5 Incredible Ways to Make More Money Online

codrut-turcanu-1There’s money to be milked online, that’s not a secret. How you make money online it is up to you and your ability to learn new information and apply it fast. The speed of implementation is often what makes the difference between people who once made money (years ago) and quit, and folks who are still making it today (and testing new methods).

What I’m about to share with you next is nothing breathtaking. All of these money making models have been available since the beginning of the Internet, and still work nowadays. What counts is how good you are at making each method work for you. You can plug them into your current business, or start a new business using one or any of these examples.

Here they are, in no order of importance or profitability potential:

#1 Blogs

Blogging started as online journaling. You would ramble about your daily activities to get things off your chest or to simply clear your mind and re-order your brain. People are still doing that nowadays. Nobody thought there was any real money to be made with blogs though… WordPress is a fantastic platform to start with. Just use hosting which comes pre-installed with WP and you get up and running in less than a day.

I used to watch YouTube videos and write for other peoples blogs to learn the basics of how to use WP and create my own blog. It wasn’t easy. It took me 3 full weeks of constant learning, reading and testing until I grasped the difference between themes, plugins and widgets. Within 8 years, I’ve tested more than a hundred of free and paid themes and plugins. I know now hot to make my blogs run smoothly, securely, and optimized for visitors and the search engines.

How you make money with blogs is not easy, not until you become a traffic generating master.

Whether you want to sell your own products, promote other peoples items as an affiliate or even get paid to write blog posts (as I do), you need traffic, targeted traffic, and lots of it.

You should read this WikiHow tutorial. 17 steps to blogging… Jump on Darren’s site. Then check out Why You Can’t Make Money Blogging – and you should have enough information to start your first blog.

After 8 years of blogging, I have to tell you: it’s not easy to write constantly (even once a week). You need to create awesome stuff, something that most people haven’t read elsewhere, and promote it like crazy outside your blog.


Through strategic guest posts, advertising, blog comments, social media, SEO etc.

You better start building your team too. Blogging should not be an insular activity, and it’s hard to go it alone and have a sizable impact (e.g. get massive traffic and make a bunch of money as a result).

#2 Vlogs

Are you the type of person that loves to be in front of the camera?

Are you a natural or talented speaker?

Are you a teacher or educator?

You could spread your wealth of knowledge (and industry insights) using your experience on a global scale through vlogs. Instead of just writing, you talk on camera and post your video clip online through a blog. It’s blogging on steroids… You get to share more information faster. Of course, it may take you more time to edit the video (if you want it to look professional and error-free) than to write a 1,000-word article, however, if that’s your passion, why not embark on the journey?

One thing is for sure, there are less vloggers than regular bloggers, and you may have an advantage in your marketplace, particularly if nobody or not many people are doing vlogs yet. Jump on the bandwagon and be miles ahead of the competition. It counts in this game.

Vlogging and YouTube go hand in hand, since you could upload your video on YT, and then embed it on your blog and inter-link these channels like most marketers already do. You’ll have visitors coming from YT, Google and other places.

You should also have a full transcribe of the audio (you talking on camera), and you could do interviews with other industry experts (and have them create content for your audience), if you’re not a specialist or authority yet.

You create video content you’re passionate about, like for example – reveal information that comes from your personal experience and struggle with whatever you have come up against in life or business. Alternatively, you can find other passionate people who can help provide this content to your people.

For some basic tips, check out How to be a vlogger. Mike can also help with some tips. Just watch his stuff, and you’ll get plenty of ideas on how you too can do what he does.

How you make money with vlogs is not easy until you master traffic-generation and interviewing the pros in your space.

#3 Podcasts

Do you love talking but are you shy on camera? Perhaps you don’t want to show off your face for whatever reason?

Podcasting may be ideal for you. It’s like having your own online radio show, except you host it on your site and/or via iTunes, or another similar platform. Just like with vlogging, you will benefit from the traffic you’ll attract from Google, the podcast directories where you’re submitting your audio, as well as from other places.

