that pays 20%. Your commission when somebody buys from your site will be $3. If you promote a $500 product (high ticket item), and commission is 10%, you’ll have earned $50.

With the same amount of traffic one affiliate can generate $3, while another (hopefully you) $50.

How come?

The answer is simple. Most affiliates are used to hunting for niches with lots of traffic. Although a good method to start a large blog –  I prefer to hunt for products with higher commissions and lower competition instead. So I often make 10x times more money, out-ranking and out-earning affiliates who get more traffic than I do.

That’s because I know where the money is and how to get it. Hint — select the right keyword/offer and ranking/making sales becomes much, much easier.

How to ensure you go with the best paying affiliate programs?

Consider these 3 ways to generate associate commissions in a CPS affiliate network:

Recurring commissions

If you’ve promoted web hosting or email autoresponder services before, you already know the power of recurring commissions. One referred client who stays subscribed for a particular service is pure gold. One month he or she makes you $9. The next month, another $9… Within a year, you’ll have amassed $108 commissions. All from one referral!

If you’re a proactive affiliate (as you should be), then 100 referrals could easily bring you a $900 check a month. That’s $10,800 a year!

I often laugh when I see top affiliates playing with Amazon’s associate program. They use that  as their main program, like that’s the only toy in town. Amazon’s 24-hour cookie rewards affiliates only for the sales generated within a day, period. You won’t be able to build a recurring commission business with it. Despite this truth, lots of affiliates are still promoting Amazon items and make comfortable money…

I guess that’s because that’s the only thing they know. Further research will bring you to discovering better payout opportunities of course. Leave Amazon for the high ticket items, or be prepared to make peanut one times sales!

My favorite best paying affiliate programs are the ones paying lifetime commissions.

Residual income is nice. But, it still limits your earnings. One thing is to generate $108 commissions per client a year, and another is to generate $1,000 a year – for the sales brought by the same referral. That’s 10x times extra revenue.

One time commissions are preferred by people who usually like the security of a job. They often find risky to promote programs that don’t pay in residual or lifetime income. Passive one time sale income is quite comfortable for the lazy affiliate who intends on keeping a job.

What they don’t grasp though is that associate networks paying lifetime commissions are also a passive income generator. You probably won’t get recurring commissions (month after month), but the residual income you can generate from multiple orders made by your referral will definitely add up over time.

Let others generate sales for you…

Recurring income and lifetime commissions are the best money-making models for today’s affiliate.

There’s another model that’s often overlooked that I’d like to tell you about now…

It’s called 2-tier affiliate programs. In fact, this model is where I focus on hard right now. Iv’e done a lot of tier 1 affiliate marketing in the past, but now I’m expanding my reach and leveraging off of the efforts of other people to diversify and expand my income online.

Until now, you’ve probably made sales only by the sales you directly made. That’s a 1-tier associate program model.

With 2-tier associate networks, you can bring 100’s of affiliates in as your 2-tier referrals, each making $50 a month for you. Potentially, you can then sit back, relax and bank a whopping $5,000 through your army of affiliates. Now, that’s the power of leverage online!

2-tier affiliate programs are not for the lazy affiliate. Think network marketing… You’ll have to recruit and preferably train your affiliates to become power sellers. When they get a sale, you get a percentage of their revenue as well.

You can make money just by training others to make sales for you. It takes time, patience and certain people skills. However, once you create a loyal army of 10…50… and even hundreds of top affiliates, money will come to you faster than you could do it on your own.

Now you understand the beauty of 2-tier affiliate programs. We both are limited by time. With such programs, you’re limited only by the number and potency of your 2-tier affiliate sellers.

To be clear, this is the most active type of associate program available out there. It is designated for the warrior affiliate who never quits, but instead – focuses on building a true “force of nature” affiliate army.

Does this get your attention yet?

Let’s explore a few top paying tier 2 health affiliate networks/associate programs:

If you know of any others, do let me know and I will feature the program!

Sell Health

Affiliate program model: CPS (revenue share)

Commission model: lifetime residual commissions

Commission rate: 30% and up to 50%, depending on your sales volume.

2-tier available: YES, 5%

Market Health

Affiliate program model: CPA (pay per lead) and CPS (revenue share)

Commission model: lifetime residual commissions

Commission rate: it varies depending on the offer/ per sale or per lead

2-tier available: YES, 5%

Alternative Healing Academy

Affiliate program model: CPS (revenue share)

Commission model: lifetime residual commissions

Commission rate: 15% on 1-tier

2-tier available: YES, 5% (Pharmacy Related Affiliate Network)

Affiliate program model: CPA (pay per lead) or CPS (revenue share)

Commission model: it looks to offer lifetime residual commissions via 365-day cookie tracking

Commission rate: 40% on every order or up to $60 CPA on each new referral

2-tier available: YES (Good for promoting branded health products)

Affiliate program model: CPS (revenue share)

Commission model: 30-day cookie (not lifetime residual commissions)

Commission rate: 12% and up to 20%

2-tier available: YES, 5%

What other best paying tier 2 health affiliate programs are you aware of, subscribed to or promoted before?

Let’s discover more and be sure to share them with the HWA community!

I have a dedicated post on health related affiliate programs that I’ll be turning in to somewhat of a health affiliate program directory on the blog here  – you can get listed on here if you email me privately, or if I or one of my partners just happen to find and promote you 🙂

My plan is to eventually group all the companies and offers in to a nice table of comparison, so we can easily see the different options and exciting opportunities we have in this ever expanding niche.




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4 thoughts on “Exposed: 6 Tier 2 Paying Affiliate Programs in the Health Niche…

    • I honestly think health products are easier to sell (and break into) as you target people desperately looking for solutions. I have a huge list of branded products with the right converting keywords, and growing 😉

      I will be giving these types of products out in AV 2.0. I plan to make the best private affiliate portal ever for this type of marketing. All done for you – since everyone is saying do this, or do that. We need a solution where it’s a true business in a box – all done for you and everything you ever need in one place ?
      Thanks for the comment, appreciate.

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