Your blog should include an MP3 download link where your visitors get to save your podcasts onto their computers, along with the inherent PDF transcription. This way you’ll please both people who like listening to your show, and the ones who prefer reading your information.

You can interview specialists in your field (the easiest way to get started with podcasts) or do it alone, share your expertise and build your brand, your style. I’d do a mix of this personally. Here’s a guy whose podcasts I like: Pat Flynn. Search for the podcasting section on this site and you’ll get a feel of their content, podcasting & interviewing style, and so forth.

#4 Niche sites

I love niche sites. They give you the opportunity to test the waters and see which keywords rank easy in Google and which products sell better with Amazon, ClickBank, etc…

John is a master at niche site building. I interviewed him all the way back in 2005 and he is still building them today. He has a large network of niche sites, as some of you already know and have probably even bought into his services.

Niche site building vs. blogging:

Blogging is where you post content at random or in a more strategic way (to show off your expertise) and drive sales for a product or service/coaching program.

Blogging requires constant content writing/creation and promotion. Hundreds of posts a month are often needed, especially if you really want to take off and be active in your marketplace… Most of your competitors aren’t probably doing that or even considering it. Think how you can become the Google of your niche.

With niche sites, usually your blog is a micro site. 5 or 10 pages of quality helpful unique content, which is strategically focused on a specific topic or problem like (acne removal) or a product name/buying intent keyword (almebex plus B12). Yes, you can turn your micro site into a large blog, as the more content you publish, the more traffic and visitors you attract.

Just keep in mind the major difference between the two. The intention (focus) and the content (size and quality) is what will dictate if a site is a micro site or a regular blog. One thing is for sure, if your content is lousy and you publish 100’s of posts like that on auto-pilot using X tool, you cannot call yourself a blogger, maybe an auto-blogger which hopes to win the quick buck…

If you want to become a better niche site builder, always do proper keyword research. Often this is what counts the most. Link building and traffic generation comes second. Also, never pay $5 an article. Your competitors are already doing that. Spend more to get lengthier and better content.

Quality counts.


Why not create the type of micro site you wanted to visit but doesn’t exist yet?

Think about it.

You build sites not to make you money, but to serve your audience. They’ll see you’ve invested in your site to create the type of content to pre-sell the products they’re looking for, and they’ll gladly click on your links, buy the recommended product, and even tell their friends about you.

How you make money with niche sites is not easy until you master keyword research, SEO, link building and click-to-sale conversion.

#5 Mailing lists

List building is older than the Internet, much older. Offline advertising and copywriting specialists used snail mail to collect data about their prospects and promote products. Online, the principles are the same. You create a squeeze page featuring an enticing and relevant offer (for e.g. win an iPhone with your email, free draw every month) and get your visitors contact details for up-sell and follow-up.

That’s the easy yet most overlooked part. List building newbie’s don’t think much, and build lousy pages (which don’t convert) and offer lousy giveaways (like PLR stuff or products which aren’t appealing to their audience).

Growing a list is easy. You use all the free and paid traffic generation methods available at the moment, including Blogging, guest posting, FaceBook, YouTube, SEO and solo ad buying.

This is something you have to do constantly and do it right from the beginning. What you need to do once (and maybe split test different versions of it) is your squeeze page. That’s the most important part, the foundation of your entire list building. Get it wrong, and you may drive a million people to your site and only a few subscribers will ever read your emails.

When it comes to building or growing your mailing list, quality comes first, quantity second.

Always keep this in mind: list building equals trust building.

Everybody wants quick cash, and the trend is to buy solo ads and hard sell all type of programs and money schemes. That’s not what I recommend you do, unless you couldn’t care less about trust (and branding and authority).

Star to show people respect. Care for people. Real long lasting business are all about people.

How you make money with mailing lists is not easy until you master squeeze page building, traffic generation and conversion.

What other money making methods and models did you hear about or experience with?



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